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Found 7 results

  1. reposting this as i inadvertanlty deleted it a while back, and have gotten some inquiries about it, so went looking for a copy, luckily had one stored on my computer, so here goes, one more time, and thanks to all those asking about it!! It is now published too in the Crochet Pattern Calendar too, isn't that cool!! here goes.... Katie’s Flower pattern square... Sunflower/Daisy flower pattern.   With brown, Chain 4, join with sl st to form a ring. Ch 3, and do 15 more dc in ring. (the chain three counts as the first double crochet, here and throughout.) Join to the top of the turning chain with a sl st. End off brown. (16 dc) Row 2. Join Yellow in any stitch, and Ch. 4, (counts as 1 dc, ch 1) *1 dc, ch 1 in each dc around, (16 dc and 16 ch 1 spaces.) join with sl st to top of turning ch . Sl st over one to first ch 1 space. Round 3, Ch 3, and 1 dc in the same space. Ch 1. In next ch 1 space *2 dc , ch 1* and Repeat from * around for a total of 16 dc groups and 16 ch 1 spaces. Join in top of turning chain, end off yellow. Row 4. Attach Green yarn in any chain one space, this will be the starting of your first corner. Ch. 3, 2 dc in same stitch. *Skip next 2 dc group. *2 sc, in next ch 1 space, sk 2 dc * repeat from * Two more times and you will be at the next corner. Corner is made with 3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc. Continue down next side, same as above, doing *2 sc, sk next 2 dc * three times along the side until reaching next corner, where you will work 3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc in corner. Continue down each side, and when you reach the last corner, 3 dc, join to top of turning ch, end off green. Row 5. Add blue to any corner, ch 2, 1 hdc in same stitch as ch 2 . 1 hdc in each stitch along side, (Should be 12 stitches, it‘s easy to miss that first one though, as the corner hides it, but squish up the stitches of the corner, and find that first st! ) When you reach the next corner, then 2 hdc, ch 1, 2 hdc in corner. Continue down next side, with all hdc, (12) reaching corner, 2 hdc, ch 1, 2 hdc in that corner, Repeat sides to last corner, then 2 hdc, ch 1, join to top of turning chain, end off . Then comes the fun part, putting them all together!   For the daisy, change the center ring to yellow( or black) Do the next two rows in white, and everything else stays the same. Any questions, and I’m sure there will be many, as this is the first time I have written out a pattern of mine for someone else to decipher through, I will try to help, just pm or email me. I claim this pattern as a me pattern, ha ha, and if someone somewhere has thought of it already, which is the case in most all granny’s, I assure you, I have never seen one quite like this, nor did I follow or copy any pattern when I made it up. Thanks, Good Luck!
  2. I was referred to this site from another, with a link that was titled "Sunflower and Daisy Afghan Squares." I followed this link http://crochet.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=crochet&cdn=hobbies&tm=17&f=20&su=p284.13.342.ip_&tt=3&bt=5&bts=9&zu=http%3A//www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php%3Ft%3D120708 only to come up empty. I can't find anything resembling sunflowers or daisies on a search of the site. I do have a picture of an afghan I would love to reproduce, which is why I'm searching...the photo is below... Any help would be appreciated!
  3. I have made this throw to be included as a prize in a raffle that is being held to raise funds associate with the expenses my friend Becky and her husband Donn have encountered as a result of his sarcoma. The sunflower is one of the sybols of sarcoma awarness, so that is why I made the sunflower throw. You can read more about this project (if you are so inclined) at my blog.
  4. To give an extra thrill to the Curly Ray Sunflower Crochet Along hosted on my blog, I'm giving away a Curly Ray Sunflower to each of three lucky winners! The prize flowers are shown below. To enter, leave a comment by midnight (CST) on September 1, 2012, on either of these two posts: the Curly Ray Sunflower post on the Crochet Garden page on Facebook OR the Curly Ray Sunflower Crochet Along and Give-Away post with step-by-step photos on my book blog: http://www.textilefusion.com/bookblog/?p=675 Good Luck!
  5. Here is a free crochet pattern I made up for a sunflower. I did one in plastic bag yarn or plarn and another using regular cotton yarn. This sunflower embellishment can be used on a tote bag, purse or anything else you might want to add it to.
  6. I need another half-dozen or so to get myself completely organized, and each bag brings me closer to that goal. This most recent one was inspired by van Gogh's sunflower series. Here is my blog post about it, and here is the stash bag:
  7. Create a garden for your kitchen by using a variety of colors to make a bunch of these lovely, useful dishcloths. You could make daisies, sunflowers (in photo), or any color flower you like. Included in the pattern are instructions on how to cut the tulle or nylon netting for the scrubber. You'll need about 10 yards of 1.5" wide nylon netting or 10 yards of 3" wide tulle (softer material). The Sunflower Kitchen set isn't quite ready yet but the Sunflower Dishcloth w/ Scrubber is ready. If you buy the Dishcloth Pattern now you will be able to purchase the rest of the set for only $2.00 when I release it. That's a whole entire set of patterns for only $5.00. The Set will be listed for $6.00 when it's finished so you're saving 1 dollar. The pattern can be found on: Ravelry or Etsy. Julee
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