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Found 20 results

  1. Hello! I am making a multi-coloured giraffe amigurumi for a baby shower. I'm trying to keep the colour changes as smooth as possible, which is proving a challenge when the rounds are spiralled. One method I found was joining the next colour when completing the last stitch of the round and making a slip stitch as the first stitch rather than a dc (or sc for US) on the next round. Unfortunately, I noticed that when looking at my giraffe's arm the colour changes appear to be in a spiral going up the arm. I've attached a picture to show you all. I'm not quite sure how to fix this. It might not be so noticeable in the arms but I'm worried it will in the legs and body, which have more rows. Do you all have any suggestions on how to fix this? Ta, Jade PS: The arm has 12 dc per round and rounds are spiralled.
  2. I've done simple ripple afghans in the past but wanted to make a Ripple Baby Afghan that I have from an old book of patterns, New Crochet Basics, 12 Designs for Beginners, by Leisure Arts.1989 The first 2 instructions are as follows: __________________________________________ With CC ch5, join with slip st to form a ring. Rnd 1: Ch3, (YO, insert hook in ring and pull up a loop) twice, YO and draw through all 5 loops on hook, ch 2, *(YO, insert hook in ring and pull up a loop) 3 times, YO and draw through all 7 loops on hook, ch 2; repeat from * 6 times more; join with slip st to first st: 8 ch-2 sps. __________________________________ I don't understand what I'm supposed to do after the bolded part. When it says insert hook in ring am I really not supposed to be inserting the hook through any of the loops? I tried to do that and it looked okay for the first time I did it but it says to do it twice. And the second time I ch 3 and inserted hook in ring, it didn't look right to me. And when it says to draw though all 5 loops on hook, does it mean the original 5 chs? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Judi
  3. I've been dreaming to design a stained glass mandala since long ago. And my dream has come true. This double layered mandala potholder is crocheted in overlay crochet technique with elements of tapestry crochet. When not used in the kitchen it can be hung on a wall. And if you don't crochet a bottom part for this potholder it can serve as a decoration for a table or a nice appliqué for your old (or new) pillow cover. This easy to follow pattern (16 pages) is written for one size It contains step by step full written instructions in English using standard crochet abbreviations and US terms (stitch guide is given in the pattern). It also contains lots of pictures explaining all the tricky and difficult places. Crochet level: Intermediate (front post stitches are used in this pattern and some rounds are crocheted with yarns of two colors at the same time). http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/stained-glass-mandala-potholder
  4. I have some variegated yarn that I want to use to make something that shows off the color transitions. I thought about a "traditional" Tunisian 10 stitch type blanket but would really like to make it round. I have found round coasters or tubes but those aren't really what I'm looking for. I'm wanting to do a flat spiral round. Has anyone seen anything like this??? Thanks!
  5. Hi! I made this pattern for everyone needing to do round or rounded shapes for different projects. The pattern can be any size you want, I show you how to make it bigger or smaller. The pattern goes as follows, but it is easier to see at my blog. Click here to go to the written pattern (scroll down) its in both danish and english. You can also get it in video form if you click here. In the video I show you how to make to variations; half a lemon and a whole pear. There are also siggestions for how to do a slice of apple and a slice of lemon bottom ch 2 5 sc in the 1. st, j ch 1, (0 sc, increase), j ch 1, (1 sc, increase), j ch 1, (2 sc, increase), j increase the number for the size you want sides 1 sc in each st all the way around untill it is the height you want top do the bottom in reverse, decreasing until you have 5 sts sow to close Variations experiment with increasing or decreasing faster og slower. Slower will make the shape more pointed, and quicker will make it more rounded.
  6. Good morning to everyone, here you are some pics of another tapestry crochet rug that I made together with the other one, the Granata. But for this one, I could not find a good name! Just like the first, it has been made with t-shirts rags and a mm.8 plastic crochet hook. Enjoy!
  7. Good morning to everyone, here you some pics of a tapestry crochet rug that I made more than a year ago, if I am not wrong. I called this one 'Granata'. It has been crocheted with a mm.10 plastic crochet hook and some big skeins of t-shirts rags. Enjoy!
  8. Good morning to everyone, here you are some pics of a hat that I completed some weeks ago. It is made with two colors of Schachenmayr Catania Solids cotton yarn held double, an ivory and a bright pink used with a mm.4-7/0 Hamanaka Rakuraku crochet hook. Enjoy!
  9. Good morning to everyone, here you are some pics of a new hat that I completed some weeks ago, crocheted while studying for a knitwear design course. Working this hat together with the other ones really helped me in taking a break and relaxing during those long hours of study. I made this one with two colors of Schachenmayr Catania Solids yarn, an ivory and a bright fuxia. Enjoy!
  10. This is kind of hard to explain in words, but I've attached a rough sketch of what I'm trying to make, so hopefully that will help. The project I'm working on is one of those blanket dolls where the "body" is a blanket but there's a stuffed animal or doll "head" on top (sorry, I don't know what they're actually called, but you can see my point in the sketch I've attached). I want the blanket portion to represent the doll's dress, so I'd love it to have a scalloped edge around the bottom/outer portion of the circle. However, all the patterns I've found online are for much smaller "scallops", as opposed to just 7 or 8 around the entirety of the blanket. Basically, what I'm trying to make is something similar to a round ripple-patterned blanket, but with the edges being rounded instead of pointed. I've been crocheting for years and know how to read patterns if anyone has one I could use, but I just haven't been able to find on online. Thanks for your help! Here's a very rough sketch of the final project. I'd like the "base" of the doll (i.e. the blanket portion you can see more clearly in the top view) to be about 10'' in diameter. Sorry I'm not the best artist, but hopefully this gets the point across:
  11. Hi. I'm an artist, and next year I will be doing an art installation. I want to create crocheted funnels that hang from the ceiling and go down onto the floor. I want them at their widest to be a few feet around. I am teaching myself to crochet specifically for this. I was wondering if any of you would have an idea on what stitches would be best. I can look everything up on Youtube to learn it, but I don't know the language of crochet, except for now, chain stitch and double crochet. Any advice would be well appreciated! Sincerely, Christine Dake, NY
  12. I finished a small-ish round ripple for a donation to a NICU. I like the colorful rainbow appearance. I hope it makes someone happy.
  13. So I have tried several times to make a beanie. Out of the 4 I have made, one has turned out looking like an actual beanie. The other two ending up looking like buckets ( one I actually turned into a purse with a strap lol) on my head due to being to big and very loose. The one I made last night for my 7 month old daughter fits, but seems a little big on her as well. I can't seem to figure our what I am doing wrong. I like them to be tight on my head and to form to the shape of my head as well. I seem to be a tight crocheter and and trying my hardest to be a little looser with my stitches. Does anyone have any tips to help me get a tight fitting beanie? Thanks! <3
  14. Working on a grandma square blanket and a couple of the rounds end saying something like "Ch 5: 8 ch 2 sp" what exactly does that mean? I think I understand 2 sp means the next space. Below is the first round and a link to the pattern. Any help would be great thanks. Rnd 1: Ch 5 - counts as first dc and ch 2, (dc, ch 2) 7 times in ring, join to 3rd ch of beg. ch 5: 8 ch 2 sp. http://web.archive.org/web/20040622171149/http:/www.spatulagraphics.com/krochet/patterns/sunjwl.html
  15. LoveKnot

    Hedwig the Owl

    In honor of Harry Potter's birthday on July 31, I decided to create my own Hedwig. She came out fabulous! I think I'll put a pattern together for her, but it will need to be more of a guideline type thing. I just drew the shape of a wing and experimented with the increases and decreases until I got the shape I was looking for. Both body and wings are crocheted in the round, but the wings are unstuffed and flattened. She's about 8" tall, 6" wide, and made of one strand of white super saver and one strand of Yarn Bee Lambie Pie, held together. They were just stuff I found in my stash pile.
  16. I know this is supposed to be easy but being as talented as I am, I make it difficult. I am trying to do a quick neck cowl with my P hook and right now the idea of just crocheting the rows and sewing the ends together seems like a good idea. Could I get away with that?
  17. I am looking to purchase the original pattern by Brenda Sampson called "Marcelle Afghan". I don't want to buy the whole kit from Mary Maxim since I like to use my own yarn. Can anyone help me in purchasing this pattern? Thanks.
  18. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a free cloth. http://noelwright.blogspot.com/2013/02/cloth-giveaway-open.html For rules and information go to the site. Some have asked whether or not they have to give a URL, no, you don't. Just leave a comment to enter (if you qualify) and state which cloth you would like to receive. I moderate all comments so it will not show up right away but I publish all comments once a day if not more. You must leave a name to enter (not anonymous) otherwise, I will have no way to contact you if you win. Also, email me and let me know how to contact you should you win. Thank you!
  19. I found this in Savannah, Georgia and wished I had a round window at my house.
  20. Simply Sophisticated Shells SimpleShellsDishcloth2102011.pdf Finished Size: 10 1/2" Across Skill Level: Easy Materials: · Sugar’n Cream Stripes Cotton Medium (worsted) weight yarn (2 oz/56.7 g/ 95 yds · H/8/5mm crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge · Tapestry Needle Pattern Notes: Chain 3 at beginning of each round counts as first double crochet. Special Stitches: Popcorn: Dc in indicated space 5 times, take hook out of loop and insert into first Dc made, then back into the dropped loop. Pull the loop through the first Dc. Shell: (2 Dc, Ch2, 2 Dc) in indicated space.V-St: (Dc, Ch1, Dc) in indicated space. Gauge: First 3 rounds of pattern = 2 ½” Across Instructions: Rnd 1: Ch2, 5 Sc in second Ch from Hk; Join with Sl St in first Sc. (5 Sc) Rnd 2: Ch3, Dc 4 times in same St as Sl St (base of Ch3), take hook out of loop and insert into first Dc made (top of Ch3), then back into the dropped loop. Pull the loop through the first Dc, Ch2 , *Popcorn in next Sc, Ch2*; Repeat from * to * 4 times. Join with Sl St in top of beg Ch3. Sl St in next Ch2 Sp. (5 Popcorn Sts, 5 Ch2 Sps) Rnd 3: Ch3, (1 Dc, Ch2, 2 Dc) in same Sp as Sl St, Ch1, [shell in next Ch2 Sp, Ch1] 4 times. Join with Sl St in top of beg Ch3. Sl St in next Dc and Ch2 Sp. (5 Shells) Rnd 4: Ch3, (1 Dc, Ch2, 2 Dc) in same Sp as Sl St, V-St in next Ch1 Sp, [shell in next Ch2 Sp, V-St in next Ch1 Sp] 4 times. Join with Sl St in top of beg Ch3. Sl St in next Dc and Ch2 Sp. (5 Shells, 5 V-Sts) Rnd 5: Ch3, (1 Dc, Ch2, 2 Dc) in same Sp as Sl St, (Ch1, Shell) in each Ch1 and Ch2 Sp around, Ch1. Join with Sl St in top of beg Ch3. Sl St in next Dc and Ch2 Sp.(10 Shells) Rnd 6: Ch3, (1 Dc, Ch2, 2 Dc) in same Sp as Sl St, V-St in next Ch1 Sp, [shell in next Ch2 Sp, V-St in next Ch1 Sp] 9 times. Join with Sl St in top of beg Ch3. Sl St in next Dc and Ch2 Sp. (10 Shells, 10 V-Sts) Rnd 7: Repeat rnd 5. (20 Shells) Rnd 8: Ch3, (1 Dc, Ch2, 2 Dc) in same Sp as Sl St, V-St in next Ch1 Sp, [shell in next Ch2 Sp, V-St in next Ch1 Sp] 9 times. Join with Sl St in top of beg Ch3. Sl St in next Dc. (20 Shells, 20 V-Sts) Note: Shell in the V-Sts, and Sl St in Ch2 Sp of the each Shell. Rnd 9: [sl St in next Ch2 Sp, Shell in next Ch1 Sp] 20 times. Join with Sl St in first Sl St of round. (20 Shells, 20 Sl Sts not including joining Sl St) Fasten off leaving at least 6” and weave in ends securely with tapestry needle.
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