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6" squares needed. please if you can?


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I got your square today and it is beautiful! It will go great with all the other ones. Thank you :hug

I sent out the square for you yesterday. Hope it goes well with the other squares.


I got your squares today too. I love them! When I first opened the mailer I pulled them out backwards and was looking through them and then I got to the green with the flower and then I realized I should look at the other sides of them :lol Thank you they are beautiful!!

I mailed you 6 squares this morning. I hope you like them. :hug


Ok I was trying to send out pms to everyone as I got the squares but life got in the way and I forgot who I sent a message to and who I didn't so I am going to just say thanks to every one in this message:lol


All the squares I got were just beautiful and they will mean a lot to the girls in the house. It was funny when I started getting the squares my dad would be right there to see who and where they were from and then to look at them and tell me they were pretty... It was like christmas :lol He even got teary eyed with me a few times :blush


Anyways thank you ladies:

Croshay- they are just wonderful!

quietheart-thank you they are perfect

busy-bee-lmt-can I just say wow!

Kraftynkrazy- thank you they are going to look great

Jessicagil-Thank you it is beautiful and I love the little card :D

Krakovania-It's beautiful and to think it came all this way

judianne-thank you so much I know you are so busy with your other charites and gifts, you truly are a great friend (even if I only talk to you online)

LeslieG-I know the squares were for CTAWQ but that you would let her send the extras on to me is wonderful thank you

CTAWQ-I'm serious I need to find that pattern :lol Just gorgeous

Cshell-Thank you so much they are beautiful

WendySue-beautiful squares and sweet card (made me tear up a bit)

Cheeria-I know its hard for you to crochet some day and the fact that you did this for me and for the girls is truly a blessing and thank you for the card it will be passed on to the girls

beckyb-They are perfect, no worries about that they will fit just nicely with the other squares

AundieMoline-Thank you and WOW again those hooks were flying

grannyannie-Thank you sweetie for helping out they are amazing and so are you

Nicolep-OMG I just love the colors, I don't think I have seen that color before they are beautiful!

Heather414-Thank you they are wonderful!

There is one more person I have to thank who sent me an amazing 11 squares but for the life of me I couldn't figure out who it was so E. Thank you!! Send me a PM if you read this I would like to ask you a question.


I will post pics tomorrow when I can upload them on the computer and take the time to upload them here.


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