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Found 20 results

  1. I finally finished a project! I've had this design in my head for quite a while and finally sat down and worked it up. It was quite easy once I got it started and figured out the left side. It's called Pixel Matrix.
  2. Hello all & Happy Holidays! I just finished this Schmetterwurm scarf. I’m quite happy with it. I used Lion Brand Mandala in Spirit. It's a free pattern too! https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/schmetterwurm
  3. My Tunisian Points pattern is part of the June 2017 issue of knotions. I love textured items. This scarf uses Tunisian Simple Stitch (tss) and Tunisian Reverse Stitch (trs) to create diagonal stripes of texture. The elongated triangle shape wraps comfortably to add a highlight to any outfit it is paired with. There are increases and decreases to shape the piece. The pattern as written uses DK yarn, but could be made with a heavier weight to make it more of a small shawl. I hope you like it, favoritie it on Ravelry and spread the word (both about my pattern and knotions)
  4. My Christmas present to myself arrived, namely the Denise brand set of crochet hooks in standard sizes with attachable cords. I've never worked with them before and boy to I need help! What is the best way to grip the hook for the return passes? With a standard tunisian hook I just use the part with no stitches on it, but with these corded hooks that's not an option. Does anybody have any tips or tricks on how best to hold the work and corded hook? It's the return passes that are frustrating me -- casting the stitches on isn't difficult. Thank you!
  5. Help! Is anyone really good at entrelac in a rectangle? Once per project I end up finishing a square in a valley – in the joint of the L. I know at this point I need to bind off and start again on a different part of the work on the next row. However I still end up back in the valley and the project doesn't look right. I'm not sure how to fix that section. Has anyone else ever encountered this, and if so what's the answer? I am grateful for any help anyone can provide. I'm self-taught, so I apologize for my lack of knowledge. Thanks!
  6. I have some variegated yarn that I want to use to make something that shows off the color transitions. I thought about a "traditional" Tunisian 10 stitch type blanket but would really like to make it round. I have found round coasters or tubes but those aren't really what I'm looking for. I'm wanting to do a flat spiral round. Has anyone seen anything like this??? Thanks!
  7. I'm playing around with a Tunisian Simple Stitch. I have to say it's really fun and I enjoy it! BUT, I'm still learning and having a hard time with the left edge. I've lost stitches along the way and can't figure out why or how and if I can add a stitch. I'm watching videos and it seems like I'm doing what they instruct me to do. Does anyone know how or if I can add in stitches or any tips to watch out for at the end? This is really for practice more than anything and I'm fine to restart but I want to make sure I'm understanding the concept before I start again. Photo attached.
  8. This is my take on a Tunisian Entrelac Tote Bag from a Ravelry pattern. The colors turned out so nice and summer like. It reminds me of a beach ball.
  9. Hi everyone. I've been doing tunisian crochet for a while now, but I'm just starting to get irritated enough with my loose right-side edge that I'm reaching out for some help. Either I've dreamed it, or it really exists and I can't find it, but I could have sworn there was a trick to making sure the right edge of tunisian crochet stays snug. Anyone have any advice?
  10. Hello! Can anyone help me understand how to work a front post double crochet in Tunisian? The pattern I'm using is very confusing. I found a video tutorial, but the video had been removed. The pattern I'm working on is Keep Me In Stiches from TOP TECHNIQUES & SPECIAL STICH AFGHANS from The Needlecraft Shop. Thanks so much!
  11. I bought some sparkly Red Heart Celebration yarn on clearance after Christmas. It's a bright colored yarn in jewel tones with a metallic silver thread that runs through it. The label had some Christmas ornaments that you could crochet with it. Anyway, the yarns colors reminded me of jesters and Mardi Gras. So I decided to make another poncho in tunisian crochet using a size J hook with a flexible extension cord. Here's the poncho I came up with. It's made by crocheting two rectangular panels, (7 squares by 17 squares each), and then attaching the panel together by joining the end of one panel to the side of the other both on the front and back of the poncho. It's neat how, once the panels are attached, it changes the look from the usual squares into the harlequin diamonds - (since they hang on you sideways.) Here's the back. You can see the seems running diagonally across each side. (Since tunisian crochet stitches are taller than they are wide, each square is 10 stitches wide by only 8 stitches tall). Once the panels are attached, you still need to make two more rows of squares to fill up the poncho to the neck. I then added a small pompom fringe that was just large enough to go around once. It's sewn over one of the looser seams created by having to add the extra two rows to the top. (Isn't there some unwritten law that a crocheted poncho requires a bit of pompoms or fringe anyways?) LOL!!! Just kidding. I think it looks really cute too. Here's the front flat. It flares out nicely at the neck which is great because the metallic thread in the yarn is scratchy. That's why I lined it with a dark purple fleece blanket material. It's very warm and soft. I was going to add pink jingle bells to make it even more "jester - like", but my son said not too. (Something about not wanting to annoy people whilst wearing it). LOL!! There's lots more photos in my blog of the lining and such. I hope the photos show the sparkly - ness of this poncho. It was really fun to make.
  12. I made these fingerless mitts in a CAL run by CrochetKim on Yahoo Groups. The first set ended up a bit small for the intended recipient (they're snug on my tiny hands), so I made another pair in the same yarn using a bigger hook. The recipient loved them.
  13. For those of you crocheters in CT, Creative Fibers just put out their Summer Newsletter and Class Schedule! In particular, they have a Tunisian class this time around, and they are going to make baby blanket squares! I'm tempted to try that one, as I have a friend who's expecting. Just go to their site and click on "Newsletter" and "Class Schedule." http://www.creativefibersonline.com/
  14. http://www.titillatingtunisian.blogspot.com is a new blog that is helping others learn to do Tunisian and will have Tunisian crochet-alongs, etc. as you learn. You can join any time.
  15. When my Leisure Art rep called on Monday to say the books had "finally" shipped - well after all the delays (it was supposed to be in March) I tried to stay "calm" Expected the delivery last this week, BUT THEY CAME TODAY First I played hookey for an hour or so, then I packed orders and now I am letting you all know ITS HERE: 9 Skill and Wardrobe building projects with great illustrations. Don't forget to use your CV discount code. You save a bit more and a portion of the sale will be donated to CV. And yes, we have all the hooks sizes and styles suggested in the book (Clover, Pony, and Denise) Enjoy The Making Wheat
  16. My own design but not written up yet. I love this. So easy to pop over your head but keeps your arms free.
  17. Hello everyone: I am sitting here in Texas, watching our RANGERS!!! Decided today to try to learn Tunisian...bought the long hooks...which feel weird in my hand. Question...if I were going to make an afghan, would the entire width be on the hook...or do yoiu do sections and then sew together? I can crochet almost anything, and love complicated patterns. I want to make scarves for Christmas presents. I will keep the laptop buzzing in case anyone can help!!!! margee
  18. This afghan is designed after a ceramic sculpture by Pablo Picasso of a cat. The cat sculpture was made and given to Earnest Hemmingway as a sort of "thank you" for a box of grenades that Hemmingway left for Picasso as a gift. No really. That's how the story goes anyway. And there's more. The cat sculpture was actually stolen from the Hemmingway House, (which is now a museum), back in 2000. When the museum got back the Picasso, it was broken in pieces and stored in their basement. Another sculpture artist named Bob Orlin then made a replica of the sculpture and that replica is still on display in the Hemmingway House in Florida. Phew! Having explained all that there is still more. After googling around to get a good photo of it to make into a graph I stumbled upon a stained glass artist who had actually designed a Picasso's Hemmingway cat to make into a stained glass piece. Her name is Judy and her planned design is on her "in the works" section of her website. (I have a link to her site in my blog.) Anyway, I took Judy's photo of her stained glass design, graphed it at Knit Pro, and then crocheted it into the afghan. I wanted to use typical "Mondrian colors" since the black outlined sections of the piece reminded me of a Piet Mondrian painting. I used a size J cabled, (flexible), afghan hook. The yarn is I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby and Red Heart yarns It's not a very big afghan or anything. Kind of baby crib sized measuring 32 inches wide by 47 inches high. It took about a week to make. The border is a basketweave stitch using a regular size J crochet hook and alternating black rows with colors from the afghan thrown in randomly on each side. I'm including a photo of the front and then the back of the afghan here. My blog has links to photos of the original sculpture and also the replica. I really enjoyed making this afghan!
  19. I have published a pattern on Ravelry for Kiki, a Tunisian crochet vest pattern using primarily the honeycomb stitch. If you are familiar with Tunisian crochet, I think you will enjoy making this vest. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kiku-vest
  20. I've recently been getting into Tunisian and Entrelac crochet. After a bit of a mishap making an Entrelac bag and then finishing with single crochet I realized I needed a better way to finish off such work. The single crochet has much, much less elasticity than the Tunisian Simple Stitch; which made my work turn out a little wonky when I combined the two. After a quick bit of research I discoverd that you can Tunisian in the round but it requires a double sided hook or a set of enterchangable hook loops. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of reviews out there on these hooks and loop sets so I'm hoping there are a few Tunisian gurus who can recommend some hooks to me. So what hooks do you favor for doing double ended Tunisian work in the round? Clover makes a pretty wide line of hooks, but they're rather expensive. On the other hand there are some rather affordable sets with enterchangable hook ends; but there seems to be some concern that the connection sites wear down rather quickly. Any help here is, as always, appreciated. -Taco
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