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Lion Brand Gauge

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:rantDoes anyone EVER get correct gauge with ANY Lion Brand yarn? I am both a crocheter and knitter, and I have to reduce at least 2 hook or needle sizes to get the ball band gauge. I do crochet and knit a bit loosely, but this brand seems to be the only one which gives me so many consistant problems with gauge.


Just wondering.....



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I know when I knitted something with Lion Brand Wool-Ease, the yarn was a lot thinner than what they think it is, gauge-wise. I ended up having to modify the pattern, as I coudn't seem to get the correct gauge without the stitches being way too loose. :think

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I never get the right gauge!!!!

I can either get the sts right but the rows wrong or the other way around.

Needles up a size and crochet down a size is what I mostly end up with..

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