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Found 3 results

  1. Made with leftover yarns from previous projects for DIL. She loves purple. Still need to add nonslip to the bottoms. I changed the last rows on the pattern.
  2. Hi all. I'm very much a beginner when it comes to crochet. I've only done practice things, like a few coasters and a cozy. I wanted to move onto something a little (only a little!) more complex, so I found a pattern on redheart.com for some some simple slippers. Here's the link: http://www.redheart.com/files/patterns/pdf/WR2031.pdf I was doing fine until row 14. I don't really understand how I'm supposed to end up with 21 stitches when I only chained 14 in the row before. I'm sure I'm missing something. Am I reading the instructions incorrectly? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Bridgette
  3. MATERIALS: Yarns: Slipper: Worsted/Aran, dark and light green Daisies: Sport/Light DK, yellow and white Crochet Hooks: Slipper: 5mm (metric) / size H (US) / size 6 (UK / Canada) Daisies: 3mm (metric) / closest US size is C / size 11 (UK / Canada) Yarn Needle to weave in the ends Stitch Marker NOTES: I made this pattern to fit my feet. I’m a size 39 (EU) / 8.5 (US), the slippers are ca. 29cm/11.5″ long and 10cm/4″ wide. They have a bit of stretch, so they should fit 1-2 sizes bigger too. You can adapt them to your length by making more or fewer rounds were mentioned in the pattern below. To make the slippers nice and cosy, the pattern uses the Up and Down Stitch. So rather than double crocheting all the way around, you alternate double and single crochets (dc, sc, dc, sc, and so forth). In the next round, you want to make a sc in the top of each dc from the previous round and sc in the top of each BAREFOOT IN THE GRASS SLIPPER SOCKS CROCHET PATTERN THE SLIPPER: Make 8 double crochets into a magic circle (8). Join with a slip stitch. Chain 2, make 1 double crochet and 1 single crochet in each stitch (16). From here on you will be working in rounds, so always mark the first stitch in your round with a stitch marker so you can keep track. *1 single crochet, 1 double crochet, followed by 1 single crochet and 1 double crochet in the same stitch* all the way around. You should now have 24 stitches. Now that you’ve done all the necessary increasing, you’ll just keep doing the Up and Down stitch in rounds, making sure to make a SC in the top of every DC, and a DC in the top of every SC. Since you began the last round with a single crochet, you want to start with a double crochet. And off you go. Do 20 rounds of the Up and Down Stitch. If you’re making the slippers for yourself, you can check if they nicely fit you and that your sock goes all the way to your ankles. Add or subtract rows as necessary. Start your next round, but stop after 16 stitches. Chain 1 and turn. Go back 16 stitches, chain 1 and turn. Repeat 4 times to make 6 rows in total. Turn your slipper inside out. Single crochet the two sides of the heal together with a row of 8 single crochets. Fasten off. Turn it back the right side, and attach your light green yarn to the top of your heal with a slip stitch. Chain 2 and double crochet your way around the top. Join to the first double crochet with a slip stitch and fasten off. Weave in ends. THE DAISIES: Note: make sure to leave long ends on all sides to attach the daisies to the slippers with. Make 6 single crochets into a magic circle in yellow. Join to the first single crochet with a slip stitch, yarning over with the white yarn to change colour. *Chain 6, slip stitch into next stitch* repeat 6 times to make 6 flower petals. Fasten off. Make 8 daisies. Place 4 daisies on the side of each slipper, pulling the ends through with a crochet hook, the white ends on one side of a stitch, the yellow ones on the other side. Tie ends together with a double knot on the inside of the slipper and cut the yarn. Original Pattern with more images: http://theslippinstitch.com/index.php/2018/02/17/barefoot-in-the-grass-slipper-socks-crochet-pattern/
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