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  1. Hi Everyone! I have often run into beginner crocheters who talked about not finding enough pretty patterns for their skill level. Dannette is a very simple scarflet to make, yet effective enough to make the wearer feel good about her work, and if she gives it as a gift, she will feel satisfied that the receiver will be happy with it! It is a breeze to make for an advanced crocheter and it's an ideal quick gift or charity project. I made it in a rich green, but you can use your favorite color. You will find the FREE pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2013/08/dannette.html
  2. Hi Everyone! I'd like to share this very easy but lovely pattern with you. If are already checking out projects that you want to make for the fall and for the Holidays, or if you do charity projects, this one's ideal for you since it works up really fast, is easy and the result is very nice-looking. Enjoy! You will find Lellia here: http://www.craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2013/07/lellia.html#.UeR5w9JJ5r0
  3. Hi Everyone! I'd like to share Aleena with those of you who love keyhole scarflets. I love rich color, vibrant color, but coral is a color that suits any woman, and when it is used with a lacy pattern, it is very feminine and lovely. Aleena has such a combination. You will find the free pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2013/06/aleena.html#.Uavq59JJ6mA
  4. Lauren is a simple, yet lovely short keyhole scarf. It is very easy and fast to make, and the lacey edges lend her a feminine look that is just so pretty even for every dat wear. If you crochet for chairty, this is an ideal pattern, because it works up in a jiffy and doesn't use much yarn. You can find the free patten here: http://www.craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2013/04/lauren.html#.UX2hHqJJ6mA
  5. Hi Everyone! This is a very simple but fun scarflet to make. The golden kernel of it is the process of learning to knit with a crochet hook (no this is not the Knook, and I was doing this before the Knook was in the market,) once you learn how to do this, a whole new world of stitches will open before you and you will be able to make things that knitters have been enjoying for years! You will find Janessa here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2013/04/janessa-faux-knitted-blocks-short-scarf.html#.UWdpnKJJ6mA Enjoy! PS Would love to see items made with the techniques learne
  6. Hi Everyone! This one is for those who love the color wine! It is a very easy scarflet to make yet it looks really lovely on anyone because of the lace edges. It is also the type of project that is ideal for gift-giving and for charity since it works up so fast. It uses less than a skein of yarn and it can be made in about two sittings. You will find the free pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2013/03/chrislynn.html#.UViziRdJ6mA Enjoy! Clotilde/Craftybegonia
  7. I've been away from the forum a bit and after a very nice orientation email from Amy I'm venturing to make my new post in the "new" Crochetville. (Must say it's looking good!) So, bear with me. This is an extremely easy and fast scarflet, and it is really lovely when it's done. If you have a birthday coming up of someone who loves purple, this is a good one! It would also make a pretty and encouraging charity donation. Sorry about the fact that it does not have a photo, I don't know how to add a photo on the new forum yet. You will find the free pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.
  8. For those of you ladies who love a classic look, here's Patrice. This scarflet works up relatively fast (I made it in a couple of sittings) and it doesn't even take a whole skein of yarn. It is also an ideal project for charity or for someone's birthday gift. You'll find the free pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2013/01/patrice.html Enjoy! Clotilde
  9. A very easy, feminine, no-nonsense keyhole scarflet in a rich and vibrant color. This is an ideal pattern for a quick yet lovely gift or for charity. You'll find the free pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2012/12/spunky-gladiola.html Enjoy! Clotilde
  10. This is an effective, feminine and easy scarflet. It is great for a quick gift or for a charity project. If you have a long list and are running out of time, this is a great one to make! You will find the free pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2012/12/marylee.html# Enjoy! Clotilde
  11. This is a lovely scarflet which is feminine, chic and also easy on the wear! It is fast to make and doesn't take too much yarn. An ideal project to keep you warm this cold season, it is also a wonderful gift-giving and charity project! You will find the free pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2012/11/vibrant-girl.html#.UK8D7eThqrg Enjoy! Clotilde
  12. This is a fun and super easy scarflet with just a touch of lace to make you feel pretty on a windy and cool day. It is a fast project, ideal for gift-giving and for charity. You will find the free pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2012/09/outgoing-raspberry.html#.UGOW1rJlQx4 Enjoy! Clotilde
  13. I know some of you are already making lovely things for yourselves and others for fall and for gift-giving. There are also some of you sweet ladies who make items for charity (something near and dear to my heart), so I like, every year, to share with you all some special and cute things to make. This one is super easy, and if you're an intermediate or advanced crocheter, you can make it almost with your eyes closed! Once you make the first one, if you want to, you can make a series of them in different colors, quite fast. Here is the link where you will find the free pattern: http:/
  14. Hi Everyone! Here's a cute freeby for you to make and wear this fall when the weather gets chilly in your location. It's a super fast project because it is done with trebles, it is also quite easy. If you crochet for charity or if you decide to make Evalisse to give it as a gift, you can make a bunch of them in a snap. It is also a 1 skein project. You'll find the FREE pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2012/09/evalisse.html Enjoy! Clotilde
  15. Do you love chocolate? Wear it! This is just for fun and for the love of chocolate and crochet. This is a very easy scarflet, fast to make and easy to wear. Especially good for gift-giving and charity projects. You can get the free pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2012/08/choco-muffin-fun-scarflet.html Enjoy! Clotilde
  16. This one is lovely enough to please any woman and easy enough that you can make a bunch in no time flat. Ideal for gift-giving and for charity. My Aunt is a breast cancer survivor, this would be a lovely gift for a cancer survivor or someone going through chemo (they need so much encouragement!) It would give them something to look forward to. Here is where you will find the FREE pattern: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2012/05/raspberry-frappe-scarflet.html Enjoy! Clotilde
  17. This one is for when you want to bundle-up with something really simple yet short, that will do the job! You will find the free pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2012/02/evergreen.html Enjoy! Clotilde
  18. For those of you who love simple, keyhole scarflets, with a bit of lace and a whole lot of teal! You can find the free pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2012/01/teal-waves.html Enjoy! Clotilde
  19. This is a very simple and relatively easy scarflet to make. For those who love them short and sweet, yet feminine, I added ruffles. You will find the FREE pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2012/01/exciting.html Enjoy! Clotilde
  20. This is a pretty simple and easy scarflet, but it is very cute and effective! It uses VERY little yarn and works up really fast. You will find the FREE pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2012/01/gemstone-royale.html Enjoy! Clotilde
  21. This one's straightforward and turns up really fast and really cute. If you love green, this one's for you! If you want quick gifts or do charity projects, this scarflet is an easy and very fast project for an intermediate or advanced crocheter. You will find the free pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2011/10/unfussy.html Hope you like it! Clotilde
  22. A one-skein project! Easy and good-looking, ideal for quick gift-giving and for charity! Find the FREE pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2011/09/plum-pudding-scarflet.html Hope you like it! Clotilde
  23. This is not an exact opposite to the original Americana Beauty but cute play on colors and stitches to make a nice "match" that does not have a "uniform sameness". If you have some sisters in your gift list that would like similar but not identical, these two scarflets are a nice solution! You will find the FREE pattern here: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2011/09/americana-beauty-too.html Enjoy! Clotilde
  24. Here's a free pattern for a cute little scarflet with a button. http://blog.bonbonanza.com/2011/09/buttonhole-scarflet-in-red/
  25. This one is for all of you who love red and blue mixed together. It is a relatively easy scarflet which I put together in a fly. It is cozy and good-looking. Here is where you will find the FREE pattern: http://craftybegonia.blogspot.com/2011/09/americana-beauty.html
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