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What does it mean when a link I posted appears with a bunch of *********?

When a link appears with a bunch of ******** that means the site you’re trying to link to has been added to our site filters so it can’t be posted here. The link that appears will also not function. Sites can be added to our filters for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:


• The site has posted vintage patterns without including proper citation/credit of the original source

• The site has posted patterns copyrighted by others and does not state that they have permission to distribute these patterns

• The site has posted patterns of trademarked/copyrighted characters/logos/images/etc. without stating that they have made appropriate licensing arrangements with the trademark/copyright owners

• The site contains material of an adult or graphic nature

• The site contains other material that could not be posted at Crochetville due to our guidelines


If you notice a link you posted appears with the ********, please go back and edit or delete your post to remove the link and all references to the site in question.

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