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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, It's really nice to meet everyone who shares my passion for crochet! I have been crocheting since I was 9 years old. For the past several years I have considered myself a "binge crocheter." As a single mom and middle school teacher, crochet time has been a luxury. It wasn't until I had been crocheting for 34 years off-and-on that the global pandemic led me to branch out creatively to try new and different crochet stitches, styles, and project types and I realized how much I really enjoy growing my skills, stitch-types, and diversifying the types of projects I tackle. I have always crocheted projects to give away, in the past, but recently have been commissioned by others who have received my work as gifts to create projects that they could then gift. I have considered taking my crochet more seriously and have discovered that fiber art is an international social media topic and crochet is my specialty therein. I guess if Dr. Seuss got to sum up my passion, he would say, "She turns strings, into things!" I am trying to get myself from a place where I "binge crochet" and dive in deeply, only to have to set things aside, to a place where crochet can fill a bigger part of my life on a regular basis. That may mean making samples, selling products, designing and writing patterns, starting a blog... I have not decided, yet, but I am looking for my next step. I enjoy seeing the wonderful creations on reddit and ravelry already, so I thought this would be a wonderful place to enjoy supporting others' creations and sharing my own. Hook in Hand = Gratitude in my Heart. Nice to meet you! Jessica Barwa
  2. Hello to everyone. I’m super new to crochetville . Still learning my ways around all the features. Nice to meet you all!!!
  3. Hello. My name is Mary and I'm from Albuquerque in New Mexico. I've been crocheting for more than 30 years. I enjoy all types of projects but love to create afghans and thread tablecloths and doilies. I have a small business called "Feelin' Crafty Yarnworks" where most of my completed projects land, but mostly I enjoy sharing what I'm working on with the world. Here are a couple of projects I've completed. Looking forward to engaging in this forum.
  4. Hello from Ontario,Canada.I taught myself to crochet over 40 years ago-back in the day of doilies ! I am a collector of cookbooks and vintage knitting and crochet patterns.My stash will keep me busy forever!
  5. Thanks for such a lovely site. Love crocheting and knitting and also Cross Stitch. Just exploring hope I can reach the same great quality of work that's here.
  6. Hi there ???? I'm Heather and I've recently got back into crochet after a bit of a break (18 years!). I'm focusing on small projects at the moment as I do have a tendency to get bored - two half finished jumpers will testify to that - hats, scarves, earwarmers and a baby snuggle sack (I've attached a pic of the snuggle sack in this post - it was inspired by the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar") are the order of the day. I'm also dabbling with a bit of wire crochet, although it's a bit hard on the hands so I tend just to do a little bit here and there. I'm looking forward to chatting with you and drooling over your projects ???? Heather
  7. Hi everyone my name is Shahad i'm from Saudi Arabia i'm 17 years old. I just found this site and i'm glad i did. I've been crocheting for 3 and a half years now I hope you welcome me and i'm sure i'll have fun here.
  8. Hello, just found this site by "googling" crocheters chat I have been crocheting for about a year now and only really exploring projects that seem easy. I have not yet tried to crochet from a diagram pattern. Looking forward to making some new crochet friends and learning some tips from you experts. Janine
  9. I just joined the community, although I don't often crochet or knit anymore. Had the bug for both for years, but mostly quilt and longarm for others now. Seems I'm catching the bug for crochet again. Glad to find you. I know I'll have question as I refresh my skills. Glad to be here. Sharon
  10. Hi. My name is Judy and I am from upstate NY. I have been knitting and crocheting since I was young, but just recently started up again and have lots to learn. I am excited about trying new things. I would like to start crocheting sweaters. I am doing scarves and hats right now. Ready to move forward. I belong to a artist co-op where I sell jewelry and just added infinity scarves which are selling well. So, I look forward to being more creative with my fiber!
  11. Hi everyone in Crochetville! I've stumbled across this site many times over the years and now, I'm finally a member. lol I am a kid of the 70's who learned to crochet and knit in the early 80's as a young girl from my Nana (great-gma) at her house during school breaks in Washington state. Nana would sit and watch her shows (soaps) and I would watch her create amazing things...so of course I had to learn! I put down the needles over time and found I preferred crochet. Over the years I have picked up and put down the hook due to life but now I find it as an addiction! I am always telling my poor husband, "just let me finish this round/row" lol I worked as a nurse and sustained a neck injury, crochet helps me live past the pain This last year I have really put more focus into designing and I am always looking for people to try my patterns! I started a blog last year for my crochet patterns and I feel mildly accomplished for that I have a small following on my Facebook page that helps keep me motivated and an etsy shop to help earn even more yarn money! I have 3 monsters (10yo boy, 17yo girl, 20yo girl) 1 grandmonster (4yo girl) and one on the way! I have 2 muppies (Pinky and Pumpkin), 3 kittles (Alice, Bigs & Willow) and a big Grumpy monster I can't live without! We live a pretty simple life out here in the country of SW Florida where I attend local festivals etc to sell the product of my addiction...gotta earn that yarn money! We are hopefully moving out to Oregon next year if all the stars align... so I may have to actually start depleting my yarn stash before we move *gasp I am all outta stuff to say i think lol
  12. Hi! I found this site looking for an answer to a crochet problem i have. I used to crochet a lot when i was younger ( i will be 59 this summer) and just recently took it up again. While my first "new" project isn't a simple one, I am looking forward to many more to come. I have four grandnieces that i think i will enjoying crocheting for! Any suggestions for projects will be greatly appreciated. C
  13. Hello Have Been Crocheting for 57 years . Grandmother and mother taught me when I was 7 years old. Love most needle crafts . Cannot Knit.
  14. Hello all, I am new here,but ready to get started on some new projects! I love to crochet,knit,cross stitch,macrame,do some beading. I am always looking for something new to do ,have to keep the mind and fingers busy! love what I have seen here already.My name is Marlene,if you want to chat.
  15. Greetings, While checking out the links on Turn-of -the-century website I ended up here. Of course I'm not telling you about how much money went down on his miraculous crochet hooks. Or about my closet filling up with newly purchased yarn. Right here right now - I'm happy to meet you all. Growing up in Utah I was taught crochet/quilting at 13 yrs old by the LDS ward my parents lived in. My parent wouldn't let me become Mormon because they were Jack Mormon (they left the church). I crocheted ponchos with popcorn stitch.Fast forward to 57 years old now, hook back in my hand, giving away countless, gloves, scarves, hats to anybody cold. No not Mormon. Yes Christian, Buddhist, etc.... to everything that brings the soul to life. Crocheting and Knitting are the best meditation practice I've found. Kids grown, career recently ended, hand surgery behind me. Now beading, knitting, quilting, bookmaking, painting. I call myself a writer, though its so difficult I can't say I like it. I love beauty and busy hands. Here is a bag I crochet from DMC floss, its in the handle phase, I've purchased leather straps and want to line it. Good to meet you all, Jen Tarchin
  16. Hello Everyone! I am a new member and I love to make crochet scarves and I also make earrings. I wanted to introduce my self to the group and say hello to all.. Kimmie
  17. Hi, new member here. I joined because I love to crochet. I'm not the best at it and have never made my own patterns or anything. I've only been crocheting for a few years and am self taught so I'd like to get to know how to make patterns of my own.
  18. Hi, my name is Jamie, My Grandmother showed me how to crochet when I was a child. I would help her make Christmas ornaments for the tree. I loved watching her crochet. I seemed like she was always at peace while she was making gifts for her family. I have been crouching on and off ever since then. I love to make smaller projects, like hats, scarfs and clothes for babies. I also knit but it does not come as natural to me. When I'm feeling stressed I can always grab some yarn and a needle and I always feel better.
  19. Hello everyone, I have been dabbling in crochet for about three years now. But I'm trying to become serious about crocheting. I am currently a senior in college in New Orleans, LA. Hopefully at the end of this semester of school I will pass my EMT course and be a certified EMT. I'm excited to join Crochetville everyone seems so nice from the forums that I have looked at. I hope to learn a lot from all of you. Below is one of the crochet projects that I finished. Please take a look. Dee
  20. Hi Everyone, I'm Heather (Hetter) and I just found this site; immediately registered and although I may not be on all the time because of the need to crochet, I'll still check messages and I hope to make lots of new friends. I have two awesome kids, my son is 17 and working, my daughter is 12 and in cyber school; I also have a very sweet and gentle husband who works FAR too much. My very best friend and her daughter just moved in with my family after leaving a bad situation, and she is the one who has taught me (again) to crochet. We sit on our respective sofas in the evenings and crochet and drink way too much coffee! She also works, so my daughter, son and I are usually home during the day. I'm disabled with 9 herniated discs, I retired from being a successful Massage Therapist in 2005; I trained and certified 4 other therapists, all of whom are successful, so I'm pretty proud of that. We have 5 inside cats, Frau Varbissina, Molly, Blueberry, Banjo, and Mercury, along with one outside kitty named Winter who I think is pregnant! But it's been so very, very cold in Northwestern Pennsylvania, that I just had to start feeding her and now she and the other cats look at and play together through the window of the sliding glass door. We also gained a dog when my bestie moved in, he is a very well-trained doggie named Jake. My mom had taught me to knit and crochet way back when I was a kid, but of course I forgot all of what I was supposed to do, so I asked my bestie, who was happy to lend me a hook and some yarn. The funny thing was, as soon as I took the hook and yarn in hand, I automatically did the loop-de-loop around my left hand without thinking! Some things just never leave you! I started out with Deborah Norville Serenity chunky yarn (I just hate the scratchy stuff) until I discovered chenille! Now I'm working with Paton's Bohemian, which I found on sale, and I'm LOVING it! I went to JoAnn Fabrics yesterday and found actual chenille yarn, I believe it's also Paton's but it's Baby Yarn, and I was all psyched because I thought I got enough to do three blankets by buying four humongous, fat skeins. But my bestie, Stacey, popped my bubble of self-satisfaction by telling me I needed at least a total of 12 skeins because I'm doing the blankets larger than normal sized ones. My husband and son are over 6 feet, and I wanted to be able to cover them completely, so 6 feet it is! Guess I haveta go shopping again and get more yarn! I can only do single and double stitch right now, cuz that's all Stacey knows, and working with fluffy, chunky, and chenille is new to me. Any and all suggestions are more than welcome, and I really am looking forward to meeting new friends. I wish for you who read my post Health, Safety, Happiness, Prosperity and Good Fortune! Hope to talk soon! Hetter
  21. Hi everyone! I have been crocheting for over 20 years. I am learning to use my crocheting as a stress reducer now and to help relieve depression and anxiety. I am a left handed crocheter.
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