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Prize Winning Afghan Pattern

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I can't do a video, but maybe this will work to illustrate how to do the chains.

Since I couldn't get my finger in the scanner you are stuck with my artwork :P


The first loop is the 'hardest' because it doesn't look like a loop. After that one is made, the rest are a lot simpler/obvious.


Put your index finger under the bottom loop (I'll call it loop 1) and over the next loop (loop 2) as shown. With the tip of your finger (and your thumb), pull loop 1 down behind loop 2 and back around to the front, closing the gap by pulling loop 2 up and the bottom of loop 1 down.


Now you are 'done' with the original loop 1, and should be holding onto the original loop 2. It should be looking like an upside down U at this point. Now it gets easier because the piece is starting to draw together.


Sticking your index finger (and maybe thumb) under that loop, grab the next loop and simply pull it through and up, pulling gently to close the gap as before. Now you just keep repeating that last step (pull the next loop through and up) until you are done. It should look something like this


You will have a gap at the bottom, which will go away when you make a border around. I hope this helps you to visualize it!


I'm not doing the afghan (now anyway) but wanted to say thanks for posting this! I was having a hard time visualizing it too until you posted this!:hug

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Grannie Square that was great! :clap Good job, wish I could explain things that well.

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