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Angel bookmark 1

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So, here it comes!


I worked today to write and draw the pattern. While translating I decided to do my bookmark again (to check if everything is ok) and I took pictures. I changed a little the first version I showed in "Holiday & Seasonal". So you can use the symbol crochet pattern or you can read the instruction.


I used Ariadna - Muza thread (100g/380m) and 1,25mm hook.






1)Ch 5, sl st to form a ring.

2)Ch 3 (=1st dc), 15 – 20 dc in ring (it depends on your thread, just work as many as you need to form a flat circle).



3)Ch 1, sl st into next 2 sts;

in next sts work (sc, ch 2) around, until you have 3 sts left – make 3 sl sts.


BODY (continuation)

1)Ch 3 (=1st dc), dc in the same st, 3 dc in the next st. Turn.



2)Ch 4 (=dc, ch 1);

(dc, ch 1) in next 4 sts. Turn.



3)Ch 4 (=dc, ch 1), skip next 2 sts, in the second ch-1-sp work 3 dc, ch 1, in the next ch-1-sp work 3 dc, ch 1, skip next 2 sts, dc in the next st (=in the 3rd chain of beg ch 4 of prev rd). Turn.



4)Ch 3 (=1st dc), 2 dc in the same st, ch 1, sk 4 st, 3 dc in the next ch-1-sp, ch 1, skip 4 sts, 3 dc in the next st (=in the 3rd ch of beg 4 ch of prev rd). Turn.



5)Ch 6, skip 2 sts, sc in ch-1-sp, ch 5, skip 1 st, sc in the next st, ch 5, skip 1 st, sc in the next ch-1-sp, ch 5, skip 2 sts, sc in the last st (=in the 3rd ch of beg ch 3 of prev rd). Turn.



6)Sl st in the first ch, ch 5, sc in the first ch-5-sp, (ch 5, sc in the next ch-5-sp) 3 times, ch 5, sl st in the last ch of last ch-5-sp. Turn.



7)Sl st in next 3 ch, (ch 6, sc in the next ch-5-sp) 3 times, ch 6, sl st in the 3rd ch of last ch-5-sp. Turn.



8)Ch 3 (=1st dc), 2 dc in the first ch-6-sp, (ch 1, 3 dc) twice in the same sp;

[ (3 dc, ch 1) 3 times] in the next two ch-6-sp, (3 dc, ch 1) twice in the last ch-6-sp, 2 dc in the same sp, dc in last chain of the same ch-6-sp.

Finish OR turn and work another round :)



9)(Ch 3, sk 1 st, sl st in the next st) repeat until the end. Finish.





Facing the right side of angel, attach the thread to the dc of the body’s 2nd round.

1)Ch 3, 3 dc in the same dc (of angel’s body). Turn.



2)Ch 2 (=1st incomplete dc), (incomplete dc in the next st) twice - work 3 incomplete dc retaining last lp of each dc on hk, thread over hk and draw through all lps on hk, ch 1 to tighten st;

in the last st work [(dc, ch 1) twice, tr]. Turn.



3)Ch 3, 2dc in ch-1-sp, ch 1, 3 dc in next ch-1-sp, in next ch-1-sp and the last st work 3 dc tog (as above), ch 1. Turn.



4)(Ch 4, sk next st, sl st in next st ) 5 times along. Finish.





You can work it in any way you like! For these bookmark I worked 5 tr together, every time instead of the 1st tr I worked ch 3.





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thank you! Thank You!! THANK YOU!!! I love it. The way you did up the pattern with the diagram, words and pictures is absolutely wonderful. I have a feeling I might be making some of these but leave the tail off them and make them as Christmas tree ornaments for my mom, she collects angels. Thanks again your work is wonderful.

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What a great pattern. You did an excellent job of explaining as you work each step. I will have to work up a few of these beauties for Christmas gifts. I may also leave off the tassle on a few for ornaments.


Thanks for sharing.

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Could someone tell me what size thread and hook to use? Maybe size 10 thread and 10 hook? I would sure appreciate it.:hook

I think it will be ok for the thread, but the hook - isn't it too small? Maybe 6 or 7 would be better? Anyway, choose what you like and you feel comfortable with :)

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