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Found 29 results

  1. CarolinaHooker

    Unicorn sweater dress

    Sweet unicorn sweater dress for your little girl!! Now for sale in my etsy shop!! https://www.etsy.com/shop/DualDesignsBoutique
  2. Evaangora

    cold shoulder

  3. OutWithStout

    Help Me With Turning Please

    I also have a question myself, if someone could help. I'm working with a sweater pattern, and when I reached the end of my first row (using double crochet), it says, chain 3 turn 3, then continues on with the pattern for that row. So my question is, what does turn three mean? Nothing I can find on the internet is helping. From this: "repeat ** until the end of the row sk 3 , 1dc, ch 3 turn 3. Ch5, 1sc in the first ch space,"
  4. CrochetHoodieSweaterInstructions.pdf
  5. I made this sweater for our grandson's 2nd birthday. I have details on Ravelry: http://ravel.me/PBELKNAP/hccs
  6. AuntJohanne

    For my march baby

    I am pregnant with my first child and I have been killing time by crocheting and knitting for him. I thought waiting to get the positive test was hard - waiting 40 weeks is unbearable! I can't wait to put him in this little sweater < 3
  7. Hi all, I am looking to create a pattern for a sweater for a friend of mine. I'm a relatively new crocheter, and I've never traveled into the realm of pattern making. I think I need some help . My friend is looking for something like this sweater: I'm not sure where to even start making a pattern for something like this. Some help would be really great. Thanks in advance!!!
  8. Bryana McNab

    Pattern help please!

    Hello everybody! I am a relatively new crocheter, been at it just a few years now. I am working on my first sweater and I am needing help understanding the sleeve workings. http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/crochet-cable-cardi I get up to row 5, just after the increase row. Am I increasing every row now? Or am I only increasing every time I'm repeating the 4th row? TIA
  9. Thankyou so much everyone for the lovely comments on my first pattern share, Easter Egg Mandalas for bunting I thought I would share this freeform cardigan today, I love freeform crochet as you can just go where the creative vibe takes you Start with a mandala and just go from there! How I made mine is on my blog here: http://setfreemygypsysoul.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/free-freeform-crochet-pattern-sugar-skull-cardigan-tutorial.html
  10. SammieLily2

    Light Pullover Sweater pattern

    Hello there! I've got an idea for a sweater in mind, but as I've no experience in writing patterns, I was hoping someone could help me find what I'm looking for. In my head, it's a mesh sweater to keep it a bit lighter. The mesh I'm thinking of looks like the mesh in this pattern but the sweater is closer in design to this one. I'm thinking the neck would be open/not have the ribbing, but the bottom and the sleeves would. Is there anything out there similar, or can someone point me to a basic pullover guide so I could possibly try my hand at making it? I'll upload a picture of what I mean exactly in a second, I'll have to do it on mobile. Any help is greatly appreciated! [All of this came to mind after reading the help I received in the General Crochet Help thread I made yesterday.] Here's the sketch of what I have in mind: https://imgur.com/Ut0Hht7
  11. Melissa

    Tacky Christmas Sweater

    I made an exTREMEly tacky sweater for my husband to wear in the Ugly Christmas sweater contest. He walked away with the blue ribbon. I'm sharing the directions for the sweater base that I embellished, heehee. Tacky Christmas Sweater Hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas!
  12. What is your favorite crochet sweater pattern?
  13. thelavenderchair

    Crochet Cabled Vest Pattern

    This crocheted cabled vest is made using caron simply soft (about 1.5 skeins) http://www.thelavenderchair.com/2015/04/15/free-crochet-cabled-vest-pattern/
  14. Here is a winter sweater I created for a doll I have. I used Darski's pattern Seasoned Just Right sweater and generally followed it but joined the last few rounds to work in the round on the lower back. I did just short sleeves as I was running out of the white yarn. I used a small piece of velcro for a closure on the back. It fits just right on the small baby doll I have.
  15. So I'm making this little sweater, fallowing the 18mo size in the pattern. I've got all the pieces crocheted for it. But now I'm confused about how I'm suppose to attach them all together, especially the hood piece. Here's what the pattern says; "Fold Hood in half along back seam edge and sew center back seam. Pin shaped edge of Hood to neck opening, beg at center of button or buttonhole bands and matching back seam of Hood to center back neck edge. Sew in Sleeves placing rows above markers along armhole edges of Fronts and Back to form square armholes. Sew side and sleeve seams. Sew buttons to correspond to buttonholes." I'm so confused! Why am i supposed to fold the hood, if I do then it doesn't fit to the back piece evenly. If someone could please explain how to do this in greater detail, that would be awesome! Here's the link to the full pattern: http://www.favecrafts.com/Crochet-for-Kids/Adorable-Toddler-Crochet-Pattern-from-Bernat/ml/1 Edit: Adding photos, hopefully they'll help other people understand this better then I do!
  16. Roli

    Easy Pietra Shrug

    The Pietra Shrug, my newest free pattern is up on my blog, Wolf Crochet here. This design is worked as a simple rectangle. The sides are then seamed to create armholes. The border and cuffs are worked in the round. Don't be afraid to try this. The "vines" are simply slip stitch rows. On the next row, the slip stitch row is pushed to the right side of the fabric by working into a loop behind the row. Very easy. The rest is all single crochet and double crochet.
  17. http://www.shifio.co.uk/patterns/273.html
  18. I just loved the Eloise sweater pattern. Now I have a reason to use it. This is my niece's Christmas present. It's being blocked. I have 2 small silver buttons to add at the yoke. I just love the colorway. You'll find the pattern on moogly. http://www.mooglyblog.com/eloise-baby-sweater/ Size: 2T Yarn: Wool Ease https://www.facebook.com/#!/LoveknotCrochet
  19. amydepew

    Pinwheel Sweater

    Copied directly from my blog: So, I saw this amazing circle sweater, but alas, it's knitted. Although I've recently learned to knit, I am nowhere near ready for that sweater, or the amount of time it would take to complete said sweater! So, why not make one for myself. I mean, really, it's just a giant circle. Anyway, thought I would share with you all how I made it. Therefore, this isn't really a pattern so much as it is a tutorial. And because of the nature of this pattern, it can be altered to fit a child too. Pinwheel Sweater I used about 7 skeins of Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Serenity Garden in Gems colorway. The package says it's a fine weight yarn, other sources list it as sport weight. I think it's somewhere in between. H hook Fdc (foundation double crochet) - is a link to an excellent video tutorial.Body Note: All stitches are made in dc, so always sk ch 1 sp, unless otherwise noted. Sl st to top of ch 3 to join each round. Ch 4, 11 dc in 4th ch fr hk (12 dc) Ch 4 (counts as dc and ch 1), *dc, ch 1 in next dc*. Repeat from * to * to end. (12 dc, 12 ch 1) Ch 3, dc in same st, ch 1, *2dc, ch 1 in next dc.* Repeat from * to * to end. (24 dc, 12 ch 1) Ch 3, dc in same st, dc, ch 1, *2dc, dc, ch 1.* Repeat from * to * to end. (36 dc, 12 ch 1) Ch 3, dc in same st, dc, dc, ch 1, *2dc, dc, dc, ch 1.* Repeat from * to * to end. (48 dc, 12 ch 1) Ch 3, dc in same st, dc, dc, dc ch 1, *2dc, dc, dc, dc, ch 1.* Repeat from * to * to end. (60 dc, 12 ch 1) Continue increasing as in pattern above until circle reaches diameter of the distance between your shoulders. For example, mine was 17". Now you are going to make the holes for the sleeves. Continue in pattern until first ch 1. Fdc number of stitches required and reattach at next set of increases by dcing into the first of the two dcs. To make that a bit simpler, let me give you my example. When I made my sleeves, I had 19 st between ch 1 spaces. So, I fdc 19 st and reattached with 2 dc in the next set. Continue as before for the next 7 sets. Fdc number required again and reattach as before. Continue pattern and sl st to join the round. At this point, lay the circle out flat. The distinct pinwheel pattern has 12 sets or sections. There should be 3 sections between the armholes at the top, and there should be 7 sections between the armholes at the bottom. Also at this time, you should try it on to make sure there is enough room between the shoulders and to make sure the armholes are large enough. Continue in pattern until you can put on the sweater and the fronts easily overlap each other, or until you like it. You may find a point where it gets too long in the back for your liking. Just stop there! No rhyme or reason, just make it until you are satisfied. Attached is a pic of what it should look like before attaching the sleeves. Arms Notes: There will be no increases made in the sleeves or they will be way too big! Also, you will not be joining the rounds. Count the number of stitches around and divide by 2; this will be your halfway number. At the point where the fdc joins the sweater, join the yarn and ch 3. Dc next stitch. Continue dc until you reach your halfway number, ch 1, sk 1. Continue with your second half, dcing in each st as you go, until the end. Ch 1, sk 1. Dc in second dc (skipping ch 3 from previous round) and across until you reach ch 1 sp. Dc in ch 1 sp, ch 1, sk 1. *Dc around until ch 1 sp, dc in ch 1 sp, ch 1, sk 1* Repeat from * until you reach the desired length. Try on regularly to make sure of fit. Now, the very nature of this sweater means that it will just fall right off without some sort of closure device. I use a hairpin as a shawl pin, but any shawl pin will do. There is also a pic of the front where you can kinda see my hair pin closure. I hope I made this clear enough! Enjoy! PS - I can't add the pic of the sweater before the sleeves. I guess it's too big. If you need to see it, just click on the link to my blog and the picture will be there.
  20. Can anyone recommend a fast pattern for a long sleeve cardigant or bolero for a toddler/small child? But not a shrug, it needs to have some kind of front to it. I needed sizes 2T-3T I need a fairly quick pattern - not all sc! If I end up making these, I'll need to finish 5 sweaters in less than 3 weeks. I really thought we'd easily find what we need once the fall clothes hit the stores! Now we have less than three weeks to my sister's wedding and flower girls have sleeveless dresses for the outdoor ceremony! Panic anyone?? LOL I don't care if the pattern is free or paid. Thanks!
  21. I've just released a pattern for a cozy boys' pullover in sizes 2-12. Come check it out! It's available both on my website and through Ravelry.
  22. I made this for a coworker who's wife was expecting. It was a very easy pattern. You can find the details on my Ravelry page: http://ravel.me/PBELKNAP/bfj
  23. snapdragon928

    little girl sweater

    Looking for a pattern for a sweater for my soon to be four year old granddaughter. Looking for a worsted weight cardigan with a high waist and decorative bottom. Long sleeved. If anyone knows of a pattern, I am looking at a size for a five or six year old as size so it will fir her awhile.
  24. Beverooni

    Little Girl's Summer Bolero

    Just made it up as I went along. It's about a size 7-8.
  25. I made this sweater from a pattern on Better Homes and Gardens website. I started realizing that I might have a problem with the pattern when it didn't mention to sew up the shoulder seams. Anyway, with some improvising and luck I finally finished it. I am so relieved to finally get it done without tossing it in the trash ! Anyway, here it is. Thanks for looking.