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2009 Holidays in July - Signups are closed

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I get to PLAY!! TY AuntBubbles, I LOVE YOU!!!! I been combing over the lists and boy do I have a list for Auntbubbles...lol

okay here it goes, and thank you all for even reading and considering this!!!

1. Hard candy, with the lupus, I dont creaate my own saliva and have to rely on hard candy..I love anything BUT cinnamon...it works against me

and lip gloss chapstick for the dry lips

2. Yarn, anything you have let over..my stash is GONE and with all my health things and meds, my money is gone too..lol... I LOVE caron simply soft yarns..fyi

3. lotions....yea, dry skin like no other

4. used books, for dialysis hours, I love murder mysteries..nothing too racy please, I just dont get into them romance novels..lol

5. ANYTHING crocheted by you, I LOVE litle things, like to put in my purse change holders, ect...coin purse

6. would you just drop me a card or small note in the mail? I LOVE happy mail and only get bill colector and bills in the mail : (

7. PLEASE tell you loved one every day you LOVE them, for you NEVER know when the last day will be, so just tell them you love them and give them a hug too : )

thats it gals, I am not a fancy gal lol.. hugs and love to all!!


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YEY I get to join in! I have never participated in Holiday in July before, probably because this is my first July on the 'ville! Wow, it doesn't seem like it at all.


Well, let's see.....


Purse Handles- All different kinds, I love making purses but I can never find handles for the ones that call for them!


Incense- Maybe a good Dragon's Blood or some Sage?


Plarn- I want to try this stuff out!


Weight Loss Journal- The best one I could find that I thought would help is this one ( http://www.amazon.com/Weight-Confidential-Journal-Week-Week/dp/0618433724/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1246721343&sr=1-2 ) from Amazon, but something similar would work nicely. Even just a little black book that I can keep in my purse.


Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul Journal- I cant find them in stores and I'd like to have one.


A Gift certificate for Shana Logic- Its my favourite online store, they have so many cool things its unbelievable! www.shanalogic.com HUGE thank you to an elf for a gift certificate!!! I am so happy!


Anything Crocheted by You- I love getting purses, little bags, cat toys, anything really from people. They make my day. Right now I'm looking for something like bowls, or boxes, crocheted to put my bf's keys and wallet and junk in when he dumps it all over the table.


Salt Water Taffy and Chocolate- my two favourite candies.


Letters- I keep getting bills and such, and it would be nice to be able to find something other than bills or the random flyer. I love writing and i'd write back!


Hair Accessories- I have really short hair that I like putitng different clips and hairbands and such in. I never have enough hair clips, and finding some taht are cute is like a needle in a haystack!


Thank you in advance for anyone who deems me worthy of their generosity!

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