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2009 Holidays in July - Signups are closed

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:gift anything coffee related - cappuccino from WV elf


:gift anything turtle related


:gift a state t-shirt from where you are from and signed by you - one from WV elf


:gift sugar 'n cream - any colors


:gift cotton crochet thread - any color or size


:gift purse or tote bag made by you


:gift your favorite doily made by you - one from a Poland Elf


:gift any fun amigurumi book..... I dont have any


:gift tape measure character/item made by you


:gift post card... greeting card... or letter from you - one from GA - one from IA


set of Apple Coasters from my IN elf!






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Hiya, been waitin on this one. I see a few I will be able to grant:manyheart. Well, I will take new or used, dont matter to me. All:yarn is welcome.


1. Dollie patterns your favorite. I deciede to try it, and I like it:blush. granted :)


2. Wooden :hook.


3. Baby granny squares, I am makin several baby blankets for our local Pregnancy Care Center. Unfortunatly, there are alot of young girls pregnant in our community:(. I sure could use some help with this, I have 5 made so far. <i use 6" squares, baby yarn, or light colors. Yarn type, fine, sport or worsted. >


4. Postcard from your hometown, I love postcards:yes <got 1 so far>


5. Last but not least, for you to have a safe and wonderful summer.

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explantion needed for the baby granny squares needed

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Hi to All! :gift

This is my first Wish List since I joined everyone here in Crochetville, so I'm really looking forward to this!! :clap It sure is refreshing to think of Christmas on these hot muggy days we're having here in my little historic town! I've already seen 7 things I can send to some of you!! :yes And here's my list:

1. Gift Cards to Michael's, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's

2. Yarn Caddy

3. Crocheted snowflakes made by you.

4. Space Bags

5. Pattern-a-Day Calendars--any year

6. Hook Holder

7. "The Crochet Bible" by Betty Barnden (Used is fine!)

8. "200 Crochet Tips..." by Jan Eaton (Used is fine!)

9. "A to Z of Crochet" by Country Bumpkin Publications (Used is fine!)

10. Donna Kooler's "Encyclopedia of Crochet" (Again--used is fine!)



Wow! That didn't take long, did it?! :blush

:manyheart to all of you! Have fun!

Collette :crocheting

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Happy Holidays to everyone!!!


1. any acrylic yarn or cotton, even scraps (I make items for a family shelter so can use anything)


2. Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn in shades of blue, pink, or purple or variegated to make something for myself


3. Any pattern books-- love baby blankets and kid clothes, afghans, stitch patterns, would love to collect the LA Year of Baby Blankets books (have 2 and 4), Tunisian Baby Blankets, Afghan Variegations


4. cute retractable tape measures


5. sewn tote bag for projects- love paisley and other funky patterns in shades of blue, pink, or purple


6. jewelry making supplies- glass beads, gemstones, or crystals, SS findings


7. any CoCaLo Sugar Plum themed accessories-- we would like to give my 3 yo DD Avery a "big girl" room and decorate with the Sugar Plum theme as she loves butterflies


8. any fire truck themed accessories-- we will be decorating my 15 month old son Adam's room in fire trucks as my husband is a firefighter


9. fabric quarters (on sale at Joann's for 99 cents!!) or scraps in pretty shades of purple, pink, blue, green, yellow, or black (even as small as 2 1/2" as I sew 2 inch square scrap quilts)


10. a beautiful unique crochet hook... like Sapphire Nights or Amethyst Glow from here http://www.craftdesigns4you.com/crochethook/customacrylicgemhooks.htm or a beautiful wood hook. Sizes H, I, or J are ones I use the most but I will cherish any size.


Wishing everyone a wonderful summer!

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this was alot of fun last year

1. crochet a day calendar,any year

2. any color 8" square 1 purrple/white 6 more squares received,thank you

3.cardio or latin rhythm cd or cassette

4.RH classic purple variagated

5.crochet angel any type

6.crocheted turtle received a turtle postcard

7. ear flap hat,on the smaller size,have a small head

8.I collect toothpick holder,so if you have any you are tired off, I'd like them

9.pineapple doily,doily has been granted,thank you

10.small smiley stickers,I use them to highlight appts.thanks elf

thank you holiday in July elves

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Happy, Happy Holiday's In July!


:sheepxmas1. Sugar & Cream or Peaches & Cream ... any color is fine with me


:sheepxmas2. Simply Soft yarn ...... any color


:sheepxmas3. Crochet thread size 10 .... any color even white or ecru


:sheepxmas4. Doily or thread bookmark patterns


:sheepxmas5. Chocolate ..... any kind


:sheepxmas6. Something handmade by you ;)


:sheepxmas7. Unique stationary or blank note cards ..... I have 3 sons in the Military and I write them alot


:sheepxmas8. Anything to pamper me & relieve stress.....Calgon take me away


:sheepxmas9. Clover Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hooks


:sheepxmas10. Surprise me ..... I LOVE surprises

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Ok here goes

:wreath Crochet thread in any sizes and color

:gift a handmade ornament for my blue and white table top tree

:hbulb anything TInkerbell I love tink

:stocking anything Boston Red Sox I am a huge fan

:candycane small scissors...my dog chewed the handles of mine i can still use them but they are not comfortable

:fruitcake fashion doll patterns...i would like to make some things for my nieces

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Nothing makes hot summer days go by than a little "Holidays in July!" Ok, here's my wish list!


1. I have been drooling over these crochet publications for awhile now and would love either of them! Wrapped in Crochet and Superior Crochet.


2. Any and all playing cards. My DH and I collect them and we don't just let them sit and collect dust. We actually play with every deck that we get! (We are big card players!) The more unusual the better, but even just regular old cards with the name of your state on the back are great too as we'd like to collect all 50 states! (I've been asked before so I'll just let you know that I do not mind "naughty" playing cards.)

Thanks to the elf for the deck of playing cards!!!!!


3. A new digital camera! (Hey, a girl can dream, right?) This year we got a new computer with Windows Vista and our ancient camera is not compatible with Vista so I cannot upload any pics I take onto it. Nothing too fancy, just good enough to take decent pics that I can upload and print! GRANTED!


4. Baby stuff! We are enjoying our first medical foster child and she is getting ready to turn 6 months old! I am short on "toys" for that age range (I do have like a few key rings and such) but anything else that kids that age like I need and anything else that may help us would be great! I am a first time mommy so a lot of things I don't think to get until I need them!

(Thank you to the elf who sent our little some new toys, Burt's Bees Baby kit and an adorable plushie blanket!)


5. I'd love to have a fancy hook. One that I cannot afford! (Wouldn't we all?) But I'm really picky about the hooks I use. I love Boye hooks but cannot use Susan Bates if that helps. I know one kind is inline and one isn't but I can never remember which is which! (Oh, and my favorite hook size is J)


6. Veggie Tales on DVD or VHS. My little angel loves cartoons and Veggie Tales is only on TV once a week. I have a hard time finding cartoons that I like to let her watch and you can never start a little one too early to learn about the Bible and good values.


7. Any yarn for medical foster children's ghans. I accept ghans, squares and yarn (even scraps). (Any size ghans as some of the children in this program are teens). We want to make sure that every child has their own handmade blanket when they leave the program as they come with nothing and to have something of their very own, handmade at that, is priceless and a treasured heirloom to sick children. (I pass completed ghans onto the heads of the Children's Medical Services Department I'm lisenced under and they pass them out to the children who need them.)


8. A decent pair of earbuds for my MP3 player. (I'd really love a pair of hot pink ones but just ones that fit my ears would be great!) I bought a pair that fit right in the ear but from what my nephew says most of this type are supposed to come with a few sized adapters as everyones ears are different sizes. I guess I have small ears as the ones I got will not stay in my ears. Now that we have the baby we haven't really had any extra spending money for a decent set of earbuds.


9. Crochet Today Magazine Issues Sept/Oct 2008, Nov/Dec 2008, March/April 2009

Thank you to the elf for granting my wish for the 2 issues in green! Now I'm only missing one issue and I'll have every issue since it started publication!!!


10. Homeade dishcloths & scubbies for the kitchen (preferably bright colors). I only use crocheted (or knitted) ones and they all get well used. I can always use more!


Thank you so much for reading my list and to all the wonderful elves!


P.S. If you plan on sending me anything and have sent me anything in the past, please get my addy from AuntBubbles. We moved 3 years ago and believe it or not, people still mail stuff to my old addy assuming that I still live there. Thanks a bunch for double checking!!!

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Hello Every one! I am a 13 year old that loves corchet and all sorts of crafts. I have been looking at lists ans mom said I could grant wishes!!

:yarn Yarn I like to use regular WW but will try any thing

:yarnScrapbooking stuff. I am making scrap books for my family

:yarnPost cards from where you live

:yarnA book mark made by you

:yarnA row counter (mom and I share one)

:yarnEasy patterns

:yarnA stitch Dictionary

:yarn8" squares for my friendshipgan

:yarn Sketch pad or other art stuff

:yarnA rock from where you live I collect them

Thank you for looking at my list. Happy Holidays in July every one!!!

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Let's see :think


1. Crocheted bookmark

2. Doily

3. Flavored coffees or teas

4. Yarn winder

5. EASY pattern for boys cardigan size 6

6. Crochet Pattern of the day calender

7. Light up crochet hook

8. Cell phone holder

9. I collect tea cups and saucers

10. Surprise me!!!! :yay

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I would mostly like something crocheted by you! I make so much for other people that I rarely get handmade gifts myself. So here goes:


1. crocheted ornaments

2. novelty crocheted potholders (animals, veggies, fruits, etc)

3. thread bear or turtle

4. sock yarn (enough for 1 pair, any color)


Thanks for looking!



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:hbulb:hbulb Happy Holidays in July !!!! :hbulb:hbulb


I had so much fun taking part in this last year and met some lovely people along the way, I'm so pleased to see it back :manyheart


:2snowman I'd love to have some cotton yarn, sugar and cream, peaches and cream or I love this cotton any of these in pretty colours would be very warmly welcomed :hook


:wreath I'd like to try I Love This Yarn, I've heard lots of good things about it and it isn't available here.


:gift I'd love a Cabbage Patch Doll, and any patterns to crochet clothes for her or him, in fact any doll ( unloved is fine) that I can make new clothes for.


:rud Susan Bate's Silvalume hooks


:ctreeWorsted weight yarn in pretty multi colour or solid shades.


:hbulb Camo yarn, I had some last year and loved working with it.


:candycane Any Crochet supplies that you think I can't live without ;), ie;- hooks, magazine, tape measure etc. things we all need, these would all be well loved and appreciated.


:stocking I love size 10 thread, and would love any pretty colours.


:santa A surprise !!! I love surprises.


Thank you for reading my list, I hope you all have fun with the Holidays in July, there's nothing nicer than having something special sent by someone who cares and it's even nicer sending something to someone else to brighten their day, even something as simple as a note/ card :manyheart


:sheepxmasHAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!! :yay

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Happy Holidays in July. I've been looking forward to this too and already see wishes I can grant.


Here is my wishlist!


1. 8 inch squares for my friendship ghan in blues, pinks, or browns.

2. Sock yarn

3. Sewing notions (like thread, buttons, elastic, ric-rac etc.) I’m a newbie,

but love sewing so far

4. Fabric scraps for sewing and quilting

5. Double pointed needles for knitting (I’m new at this too and don’t have any

DPNs yet)

6. A book to read, used is great. I love reading and go through books like


7. Bookmarks – a girl can never have too many!

8. Nativity pattern by Gourmet Crochet

9. Entrelac pattern by Gourmet Crochet

10. City Tote pattern by KeikaLou - GRANTED! Thank you elf!

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I took part in the holiday RAOK and had such a nice time. I look forward to granting some wishes!


1.Fabric (any size even scraps...I'm learning to sew on my new machine so anything really small can be used for practice)

2.Any yarn

3.Pendant cutter (I have a really hard time keeping track of scissors)

4.Bamboo hook (any size)

5.Small measuring tape

6.Purse handles granted... thank you my thoughtful elf

7.A surprise.....My husband doesn't believe in surprises. He always tells me ahead of time what he would like to get me to make sure I'd like it which I always do. The element of surprise would be a nice change.

8. Help on figuring out how to do a graphgan. DS wants one badly and I am terrified of trying to make one. granted... I really apppreciate the help

9. Cute patterns for little girl clothing. DD is 5 years old.

Thanks in advance.

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Yay...it's that time again. This is always so much fun!


1. Scripture Afghan pattern http://www.leisureartslibrary.com/cart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=64&idcategory=0 Granted! :santa


2. Bedspread pattern http://www.leisureartslibrary.com/cart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=697&idcategory=9


3. Thread crochet baby bonnet pattern (vintage or not, torn from a magazine, etc., is fine) Granted! :clap


4. Any size G or H hook from here: http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/vermont_woodwork or any similar wooden hook in G or H.


5. Pattern for crocheted snowman to make for my granddaughter who is 5. Granted! :woo


6. Any cotton yarn for dishcloths - any brands - I love all the new variegated that have come out, solids are also fine! Granted! :2spin


7. White crochet thread - size 10 or 20 - any brand, for doilies, dresser scarves, etc.


8. White sportweight yarn - 18 oz. - soft yarn to be used for a christening gown.


9. On September 10, I will turn 60, and I know this ends before then, but would love it if you'd make a note of it and send me a card, e-card, or some small thing to help me celebrate!


10. A Crochetville totebag!

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Ok, I'm not very good at making up wishlists but I'll give it a try:

#1: Some type of sweet accessory for an iPod Touch 2nd generation

#2: Something REALLY happy cause lately I just haven't been very happy (more family issues) and I need some cheering up major league.

#3: Something for my horse (she LOVES "Berry Goods", actually I love them too, they smell great. Don't worry, I don't eat them).

#4: Some tips for loosing weight and encouragement and maybe someone to be accountable too.

#5: Something for my dog "Heidi". She loves all kinds of treats or even some wacky and fun home made toy.

#6: Some new country music (on CD). Anyone but taylor swift, carrie underwood, or reba.

#7: Something autographed by some big time country singer (Like Kenny Chesney- my all time favorite country crush).

#8: Something that's country-ish and horse-ish.

#9: Something crocheted by you.

#10: Something from over seas (Anywhere in the UK or middle east would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing). Maybe something that has some cultural value where you live.


Okay, now off to grant some wishes.




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Okay I've not done this one before but like others, I see some things I could grant so why not jump in!


1. Vintage buttons any size and kind - I use these to embellish purses.


2. Vintage jewelry mainly pins - again I use these to embellish purses.


3. Wool of the Andes - two skeins of any color. Been wanting to try this yarn!


4. Japanese crochet book - would love one with purses or scrubbies but any would be fun - just want to give it a try!


5. Annie's Attic Think Pink Crochet PDF Version (or hard copy): GRANTED!!!!!!!!!


6. 1 yard of beautiful batik fabric any colors


7. Hand made crochet or knit sweater for my 5 year old daughter - she wears a size 6X. Something 'girly'.


8. Mickey or Minnie Mouse short sleeved tee-shirt size 1X. Gently used is fine. I love Mickey!


9. Any type of 'go green' tote bag made by you.


10. Fun purse handles. I make a ton of purses so always looking for some fun handles!


Thanks all! Here's to a better economy!


Mary Ann

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:ctreeI love doing this! I had so much fun last year wrapping packages in the summer! :gift


Here's my wishlist:


- any susan bates hooks

- any WW scrap yarn you have hanging around taking up valueable stash space (even those little bits that you dont know what to do with)

- anything Disney, Pirates of The Caribbean or Elvis

- a postcard for my boys ( Howie and Ethan) from where you live

- a copy of Twilight

- buttons.. like sewing buttons, any size or shape

- Joan of Arcadia on DVD

- a suprise... either for me or my boys ( Howie will be 10 and Ethan is 5)

- itunes gift card

- toys for my new kittens


Thanks so much for reading my list!

I cant wait to go thru and find some folks to elf for :hook


:sheepxmas Miss Colee :sheepxmas

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I love HIJ:santa


:candycane anything German Shepherd related. We just got a GSD puppy and would love anything for or about them.


:stocking any holiday or treats pattern from Gourmet Crochet. I love that site.


:hbulb needle holder for my knitting needles. I started knitting last fall and finally have a collection of needles.


:rud any type of yarn.


:gift a surprise made by you


:ctree a surprise for my girls. Even a card would make them happy. Maddie is 7 and Meaghan is 5


:candycane any kind of chocolate treat.


:stocking yummy bubble bath or lotion

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Happy Holidays in July!!!


I love HIJ and have been waiting - almost missed it!


1. Wooden hooks

2. anything Wizard of Oz

3. Just started collecting stuffed alpacas, llamas and sheep

4. Fun buttons

5. Fun pens

6. purse handles/gadgets/etc

7. postcards from your area (rec'd a postcard)

8. amiguramis (love them and make them, but give them all away)

9. Cool safety eyes

10. Jewerly making supplies/cool beads....


Off to write my list of who to gift.....

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Hope everyone is having :sheepxmas Happy Holidays in July!



:wreath 1. Bamboo hooks - any size

:ctree 2. Anything Eeyore

:santa 3. Any season dvd's of Criminal Minds, CSI NY or House - previously enjoyed would be wonderful

:grinch 4. Clover Soft Touch hooks size G or J

:fruitcake 5. Anything for my mini schnauzers Rosalita and SarahJane

:gift 6. Vannas Choice yarn, any colors - full or partial skeins

:stocking 7. Lily Sugar 'n Cream - Summer Prints color, or solids from same

:hbulb 8. Safety Eyes for ami animals, 9mm and larger, also noses

:2snowman 9. KnitPicks bare yarns to dye

:rud 10. Bamboo, soy or corn yarns or blends


I can't wait to start sending out packages!



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...here's my list for HIJ!


:candycaneSome Vanna Baby yarn or any washable sport weight yarn for the preemie and regular baby blankets I like to make for charity.


:candycaneI read alot and love bookmarks.Rec'd a bookmark from MI!


:candycaneA girl can never have too many tote bags! An Indiana elf sent me a tote bag!


:candycaneI'm getting back into cross stitch, so an assortment of different colors of DMC thread wold be great. Christmas Red, Parrot Green...any colors, really, including brighter ones... Rec'd a fun Cross st kit! TY, elf in VA!


:candycaneA small to medium size embroidery hoop would be helpful.


:candycaneWe have 2 German shepherds (almost 11 years old and a 3 yo) - they love Scooby snacks, Bonz, Milk bones, etc.Same Indiana elf sent Milk Bones...pups were thrilled to get mail!


:candycaneI love coffee and flavored decaf would be awesome!Rec'd a package of flavored coffee!


:candycane I write and love pens...the more unusual the better.Rec'd 2 pens! Rec'd 2 more pens!!


:candycaneI love Betty Boop and Sherlock Holmes (go figure!). I'm a real Anglophile... anything British, having to do with the history, etc, is always fun!

Received an amazing Betty Boop musical figurine! TY, elf!


I've already seen lots of wishes I can grant...it's going to be fun doing this again:clap

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I tried to resist this year...but I decided to join in again, because it was so much fun last year!


I see quite a few wishes I can grant already.


Here is my wish list:


-Anything made by you: dishcloths, book marks, Christmas ornaments, etc received a bookmark


-I collect recipes, especially tried and true recipes and community cookbooks


-I love purses, totes, containers of any sort


-I drink a lot of coffee, and like both regular and decaf, any flavor


-any yarn except fun fur, (I just can't crochet with it), I make quite a bit of baby stuff for donation received some baby yarn


-anything I can use to make purses: handles, closures, embellishments, even a picture of a neat purse or tote can give me ideas.


-crochet patterns or old crochet magazines, I don't subscribe to any got a bunch!


-8 inch squares for a crochetville afghan (any color except black, since I plan to border the squares in black)


-a card or a note, its fun to get something other than bills and junk mail! got a card!


I'm looking forward to sending out a few surprises.:)


Thank you elves!!!

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Happy Holidays in July, I've been looking forward to this and have seen many wishes that I can grant. As for me, this is my wish list.


Clover Soft Touch Steel thread hook, size 0.


=tags&includes[]=title"]This pattern Granted...A wonderful elf sent me the Alley Cats pattern..Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Gourmet Crochet patterns...I have my eye on Savannah Slippers, Sugar and Spice Amigurumi, and How to Crochet Adorable Amigurumi.


Any small balls of LB Suede, all colors. I have a project in mind that would take multiple colors of this.


A handmade doilie.


Handmade coasters.


Knitted dishcloths, I crochet mine, but prefer the knitted ones, & I can't knit!


This is a biggie, but I'd love a Seraphina Shawl.


I've never participated in anything like this before. Last summer, the HIJ thank you thread was the first place I visited every day, because I loved reading the thank yous. Crochetville truly is the kindest, friendliest place on the Internet & I feel blessed to be a member. :manyheart


Happy HIJ everyone.

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