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Found 10 results

  1. Dear experts, Im following a shell pattern for baby blankets. Im working on the 2nd row of shells but my first row of shell seems to dissappear. They are no longer visible. Is it normal, or am i doing it wrongly???
  2. I am looking for a vintage pattern for a shell stitch shawl that I saw in a Good Housekeeping magazine in the early 1970's. It was crocheted in a circle of ever increasing shell stitches. The circle was then folded in half to wear as a shawl. I guess it could have been a table decoration also. I believe that the outer edge grew to be shells made up of 13 double or triple crochets. I'm pretty sure the magazine was 1970 or 1971. It was shown in a multicolor design. I have searched and searched and even emailed Good Housekeeping to find it but all with no luck. If anyone remembers this pattern and can tell me the issue and date I could search more specifically. I would love to find this pattern and would appreciate any help in locating it. If you have this magazine to sell I would be interested in purchasing it, if it is available. Thanks much!! Jan
  3. Hi everyone! I made this shawl a few years ago now, and it's worked as a triangle, and as you can see there are some shells. I was almost 100% sure this was lion brand but have been back through all their patterns time and again and can't find it but I know it's something common because it had a lot of reviews at the time. Anyone know? thanks so much!!
  4. I am just not good with naming my patterns! I really do try but I end up leaning towards the color; but that can be a bad thing considering you can use ANY colors! So my latest pattern just got a generic name. If someone wants to throw some ideas my way, I will seriously consider them! This pattern is super easy and can have the colors changed around for uniqueness. The shell stitch is done in multiples of 6, so keep that in mind if you want to make yours wider. http://missedstitches.blogspot.com/2014/05/crochet-shell-stitch-blanket.html Be sure to browse through the rest of my blog for more FREE patterns and like me on FB to get updated when I add more!
  5. http://slugsontherefrigerator.com/pattern-mermaid-tail/ I am having a lot of trouble with the mermaid tail. I got the waistband all ready to go. I followed Row 1 for the tail and got 9Sh just fine, however I had about 2 inches of extra waistband that didn't have a shell across the top of it. I thought maybe it was an extra length to wrap with the buttons so I kept going. On Row 2, I ended up with only 8Sh total, so then on Row 3 I had only 7Sh. I am doing the 3ch and 2 tr (which is a dc in the USA, right?). I really felt like I followed the directions. By the time I was done with row 3, I could not visualize how to repeat row 2 (for row 4) withOUT turning it. Do I work backwards? Wouldn't it turn out almost the same as turning it ? I thought I was getting good at crochet, but this is really throwing me for a loop. I would love your insight on this! ----------trouble below ----------------- Row 1: Using the larger hook 1ch, 1dc, 9Sh. Turn. (9)Sh Row 2: 3ch (counts as 1tr), 2tr in first dc, 8Sh, 3tr in last dc. Turn. (9)Sh Row 3: 1ch, 1dc 9Sh. Turn. (9)Sh Row 4: As Row 2. Do Not Turn. **If someone figures this out and works through it, I would love step by step pictures of how you are doing Row 2 and Row 4. Thank you!! My email address is kristinah1981@yahoo.com
  6. Free Shell Hat Free crochet pattern
  7. I am doing rows that call for large shell in the sc, and in middle of shell a sc, I do that in a few rows. Anyway, i have noticed that sometimes one isn't puffy. When I look at it I can't figure out what I am doing wrong or is it normal? TYVMIA Jeannie
  8. It's a pillow, no it's a lapghan. http://www.crochetparfait.blogspot.com/2013/01/pillowghan.html
  9. It's a pillow, no it's a lapghan. http://www.crochetparfait.blogspot.com/2013/01/pillowghan.html
  10. Another project for my cousin's baby. This pattern is from Christina Budd and is called "Baby Shell Mittens". It is free from her website (which I hope is okay to post here!) http://www.christinascrochethaven.me/ (look under Baby Items). Had a little trouble starting out, but after froggin a couple of times I got the hang of it. They turned out so great. My cousin told me I was the only one who gave her anything homemade. I gave her these mittens, a bunny buddie, bib and booties. (All pictures posted here! ). Sad huh? Whatever happened to the handmade afghan and whatnot for a new baby?
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