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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I come from the little sunny island Singapore.Have been crocheting on and off for a couple of months. The only place I could get yarns in Singapore is Spotlight. Anyone else from this little island or from any part of the world knows where else I can find yarns at a better price?
  2. Yes you heard me right! In my stash searching for yarns for making more Xmas gifts for the fam, had several Lion Brand HOMESPUN skeins and as I felt along the skeins I thought to myself, you know- this is a soft and warm material to do winter stuff with. So I went online to Lion Brand's "Pattern Finder" for inspiration and made a few things (GUYS SORRY I HAVE TO POST PICS LATER AS I'M HAVING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES) God willing I'll have couple of pics on this post later Well- I've heard the most hated yarn to work with is Homespun. I LOVE it! I always find it at the thrift stores, tons of it unopened - hey more for me right? Everything I make is given away: family, friends, charity - nothing sold and I only keep my "mistakes" ha ha. So, the thrifting works out for my budget I find that if you use a large enough hook, Homespun won't give you any grief. In fact, I find it easier to work with- because it is so fluffy, instead of looking for the hole, I can just feel where to put the stitch with my fingers- almost as if you were blind, you could practically crochet an easy project using this. I was watching a movie and working on a beret, and mindlessly stitching along without even having to really "look". The projects with this yarn whip up really quick. It is a VERY warm, snuggly yarn. Why all the hate for Homespun?? In fact, when I was new to yarn arts that's about all the yarns I would find in the used goods stores, and had NO idea it was a "hated" yarn, until I started visiting all the craft forums and it was voted THE most hated yarn of all the yarns. Isn't that funny? I have to make a few winter things for some nieces n nephews who ski and travel a lot to some very cold countries, so my sister told me to take a look at shopbop for some ideas on winter accessories and found this neat hat: https://www.shopbop.com/pohawk-hat-mischa-lampert/vp/v=1/1572734791.htm?folderID=2534374302207430&fm=other-shopbysize-viewall&os=false&colorId=15724 What stitch is this?? Is it knitted ? I am a noob... I could make this using fun fur novelty for the real fox, what do you think? Check out their other hats on their site too - under "Winter Accessories" you can get some great inspiration on what to make from their online shopping catalog. Funny, but I found the hats that appeared the most easy to make the most expensive, and the easy peasy regular ol' knits the cheapest. If anyone can ID that stitch for that 600 dollar hat I would be thrilled- even if its knitted, I want to know if its something I could do, and use some of my fun fur stash (of which I have TONS) cheers ~~
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