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2009 Holidays in July - Signups are closed

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This is always so much fun! I'm gathering my gifties to send out! Thanks so much for looking at my list :hug

Lightly used, re-gifted is fine with me...



1. Pattern Books to make knitted squares. I Have Learn to Knit by Barbara Walker.


2. Pattern Books to make crocheted squares. I have 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton, 99 Granny Squares and 101 Crochet Squares (by Jean Leinhauser


3. Knitting needle case


4. I'm editing my list because I started sewing again and realized how much I could use a serger. Since I believe in miracles, I thought I would put it on

my list. You just never know who may have one that they don't want anymore!


5. Any yarn. I am going to make charity items like brain surgery caps and baby items. Yarn will be used for

these. Fun fur in natural colors gladly accepted. Also making squares and the rectangles for the soldiers.


6. Any crochet/knit magazines. Especially the newer Crochet Fantasy, Interweave, etc. I haven't bought

any craft magazines for a few years now. But, old ones that you want to destash with are fine as well.


7. Dishcloths pattern books - knit or crocheted. I have dishcloths from the heart (knitted), Learn to Crochet 24 Pattern Sts while you create dishcloths and Big Book of Dishcloths (Leisure Arts)


8. Wool Self-striping yarn (blues, purples, teals) to make the waves felted tote. Never did any felting but

would love to try it.


9. Barbie Doll clothes patterns.


10. Friendship squares for my 'ville afghan, see below for colors.

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This is always so fun!


12 inch squares ( any color)


troop care gifts ..we are getting ready to ship 4500 boxes to Iraq in Nov and need ziploc bags, tolitries, anything you think a soldier might like ( no chocolate or gummies)




any childrens books grades K-3 dh and I are both tutoring at the housing authority this summer and want to put as many books into the hands of these kids we can... used Ok...


small amis or stuffies for ds to keep in his patrol car to give to children who are scared..


dog treats and toys


buttons ( all types)


Mary Engelbreit stuff ( love her!!!)


7 inch sqaures ( any color) for wounded warrior blankets

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Hi, I'm in Pakistan. I participated in Holidays in July last year and had a wonderful time. Here is my wishlist:


- Yarn of any color, amount or type (wool, acrylic, cotton, bamboo, silk, blends). We have a limited supply of acrylic here, so I am very appreciative of any yarn I receive.


- Any crochet hook or knitting needles (straight, circular, dpns) you might like to get rid of.


- Purse/bag handles, magnetic closures.


- Beads and buttons.


thank you for reading :)

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This sounds like so much fun. I have already found posts I can send gifts to. Here's my list:


1. crocheted thread swnowflakes. I can't make them myself, the

stitches are way to small. Granted 2 beautiful snowflakes.

2. Any type of wool yarn. I want to try and felt a purse.

3. #10 thread in brown. I'm making gingerbread tags and can only find

light colors.

4. Steel crochet hook set for thread. I only have 2 sizes. Granted

5. Expandable folders for my patterns. Granted

6. Anything with snowmen or nutcrackers.

7. the book "crochet that fits."


Thanks for looking!

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This was so much fun last year! I've been looking forward to it!


De-stash, re-gifted, re-cycled is just fine with me!


1. Patterns - Magazines, books, or booklets. Crochet, knit, or sew. I'm not picky. I love to try new things, especially purses.


2. Fabric - any color or pattern or size


3. Cotton yarn


4. Sock yarn


5. Bamboo/wood knitting needles any size


6. I love owls


7. Buttons - any kind


8. By Hook or By Crook (A Crochet Mystery) by Betty Hechtman


9. Any kind of yarn, my stash is pretty low


10. Surprise me! It's always fun to get surprises.

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OKAY I too have been waiting for this one!!!!

1. 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton

2. 8" blue squares for my grandsons afghan

3. 8" earthtone squares

4. 8" girly colors for my granddaughters

5. Purple and/or pink yarn

6. Anything homemade by you

7. Something for a 7 yr old boy who has PDD/ADHD/Behavior problems (no superheros)

8. Homemade Christmas Ornaments

9. Weight Watcher Recipes

10. Something from your state

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Here is wishing every one here a Happy Holidays in July....:sheepxmas:kinara


Well Lets see My wish list would be::::


1) AnyCow Items for any part of the house or for my personal use or figurines anything cows......


2) Please if you got doggie or kitty item patterns you dont want please I'd want them for my charity projects such as mats, beds accesories, sweaters, dresses for female cats and dogs, any sizes , for cats and dogs.


3) Any crochet pattern /magazines that you dont want but no Thread patterns please....I like kitchen and bathroom item pattens and pet item patterns, and fridgies, and tote bag pattens and scarfs for both sexes,hats and fingerless gloves pattens too....


4) I love amigurumi toys and starting a collection so i'd love to have one you make...I love Cows....


5) Any kitchen or bathroom items you crochet ... My kitchen is cow decore with white and sage green colors theme. My bathroom is white and blues and theme decore is Lighthouses....


6) Really Wanting Some Pink Cameo Yarn. Would love to make a Afghan with pink cameo yarn as the 3-D flowers.....


7) Chicken strips treats for my Foxie... thats her favorite treat....


8) I'd love to have some Daisy Squares from Krochet Krystals Square pattern any colors I want to make a afghan in them squares..... Please,,,,,,


9) A good inspirational reading book... I have the book The shack, so any others are great.. Or any books from Ann Rule, or from Beverly Lewis...

New or used is good too.


10) Worsted Weight 4-ply Cotton Yarn for dishcloths...


Thank you for reading and I'm off to see who I can roak too... Which i see quiite a few....

Blessings to all.....

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:frog Froggy's Wishes :frog



:frog A Drachma (a greek coin, any value, no hole)


:frog Baltimore Ravens Keychain

GameWear NFL Football Keychain - Baltimore Ravens - eBay (item 390040838072 en


:frog Froggy Charms


:frog Froggy Buttons


:frog Froggy Fabric


:frog Froggy Pins


:frog Purse Size Sewing Kit


:frog Purse Size Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion


:frog Football Buttons


:frog Sock Monkey Tape Ster Pattern :)RECIEVED:)


:manyheart Items Recieved :manyheart


Sock Monkey Tape Ster Pattern


Gift Certificate from "The Frog Store"

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I have heard so much about this, I think I will try it. I know I can grant wishes already.


at the risk of sounding like a do gooder,here go's:

I work with mentall ill adults in an assisted living center. The youngest is 26, the eldest 60 somehting. Men and women. To encourage them to come to day treatment, I buy little thing from the dollar tree and they "buy" them with the points they earn for coming everyday and participating.So if you have any of the folowing around, or any thing you no longer use and it is small, they will love it.


Thanks so much and Happy Holidays in July!



any jewelry you no longer want (costume)

puzzle books


nail polish

body wash (even the no name stuff is great)


Jusat imagine living is assisted living, and never getting to go any where, and only recieving about $30. amonth, and that has to buy cigarettes too, ( most of them smoke)



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Well, I haven't done this one before, but see a few wishes I can grant, so I thought I would add mine to the list. This will be fun!


1. Crocheted tapesters - the crocheted critters that cover a tape measure...any critter or design.


2. Size 10 crochet thread - any color or brand, partial skeins are fine. I make bookmarks for the local library.


3. Worsted weight cotton - any colors or brands - I use alot of cotton for many different items.


4. Buttons! I love buttons all of a sudden, and I would love to have more!


5. Any little treat for my son Spencer - he will be 7 in August, but he is mentally around 4 - he loves Barney, Curious George, loves to color and draw...just love to see his face when he gets a gift. :)


6. Anything crocheted by a fellow 'ville member!


7. Fabric remnants of any color - would be used for purse linings...we don't have a fabric store within 50 miles, so I am running out.


8. Post cards from anyone out of the US...or even out of NY State!




Happy Holidays in July Everyone!!!

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Hi everyone! This sounds like so much fun! I already have a list of some wishes that I can grant :)


I edited my list to add a few items for my Grandma. She just found out today that her cancer is back and has spread to over 70% of her body so I am putting together a little care package to help cheer her up.


Red Heart Yarns:

1. Bikini Multi #929 (I need 6 skeins but even 1 would make me happy )

2. Melon Berry #942 (I need 6 skeins but even 1 would make me happy )

3. Cherry Cola #944 (I need 9 skeins but even 1 would make me happy )


4. Pods - I absolutely love these but they are only in Australia :(

5. Anything Disney for my son - stickers, a postcard with pictures on it, just something little - Right now he loves Mickey and Goofy

6. Anything handmade for a baby girl (my daughter is 9 weeks old)

7. A handmade dishcloth

8. Crocheted Socks for my Grandma

9. Any little handmade item or treat for my Grandma

10. TimTams - I keep hearing people mention these but I have no clue what they are lol.

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This was such fun last year, sending and receiving crochet things.


Some things I would enjoy:


1) Cheery notes, whether PMs or through the US Mail. :)


2) Caron one-pounders in light colors, for lap robes I make for shut-ins.


3) Smooth cotton yarn (not textured).


4) Something you've made in thread: a bookmark or doily. :c9


5) Gregg shorthand books and records, if you've got any.


6) An old fountain pen with a nib that says "Gregg" or "steno" on it.


7) Small, botanical print greeting cards: roses, lilacs, hydrangeas, etc.


8) Unwashed cat hair--if you can mail some, it would help keep critters out of the garden.


9) Surprises that grey-haired folks enjoy. ;)


10) Best wishes, prayers, and good thoughts for everyone at C'ville, and their families. :hug


Thanks very much!


:wreath :wreath :wreath

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This is my favorite - look forward to it every year.


:candycane Clover Soft Touch THREAD hooks


:candycane Cebelia Thread #10 - any colors


:candycane Anything made by you. I especially like snowflakes and snowmen. Doesn't have to be crocheted.


:candycane Flavored Hot Chocolate. Fav is Raspberry.


:candycane 8" Lots To Love Baby from Annies Attic. http://www.anniesattic.com/detail.html?prod_id=7770 or a similar size and type doll.


:candycane Patterns for clothes for above doll.


:candycane Summer On Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber.


:candycane Doily patterns.


:candycane Any crochet magazines not currently being printed. I like Crochet Fantasy, Crochet Home, etc. Anything.


:candycane Swedish Fish


Happy Holidays and I'm off to play Santa and grant some wishes. :wreath

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Ach, I've just had a very wearisome day, so now I'm going to spend a pleasant half-hour looking at wishlists...:)


I live in Germany and I know how high postage is. So my wishes are slim:


1) Hooks. I've been working with a lot of different yarns, so I would love any extra F, G, H Boye hooks you might have. We can't get them here, and they're my favourite for these sizes.


2) Postcards or real letters. We're about to move house, husband is going to start looking for a new job and we're going to start a new period in our lives - send me some luck and courageous thoughts :lol


3) Yarn - WW yarn in pale blues, greens, lilacs, white ... cool tones. I've been working with lots of luscious browns and creams and pinks, I'd love to make an afghan for our living room in cooler colours. And fun fur - do you hate that stuff? I use it to make scarves (e.g. for Granny Annie) and, strangely enough, have no problems with it any more (used to detest this yarn, but I've figured out how to use it!)


4) Positive thoughts and good energy :hook.


Thank you, all!

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I kannt spel :-))

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The fun begins! :yay I am going through the lists to see who I can surprise first!


Here is my own wish list (2nd hand items are always welcome)


:strawberr Anything to do with lighthouses


:strawberr Clover Soft Touch Hook sz E (I can't find that one at our craft store)


:strawberr Any PB book in the Crochet Mystery Series by Betty Hechtman


:strawberr Blank CD's or DVDs (our computer uses the +R kind)


:strawberr A handmade crochet Towel Topper (I've never made one) or crocheted washcloths/scrubbies.


:strawberr Any Crochet Today or Interweave Crochet that you would like to pass on. I don't have any magazine subscriptions & I never see those at the thrift stores. THANK you to the sweet elf that sent me some Interweave Magazines!:manyheart


:strawberr Twizzlers (the candy, for ds) or a doggie bone crochet or real for our Jackie girl.


:strawberr My biggest wish is for everyone to have a safe summer. Wear sunscreen & watch the kiddies around the water. :manyheart

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Well...I'm going to add mine too!


1. Any yarn you no longer need. I mostly use 3 and 4 ply and no wool please as I'm allergic.

2. Any Amigurumi patterns you no longer want, yay! LOL

3. Things for my son who is 11 such as puzzle books or comic books.

4. Any old books you have in the genre of Murder/Mystery or plain old novels. No romance novels please!

5. Any cute buttons or beads would be great!

6. Old dolls you no longer want-Any size dolls!

7. ANYTHING Palm trees!!! I love them.

8. Doggie toys. My pup goes through them so fast

9. Anything pink I love pink.

10. Cookie cutters! Yay for cookie cutters!


Thank you so much for reading my post! Now I'm off to read others! I love this.

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I did this last year and looked forward to it this year.


1. Any ILTY that you don't want anymore or can't use. I will give it a good home and make RR baby blankets. Any color will do. Received 6 skiens of ILTY :yay


2. A wooden hook in size F,G,H.


3. A bed doll made by anyone (my bedroom is in mauve, sage green). Received and treasured :manyheart


4. I drink tea (black tea or flavored tea)


5. 12" squares for my friendshipghan.


6. swedish fish


7. penpal letter or post card


8. a shawl made by you .


9. kitchen topper towels, pot holders or dishclothes for my kitchen. (blue, greens, mauve and golden colors are in my kitchen, I also have a chicken theme)


10. crochet home magazines


Thanks for looking at my wish list and I will be reading the lists and granting some wishes too.

Edited by segi1974
updated to show what I have received.

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I am 31 years old and I have been married for 9 years. We have one 3yr son and 2 poodles. I love to crochet, sew, and be with my family. This summer I will be spending my time outside and playing clarinet in the community band.


1. Anything for my 3yr son, he loves crochet amis

2. player piano rolls, we have a player piano but few rolls to play in it

3.any croceht magazines new or used.

4. a bed doll of my own in purple or blue, they are so pretty Granted and treasured!!!!!

5.interweave crochet magazine winter 2008

6. subsctiption to interweave crochet

7.i love crochet purses and bags

8. a jimbo hook, yes I know everyone wants one

9.a white lacy shawl

10. anything else you think a girl from the midwest would enjoy, I love surprises!!!

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OH what FUN!


1.) A girlie diaper bag


2.) Anything for our Frances Grace due in October


3.) Anything for the other children, as the baby always gets neat packages~LOL! Allen~11, Jamie~9, Preston~6, Hazel~3


4.) A plaque for ouside with "The (our last name) Family Est. 1993" if yer crafty (Doesn't hafta be, but pineapples make me think of my Mom)


5.) Homey house numbers for out front~, if yer crafty (we are planning to paint our house a form of red with a chocolate door)


6.) A shawl fer me


ETA #7.) Wool yarn so I can make cloth diaper covers!!!


8.) Any surprise, especially made by YOU! ~smile~


PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR EDITING AGAIN WITH A WEIRD REQUEST: I will be giving birth to #5 in October. With each pregnancy the FEAR of the pain and HARD WORK of labor has really grown! I would love any cute, newborn baby pics you'd like to send me (snail mail) to pin up around me during labor to help me focus on why I'm working so hard!


**HAPPY HOLIDAYS IN JULY!** THANK YOU for looking! (((((HUGS)))))) sandi~seeing a few I can grant too~WOOHOOO!

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Hope all are enjoying this one as much as I am so here goes


1.edgerydoo ya right

2.A tote bag made by you

3.a pattern book of baby clothes or any pattern book ( I don't own any books of patterns) granted

4.any yarn (all I have is walmart )

5.any books from the crochet mystery

6.lighted g hook granted

7 any toy patterns love the tea set

8.a afghan for me I like purples and greens

9.anything made by you

10.kitchen towel set have never made one but would love to have a set:hug

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I've read all the lists so far and have SIX that I can send out as soon as I get paid and can afford the postage! I LOVE Holidays in July! They're almost as much fun as the real thing! :clap:manyheart:clap


Here is my list for this year:


:ctree 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton


:ctree Size 10 crochet thread - any colors!


:ctree Any yarn at all that you no longer want or need. Scraps are fine!

I have been crocheting kitty cuddlers for our new animal shelter

and would love to have a large amount of these to donate for the

holidays this year! Any fun fur that you might have bought but

found you can't stand to work with is great, too!


:ctree A Yarn Cutter pendant


:ctree Anything cute to wear in my hair. I have very long hair and love

pretty little clips, barettes, ribbons, combs, etc. to keep it back

and away from my face.


:ctree A new cosmetics case to keep all my hooks in


:ctree A thread holder


:ctree Any type of cute or pretty stitch markers


:ctree Enough bamboo yarn to make myself a summer top (I wear a

size L (big boobs!) :lol



:ctree If anyone has an old (but still working) DVD player that they no

longer want, we would give it a great home! It can be dented,

covered with stickers, it doesn't matter, as long as it still works!


Happy Holidays in July, everyone! I hope the elves are good to you all!

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Here is my list!


:flake An edgerydoo!


:flake Self-striping yarn...any fiber content any weight!


:flake Travel brochures from your area. DH and I love to travel!


:flake Any Simply Knitting magazines from any year!


:flake Any UK friends out there that can find either of these yarns or

something similar???

Patons Fab! dk weight in 02328 skin or Sirdar Bonus dk 963 fleshtone.

I love Alan Dart's patterns and I can't find a nice fleshtone anywhere.

These seem to be available in the UK only.


:flake Hand crocheted by you snowflakes! Received 2!


:flake Anything by Burt's Bees!


:flake A hand-sewn by your hook holder!


:flake Postcards from you area! Received 1!


:flake Surprise me!

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My first Holidays in July

If any of my wishes are granted, I do NOT expect new items, used would be wonderful.



1. Leisure artas A Year of Baby Afghans Book 4


2. 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton


3. Any Amiguruimi or Toy Patterns - I have never done this but really want to make some made for KristieMN 's toy drive.


4. Any Yarn- Making blankets for badrhinogillet's NICU Babies


5. Anything for my 2 grandsons, ages 4 and 15 months


6. Candy - Cinnamon Bears :cheer


7. Yarn Winder


8. Crochet Pattern a Day Calendar


9. Your Favorite Recipes


10. Soap/Bath Wash- Love Vanilla and Lavender



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Ohhh I am so excited.. Holiday in July event is finally here. I have been waiting for this one. Now let me see what is on my list.....


:mdust Yarn any yarn any color


:mdust 6" square crocheted square


:mdust 12" crocheted square


:mdust fabric scraps at least 6 1/2" ( I quilt )


:mdust candles I love candle therefore I burn candles and then I need more candles


:mdust stitch markers homemade is preferred but will take anything.


:mdust Postcard or letter from you would be nice.


:mdust Patterns that you don't want anymore


:mdust Recipes for anything chocolate


:mdust Any about carousel. I collect them small ones that is

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I love this idea of Holiday wishes in July.

I don't know if I have 10 wishes, but I'll try.


:snowOne wooden hook. My favorite size is K.


:snowWhat is an Edgerydo? Just an explaination. I might want one later:lol Granted. Now I want one!!


:snowA hook that lights, size J or K. GRANTED. Thank YOU!!!



:snowCrochet patterns for Barbie the very beautiful Victorian outfits only.


:snowYarn from Ireland. Do we have someone at the "ville from the Emerald Isle?


:snowTeas from all over. I love tea!! GRANTED. Thank You!!



:snowAn EdgeryDoo. What an AWESOME Kit!!


I will be having Gall Bladder Surgery this Friday. I have a few things I would like to send to others who have wished but I won't get to send anything until after July 8, 2009. Please be patient with me.


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