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2009 Holidays in July - Signups are closed

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It's that time again!







Sign Ups: June 19th – June 30th



Package Sending: June 19th – August 4th



Holidays Wish List Guidelines:


Post up to 10 tangible wishes... something someone can actually grant.


E-mail me at auntbubbels at nyc dot rr dot com or PM me with your Crochetville Name, Email address, Real Name & Address.


Read through the posted wish lists.


If you see a wish you can grant, contact me via E-mail or PM for that person's info.


Gifts are to be made anonymously, as well as thank you posts (which by the way are mandatory).


Thank you posts are to be placed in the provided "thank you" thread.


You may thank your Elf personally if they have let you know who they are. And please mark your package as Holidays In July RAOK so the person knows where to post a thank you.


You don't have to have a wish list to send something, but you do have to send me your info, as stated above, to help give a level of security that people requesting addresses aren't doing so for nefarious purposes.


If you grant a bigger wish from someone's wish list, please contact me so that I can ensure no one else sends that same item.


Remember there are no strings attached...... wish, and it might come true..... give, and you might receive.


Remember, sometimes one person's trash is another person's treasure. If you have a stash you want to prune or a gift certificate you will not use, send it out to someone who may want it.


Make someone smile with your thoughtfulness. I promise you will be just as excited as the person you are sending it out to.


You WILL have the joy of knowing you made someone's day special.






The most important thing is to have fun !






To help make ALL of our members feel comfortable participating in this swap, regardless of their religious beliefs, each member is free to make "Holiday in July RAOKs" apply to whichever winter holiday they prefer to celebrate. And, of course, you may include items in your wish list that are applicable to whichever winter holiday you may happen to celebrate.


Please, no outside wish list links.... it's just not fair that most people without them have 10 wishes in here and people with outside wish lists get 10 here and however many there. Please read RAOK guidelines here http://www.crochetville.org/forum/sh...ad.php?t=27478


Copyright violations will not be tolerated If a pattern is requested and you want to give it, it MUST be a newly purchased pattern, or one you are willing to give up, not one from your files. If you need to refresh yourself on copyrights please re-read the Forum Rules you accepted when you joined Crochetville.



I will not be providing contact information for the entire list to gifters.

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A little bit about me. I am going to be 27 in September and my 3rd year anniversary is in August. We have 5 cats & 1 dog. My feline babies are named Garfield, Homer, Missy, Creamy & Brownie. My dog is named Sheridan. I am a big fan of the Simpsons cartoon & a big fan of South Park.


I am not picky about items being used so long as they are in good condition. :yes

1. Baby Booties books


2. A purse crocheted by you - any size, any color I am a purse addict :eek


3. South Park Poker Set my husband wants to teach me poker on the computer I told him I would only learn with a South Park poker set Used is perfectly fine so long as all of the pieces are there and it's in good condition. My husband & I are South Park addicts all though I am a bigger addict than him. :lol There is a set on eBay going for $0.99 plus $6 shipping it also includes the UNO & Domino game.

4.Ice Cream Cone Purse Pattern by CroJulee GRANTED Thank You Elf! :jumpyay

5. Garfield items (preferably DVDs, pens, notepads, ornaments I have the DVD Garfield & Friends Vol. 1 but would love to have the rest of them) I even have a cat named Garfield he is orange & white

GRANTED Garfield Holiday Celebrations DVD THANK YOU MY DEAR SWEET ELF :yay

6. Crocheted toys for my cats they love small lightweight toys


7. Lion Brand Knitting Needles (I have the size 13 9.00mm set)


8. Lion Brand Crochet Hooks (don't have any of this brand)


9. Prayer Shawl Ministry Reaching Those In Need pattern book GRANTED :hugto my elf

10. I Can't Believe I'm Knitting DVD (a used one is fine just so long as it is playable)



I see some wishes I can grant! :cheer

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:clap:clap I love this time of the year!!




:giftCrocheted Snowflakes (Rec'd 2 beautiful snowflakes from a fabulous elf in Cartersville, GA)

:giftCrocheted Doily (Gifted a beautiful green doily from England!) (Gifted a beautiful autumn doily from Poland)

:giftA Eleggant Hook ( have always wanted to try one of these)

:giftGift Cards to either Joanns, Michaels or Ben Franklin

:giftOld Crochet Magazines or Books (Gifted a great Workbasket from Poland)

:giftYarn (but don't tell hubby I asked for this) I am looking for White and Green all shades (our new bedroom is in a new cheery shade of Spring Meadows Green) .. as long as I don't buy it it doesn't break our "no buying yarn til the stash is gone" agreement (if it comes from a swap its ok)

:gift Space Bags (I can hide more yarn this way lol)

:giftChewy Candy Treats (Dots, Swedish Fish or Mike and Ikes)

:gift"State" Magnets

:giftPillow Inserts (or if you want to crochet a couple of fancy pillows in a nice cheery shade of Green for the bedroom or Autumn colors for the Couch)

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:sheepxmasHappy Holidays in July everyone!!!!! Wow, what would I really like to have? This is always the hardest part. Have fun looking, giving & receiving!!!! :hug:manyheart



1. Any :yarn. It can be scraps or full/partial skeins. I don't mind.


2. Any year of the Crochet Pattern A Day Calendar (new or used).



3. Any pattern books, pamphlets, magazines etc.


4. Any notions like buttons, ribbons,purse handles, pom poms.


5. 8" squares any color for a Crochetville friendship ghan.


6. Anything handmade by you in any color.


7. Crochet Thread. Scraps are fine.


8. Crocheted/Knitted size 9 socks.


9. Cards, letters, postcards. I don't receive much mail besides the usual bills, so any little card or note would be nice.


10. Any school supplies like pens, mechanical pencils, note pads, highlighters, spiral notebooks, folders etc.


:ty for looking at my list. I hope everyone has fun reading the lists, gifting and receiving. I will be checking back often so I can play elf too!!!! :wreath

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1. Creepy Cute Crochet book

2. Advanced Filet Crochet class here on 'ville starting in July


3. Dragonfly anything...I collect 'em.


4. cotton thread size 10 or 3 or whatever. I'm not picky on color, either. I LOVE filet crochet


5. I'd love to try some bamboo thread. (was fondling some the other day at the store and fell in lust). Again not too picky on color.

6. would love to have bamboo or wood hook, any size, to try. Doesn't have to be new. Gifted with sizes 5, 5.5 and 10mm.


7. ohhhhh, any type of bath salts, soaks, bombs or anything like that. NOT lavender, please. I'm allergic. gifted with bombs, bath confetti, soap and a washcloth!!!!


8. vintage potholder patterns (and TP cover patterns)


Gosh, I'm running out of ideas..

9. Viking barbarian hat pattern (it's an etsy shop thing) want to make it for hubby. (yarn to make it with???)


10. I love surprises!



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Oh, this is going to be SO much fun :yay


Happy Holidays in July to Everyone!



I am happy to have handmade, recycled or re-gifted items.



  1. Crochet That Fits by Mary Jane Hall -- I just love the looks of the patterns in this book!
  2. Anything with snowmen on it -- I collect snowmen and even leave a few up year-round.
  3. A small, wrist-let type purse for a wedding I am attending in Aug -- my dress is baby pink. (Thank you to my elf in NE for the gorgeous thread purse. It is even better than 'perfect.')
  4. 7-8oz of boucle/chunky yarn to make hooded jackets for toddlers
  5. Any Crochet magazine -- I do not have a subscription to any, old or newer, I am not picky (Rec'd Aug '09 issue of Crochet World from a lovely Elf in OH; Thank you Elf in IN for Crochet World June '09 & July '09 Crochet!)
  6. A set of handmade stitch markers would be lovely. My safety pins are working, but a couple with more style would be a real treat. (Beautiful set of pink, lavender and soft blue stitch makers rec'd from an Elf in RI.)

  7. Surprises -- I like coffee, cooking, reading with my DD4 and DD7
  8. Gift card to Wal-mart -- the only semi-local place I have for purchasing yarn

Thank you so much for reading my list!!


I am off to see what I can give as gifts. :gift

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:cheer I've been waiting for this...nothing better than giving and doing it during the summer instead of just Christmas. I am loving Holidays in July more and more!!!


1. 6" or 12" inch squares for friendship ghan (any WW yarn) 2 wonderful squares rec'd, but would love more! :c9

2. Crocheted sock patterns

3. Sock yarn

4. Size K afghan hook (the kind with the cable coming off one end)

5. Caron Simply Soft in baby blue, white or soft pink (for preemie items)

6. Any size bamboo hook (any brand) except H & I, which I already have 4 bamboo hooks rec'd! :c9

7. Crocheted Rug Patterns

8. Small cat toys made by you

9. Anything made by you. I love seeing others' work.

10. Clover (or any brand) yarn pendant cutter Rec'd! :c9


I hope everyone has a blessed "Holidays in July!"

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yea, I've been waiting for this, this time of year is so much fun, ok here goes with my list


1) any leftover yarn any amount to add to the stash my students will use this year


2) knitting needles any size (I have plenty of crochet hooks for my yarn club but I have several students coming into 6th grade this year that already know how to knit and I have no needles they can use, I want to allow all yarn crafting)


3) RH SS in white, I'd like to make a spiral ghan in white and a RHSS vari that I already have and DH has put me on a yarn buying restriction LOL


4) anything handmade by you surprise me


5) 6 or 12 in squares for a C-Ville friendship ghan


6) anything dinosaurs, Cars, or Pooh for my 4 year old, he loves getting mail


7) anything tiger (DH and I both collect them)


8) any gently used children's or young adult books I can add to my classroom library (gotta keep my kiddos reading) or small pillows or rugs I can add to my library area to make it more inviting


9) any school supplies, I will take them to school and pass them on to students in need


10) any patterns you are willing to pass on, I can use them and share them with my students


Thanks in advance to all the wonderful HIJ elves out there.

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Christmas in July cool here I go

1. sugar n cream yarn red, blue, pink, varigated,

2. gift card from hobby lobby, michaels, joanns

3, kitchen crochet patterns

4. some hot tamalies or mike ike candies

5. something made by you

6. Crohet hooks that are wooden or boye

7. moonlight path body stuff from bath n body

8. a doiley made by you.

9. a yarn cady to take wip's with me.

10. moda-dea yan. i think u can get it at mary maxim site :yay


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:sheepxmas Happy Holidays....

-camo and/or black yarn to make a friend a hexagon ghan

-snowflakes, pretty snowflakes

-12" squares for comfort ghan for nursing home, plain 'ol grannies are wonderful

-cute easy baby sweater/gown pattern, a co-worker is having a baby in January and I'd like to surprise her with a blanket and sweater/gown set

-postcards and/or tourist packets from your area

-pocket size hand lotions

-yarn, not picky I like all kinds of yarn! I use mostly redheart since a local shop carries over 87 different colors :manyheart

-burts bees lip balm

-knitted dishclothes

-surprise me :hook

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happy holidays everyone, I am super excited for this.:cheer:cheer

thanks for looking.:)


1. A prayer for my cousin’s baby health, during a recent ultrasound it was found that he has a cleft lip and palette and will need surgery soon after birth. He is due in late October.


2.Squares- any color any size

3.Wooden or bamboo hooks- I have found my new love

4.Creepy cute crochet book

5.Pattern a day calendar

6.Any crochet magazine you no longer want

7.Hand painted yarn….I know this is wishful thinking I just love the looks of it.

8.Cathedral window pattern from http://www.anniesattic.com/crochet/detail.html?prod_id=21741 Granted ~thank you

9. Neutral colored wool to try my hand at dyeing yarn

10. any books you liked … I will read anything romance, sci-fi, basically anything that someone took the time to write I will read.

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Hello and Happy Holidays in July!!

1. Pens and school suplies (I am back in school)

2. Sock yarn that is not wool

3. Size 20 thread

4. 50 sensational crochet afghan book

5. 6-pointed star afghan from Annies attic

6. Scraps of WW yarn for scrapgans ( making these for kids Christmas presents)

7. Post cards from where you live

8. The smurfs on dvd ( my girls and I all love them)

9. Something for my girls 13, 5 and 5

10. Hats, mittens, or scarves I give them to the schools for kids that don't have them

Thank you for looking !!!!! I can't wait to start sending stuff out!!!

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS IN JULY! This is the first time I have participated in this and have been waiting patiently for this to open :)

Here's my list:

1.Snowflakes or decorations for my christmas tree ~ RECIEVED 1 SNOWFLAKE.THANK YOU ELF.

2.Any crochet magazines/books you no longer want.

3.Any novels.I love reading.

4.Yarn.Full balls or scraps,I don't mind.

5.Some little inexpensive trinket representing your country ~ RECIEVED 2 POSTCARDS.THANK YOU ELVES.

6.Anything for my children.DS9,DD7,DD5,DS3.


8.Your family favourite recipe.

9.Cotton yarn.

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Ok, what to wish for???


1. Crocheted Christmas ornaments or snowflakes

2. A hook holder-received, thank you !

3. Baby clothes patterns

4. wool for felting

5. a crocheted tote or project bag

6. yarn

7. cute baby buttons

8. a warm cozy shawl

9. any thing with monkeys

10. a card or a nice cheery note--received 2 thank you!


Happy Holiday everyone!!

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Happy Holiday in July :cheer Here's my list of wishes, what fun!


:candycane - Gift card for WalMart Received, JoAnn's or any online store for yarn

:candycane - SoftTouch steel crochet hook size 8 something I really, really would like/need :lol Received

:candycane - Sugar and Cream Stripes yarn 3-4 balls of 1 color

:candycane - Any of the new cotton yarns, any color because I don't have anywhere but Wally World to shop at to get some of the new ones.

:candycane - Surprise me :hook

:candycane - Anything :crocheting by you

:candycane - Project Bag

:candycane - This is just a lust type of wish - a Jimbo Hook! :lol

:candycane - Any size squares, any color for donation ghans for the Parish to give to those in need. 4 received, could use more :)


That's it. Already know at least two wishes I can grant!

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Like everyone else, I love HIJ time!!!!



Soap & body wash - I love trying new scents




Yarn to make rugs in blue and brown


Fabric for sewing


Coats thread for sewing


Any simple patterns for sewing (I'm new at this craft)


Any sewing notions you think I may need


Polymer Clay Kits - or just clay and tools - I want to try this craft


I am easy to please and would love anything you send me





Please contact Terri/ladysorce for my address - thanks :cheer

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This looks like it will be so much fun to spread some "happys" around. I am a SAHM of one daughter, 7 months.


:sun I would love to hear about your biggest crochet "oops" or funny through e-mail, pm or snail mail. In return, I will share my funny in return.


:sun I would love your favorite crockpot/slow cooker recipie through e-mail, pm or snail mail. I love using my crockpot, because I can put dinner in during my dd's morning nap, then my family has more time to spend together in the evenings.


:sun Happy postcards from differnt spots.


:sun Baby Booties to donate to a local charity Or donate a pair to your favorite charity, and send me a pic of them. :-).


:sun A few yards of scrap wool. I would like to try felting some flowers for barettes for my dd. I believe a few yards will work.


:sun A small, happy surprise.


:sun THIS IS A BIG ONE: I would love a crocheted (or even sewn) doll for my dd (7 months) that can be made into a Cairideas Doll (see link below). My daughter is Cleft affected, and I would love to have a doll that will have a scar like hers, because I believe that it will help when we are learning about the body, and also when she is explaining her condition to others (when she is older). Unfortunatly, I am really, really not good at ami (I have tried many times), so somebody's help would be very appreciated.

My daughter is fair skinned, and has blond hair and blue eyes.



Thank you so much for looking. Happy Holidays in July :-).

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This was so much fun last year! I can't wait to be an elf!!!:cheer


1. Any yarn. Full or partial skeins.

2. Any patterns. New or used, leaflets, booklets, mags.

3. Glow in the dark yarn. I have never seen this, but think it sounds so neat!

4. Anything handmade by you!!!:D

5. Anything for my boys - Quenton 12, Liam & Aidan 4, Ethan 3

6. Candy Crochet book by Candi Jenson - Used is awesome!!

7. Any Crochet Pattern a Day Calendars. I've never even seen one of these, but have heard so much.

8. A flower loom

9. Purse handles, or any type of embellishment.

10. SURPRISES!!!!!! I love surprises!:clap



:ty for reading my list. Now off to check out yours!!!

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Happy Holiday in July! :sun I'm looking forward to participating! My wish list is posted below:


Any Afghan patterns you are no longer using (prefer one-piece patterns as I never mastered the granny technique) and would especially love to receive:


:hook Woven Wonders Afghans Reversible Crochet (LA)

:hook Ripple Afghans, Classic Collection, Book #3

:hook Touch of Class Afghans (LA)

:hook Paula Vaughan's Plush & Pretty Afghans (Leisure Arts #3614)

:hook So Pretty Pineapple Afghans by Anne Halliday (LA)


:hook Tote bag to carry around my projects

:hook Small measuring tape

:hook Any little/small item (note cards, stickers, coffee samples, flavored teas, etc.)

:hook Anything handmade by you! :manyheart


:hook And the biggie.....a Turn of the Century hook in either a size "G" or an "I". I have an "H" hook and absolutely LOVE it! :yes

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Happy July Holidays to All!!:sheepxmas


:2snowman: Anything homemade by YOU!:cheer


:2snowman:Cotton yarn any color recieved THANK YOU!


:2snowman:Light up H hook:hook received THANK YOU


:2snowman:Anything that doesn't bite!!


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This is so much fun. I see a few wishes I can grant already so I will be checking this list as it grows.

Ok here it goes.


This needle case http://www.herrschners.com/product/DMC+Needle+Case.aspx?special=1&groupid=4363

Bookmarks for my library. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=100650

Tim Tams - Love these cookies

Anything mystical (Castles, dragons, unicorns, wizards) Can be patterns or whatever. I collect mystical things.

Cebelia Thread or any varigated color thread.

An Edgerydoo

This alligator bag kit http://www.morehousefarm.com/KnittingKits/Accessories/GatorBag/


Thanks and Happy Holidays in July!

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:sheepxmasHappy Holidays in July!


:yarn6 or 12 inch squares for a Cville afghan (any colors)

:yarnany sugar n creme - colors around here are rather limited

:yarnanything Burt's Bees

:yarncrocheted (or handmade) Christmas ornaments

:yarnany sock yarn

:yarnHooked for Life: Adventures of a Crochet Zealot - Mary Beth

Temple used is fine

:yarnanything handmade by you


Thanks for reading my list!


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Looks fun.


1. For you to donate your organs and let your family know.


2. Cards or notes in my snail mail.


3. Expandable folder for my growing web patterns.


4. The Enchanted Cottage DVD


5. 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghan. (Received from a sweet elf)


6. Soft yarn like Carons eco yarn.


7. Crochet Dishcloths. So much better then anything you can by in the store.


8. Still need 12 inch squares for my sister comfortghan. Any color that well go with dusty rose. Including dusty rose. In Caron SS or Eco yarn.

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I really love these special wish-list times. It's so much fun to send little surprises and watch the thank-you post to see what others have sent. I just like being an elf. :santa


:sun Here are my summer wishes! :sun (and I am overseas--in Poland)


I'd really like some more squares for the 'Ville afghan I hope to make someday. I'd like 6 or 12 inch squares in any shade of green and beige/tan.


Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet (any condition--used is great).


Sock yarn!! Any kind--I love to make socks... :sock

Low Carb recipes! I can search the web myself, but if you made something and know it's good, please share! (I have to ask that these be limited to recipes made with "real" ingredients, not low-carb specialty products, which are not available to me. Artificial sweetener is fine.)

This sea lion pattern from Planet June. I have no intention of making it--this request is for my 12yo daughter who loves to crochet, and especially loves the patterns from Planet June. RECEIVED!!! Thank you, elf. :manyheart


Since I mentioned my daughter, she'd love to have any left-over balls/partial skeins of yarn you don't have a use for. She likes to make small things, and doesn't need much yarn, but...it's bad for her that I don't buy much yarn, because I tend to crochet with thread most often, and I don't have any leftovers to give her.

If you happen to have any old GameBoy games for kids 3-5 years old, that your kids have outgrown, I'd love to have them. I have an older GameBoy my youngest could use, but no age-appropriate programs.


Surprise me! I like to get surprises as much as I like to send them! :mail


Now, I'm off to check my stash, so I can start making a list and checking it twice...

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Holiday in July wishlist 2009


pre-loved/de-stash/recycled/thrifted is all fine with me



1. #10 crochet thread, deeper shades are difficult to come by here my local shops only sell pastel shades. - I have green and red


2. a thread holder - I made one for myself :D


3. Susan Bates steel hooks - received in a swap :manyheart


4. a thread butterfly for my collection - received 4


5. thread or beaded snowflakes


6. any ww acrylic in turquoise, orange, hot pink or lime green


7. a skein of very bright & colourful sock yarn - :lolI got colourful sock yarn plus others :)


8. a surprise

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