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Found 39 results

  1. RecycleCindy

    Recycled Wine Bottle Holder

    Here is a new recycled plastic bag project of mine. These are wine bottle holders crocheted using about 14 plastic bags cut into plarn. The free crochet anyone is pattern is found here if anyone is interested is making it. Pretty quick project and doesn't take too many bags to complete. These are filled with 750 ml wine bottle for a local auction fundraiser coming up.
  2. RecycleCindy

    Recycled Laptop Computer Sleeve

    I recently had a commissioned project to create a laptop carrying case from plastic bags. I crocheted this laptop sleeve from 63 recycled plastic sacks. The free pattern is found here if anyone would like to crochet it for a laptop or tablet carrying case.
  3. RecycleCindy

    Plarn Kitchen Basket

    Here is my latest recycled plastic bag basket. It is crocheted from green plastic grocery bags. I filled it with a kitchen set including a towel topper and matching dishcloth. This is another item that was given for an upcoming fundraiser to the local nursing home. More info and the free patterns are found here if anyone is interested in making these type of items.
  4. RecycleCindy

    Japanese Knot Bag

    Here is my latest recycled bag project. It is called a Japanese Knot Bag as it features the Japanese-styled closure. It has a short and a longer crocheted handle and you close it by pulling the shorter handle through the longer one. Full details and also the free crocheted pattern can be found here.
  5. RecycleCindy

    Plarn Hobo Purse Pattern

    Here is my latest little recycled bag project. It's a Hobo plarn purse crocheted with recycled brown Safeway bags. I used a K crochet hook to work this purse so it's a little smaller than the original Hobo purse pattern. I did one extra row before doing the top narrowing final rounds. Finished size is 9 inches wide by 7-1/2 inches long.
  6. RecycleCindy

    Dual Handled Recycled Tote

    Just finished up this recycled tote that I crocheted mainly with Safeway brown bags. I used some red newspaper bags for the stripe. This bag features dual handles so you can either grasp it on the hand grip or swing the long strap over your shoulder. More info and pattern directions found here if anyone is interested. Finished size is 13" x 13" with 30 inch long shoulder strap.
  7. RecycleCindy

    Mini Flower Plarn Basket

    Here is my mini flower basket I crocheted using thin single strands of plastic bags cut just 1/4 inch wide. The basket is just 3 inches wide and is filled with wild Yarrow and Lupine flowers. Here is the free pattern for the mini plarn flower basket.
  8. RecycleCindy

    Plastic Basket Tray

    It has been awhile since I shared a new pattern out of plastic bags or plarn as many know the material made from cut-up plastic bags. So here is a project I crocheted with plarn and wrote up the free pattern. It is a basket tray I made to hold kitchen dishcloths and other items for an upcoming charity fundraiser. I like this short tray type basket as it can be reused for folded napkins, toiletries, or other things around the house. Here is the recycled plastic basket pattern. Basket measures 8-3/4 inches long, 4 inches tall, 3-3/4 inch wide ends and with 5-3/4 inch handles.
  9. RecycleCindy

    Recycled Plastic Tote Bag

    Here is my latest recycled tote bag that was crocheted from plastic bags cut 1 inch wide. I used some red and grey bags to add stripes to spice up this tote bag for our upcoming Relay for Life fundraising auction. I used this plarn grocery tote bag pattern.
  10. RecycleCindy

    Basket with Kitchen Items

    This is a follow-up post from when I share some green-jute kitchen items I crocheted. I finally finished up all the items along with a plastic basket I crocheted from recycled plastic bags. The basket which includes a towel topper, dishcloth, potholder, scrubbie, and oven mitt is for our local Relay for Life fundraising auction.
  11. RecycleCindy

    Water Bottle Holder

    I received these beautiful red newspaper sacks from an on-line friend and crocheted them into a water bottle holder. I cut the bags 1 inch wide and crocheted them with a N crochet hook. The color is a vintage red which is just so unique. Here is the free crochet pattern for the water bottle holder if anyone wants to make one for yourself.
  12. RecycleCindy

    Christmas Star Ornaments

    Here are two little Christmas star ornaments I crocheted using Michelle's pattern she shared on the pattern's link thread. I crocheted the one on the left with recycled plastic bags cut about 3/4" wide and just followed the pattern as written. The other one was crocheted using scraps of ww yarn.
  13. RecycleCindy

    Grey-Pink Recycled Bag

    Here is my latest recycled bag project to share. This tote bag was crocheted using recycled grey plastic bags and pink newspaper bags. The strap was woven using a spool knitter. You can find the free plarn tote bag pattern at my blog.
  14. Here are two different sizes of recycled plastic netting scrubbies that I crocheted. The green one is crocheted using a lettuce netting and the little red one is a produce net along with cotton on every other row. Here is the free recycled plastic diagonal scrubbie pattern for these scrubbies. Enjoy!
  15. I recently saw some Japanese knot bags and just loved them. I thought it would be a good project for a recycled tote crocheted out of plastic bags. Here is my Japanese Plarn Tote Bag and link for the free pattern.
  16. My name is Isabelle Garbani, and I am an artist who was selected for this year's Farm/Art Dtour in Wisconsin with my proposal Invasive Species. I am calling all crochet artists to help me crochet artwork for the installation! In Invasive Species over 5000 kudzu vine leaves, crocheted from plastic shopping bags, engulf an abandoned farmhouse. The plastic leaves will climb and cling to the house, slowly "choking" it with their invasive growth. I decided to issue a Crochet Challenge in order to make all the crochet leaves I need. In this crochet contest, everyone can participate and win prizes for making leaves from recycled plastic bags (from artwork to cookies!). The tutorials on the leaf pattern and the list of all the prizes can be found at www.crochetchallenge.com Visit www.crochetchallenge.com to enter the contest!
  17. Here is my latest recycled plastic bag pattern. It's a new and improved pattern for crocheting sandals or slippers using plastic bags. I previously had crocheted some plarn sandals and wanted to revisit the pattern to make it easier to follow and simpler to crochet. Here is the link to the free crocheted pink and grey plarn sandal pattern.
  18. RecycleCindy

    Pink Plarn Cap

    Here is my latest recycled bag project. It's a pink baseball type cap I crocheted from some pink bags an on-line friend sent me. This was crocheted using the baseball cap pattern I create about 5 years ago. It takes about 20 bags cut into 1 inch wide plarn. I will be donating this to my Relay for Life fundrasier this year.
  19. RecycleCindy

    Puff Stitch Wheelchair Tote

    Here is my latest recycled bag project. The puff stitch wheelchair tote pattern is crocheted using recycled plastic bags or plarn. You could also crochet this tote using chunky yarn or two strands of worst weight yarn held together.
  20. RecycleCindy

    Pink and Grey Plastic Tote

    Here is my latest recycled plastic bag (plarn) tote bag. I crocheted this tote bag using recycled grey retail bags and pink plastic newspaper sacks. Here are the pattern details if anyone is interested in crocheting one of these. The pattern is free. This tote was made for my local Relay for Life fundraiser that was held recently.
  21. RecycleCindy

    Fade to White Recycled Tote Bag

    Ever since Walmart starting using the dirty white bags, I've been thinking about crocheting a reusable tote bag using them in a project. Here is what I came up with. I started with black bags, fade to grey, then to the dirty white bags and ended with plain white plastic bags. Here are the pattern details if anyone wants to crochet this plarn tote bag.
  22. RecycleCindy

    Recycled Plastic Bag Baskets

    Here are some baskets I crocheted using recycled plastic bags and plastic packaging. I used frozen hashbrown bags for the red basket and toilet paper packaging for the blue basket along with white plastic retail bags. Here is the free pattern for the crocheted plastic basket.
  23. RecycleCindy

    Red White & Blue Striped Tote Bag

    Here is my latest recycled plastic bag tote. It's basically crocheted with white plastic bags and I added a red and blue stripe to pretty-up the white bags. Like most it's hard to find pretty colors but the stripes only took about 3 bags of each color. Here is the plarn pattern details if anyone wants to crochet this tote bag.
  24. RecycleCindy

    Plarn Gator Sling Bag

    Here is my latest recycled bag project. I recycled about 40 plastic newspaper bags to create this plarn sling bag pattern. I cut the strips an inch wide and crocheted the bag using the crocodile stitch.
  25. RecycleCindy

    Plarn Pop Tab Tote Bag

    This was a challenge from some friends to create a tote bag using pop tabs and plarn. It's a bit different than you usually see as I alternated rounds with plarn and pop tabs to separate them. Here free crochet plarn soda tab tote pattern. Happy 4th of July to everyone too!