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Found 4 results

  1. Howdy everyone - I am on Ravelry and Crochetville have been posted my patterns and projects there and on my blog...decided to share the ones I have designed with all of you here! Here's my own design of a star-stitch scarf - very simple and easy to make! http://janetmariespage.blogspot.com/#!/2011/10/free-crochet-pattern-how-to-make-star.html STS = star-stitch; pull up 6 on hook, pull thru, ch1 (see Crochet By Teresa's on how to make the stitch - there are more tutorials out there on this cool stitch - but I like Teresa's the best) I used a standard Red Heart multi-colored yarn for this scarf (If you want looser stars, use a larger hook) With size K Hook, CH24 (use multiples of 6 for the desired width) ROW 1 = make 7 STS ; HDC in last; CH2 turn ROW 2 = 2 HDC in center CH of STS across (should be 7 sets of HDC); HDC in last; CH3 turn; REPEAT ROW 1, then ROW 2 till desired length for TRIM - I used a light blue that was almost lavendar, did SC all around, twice, then added FRINGE (model in 3rd pic is my son's friend, Monica)
  2. Hi all - this is my original kitchen potholder design - made these for my kitchen - very simple - really love it - hope you do too! http://janetmariespage.blogspot.com/2011/10/free-crochet-pattern-cable-potholder.html SO FAR, THIS HAS TURNED OUT TO BE MY FAVORITE POTHOLDER DESIGN FOR MY KITCHEN - simple, and pretty. I actually designed this several months ago - finally got around to posting it. I am using red and white cotton for my kitchen - bought 2 14-oz cones - will buy more as i need them. my own design - very simple cable ________________________________________ with size H hook, CH33 ROW1 - DC in 3rd CH from hook (counts as DC here and throughout); DC across, CH2, TURN ROW2 - FP in 2nd DC; BP in next; FP in next; continue to end; DC in last; CH2, TURN REPEAT till desired size TRIM - with WHITE, SC 2 rows; in corners, do 2SC, CH, 2SC; THEN, with RED, DC one row; with 2DC, CH1, 2DC in corners; at end, don’t cut, instead, fasten off, then CH20, SL into beginning of CH20 - makes the hanging loop.
  3. Here's my latest "easy" crochet scarf design using simple cables and the star-stitch. http://janetmariespage.blogspot.com/#!/2011/10/free-crochet-pattern-how-to-make-cables.html (For this scarf, I used Misti Baby Alpaca Yarn, 10 ply) If you want a wider scarf, use multiples of 6 STS = Star Stitch (for first row of STS, pull up 6 loops, pull through all 6; then pull up loop in 1st stitch (the center of the STS, then on the next, which is the last of the STS you just made, you should have 3 loops on your hook, then pull up next 3 = 6, then pull through all 6 - if you don't understand, go to Janet's You Tube - from there, I have saved the demo from Crochet By Teresa - she has a hands on demo that's easy to follow - you can also go to my Ravelry Site, and search for free patterns on how to do this wonderful star stitch) ________________________________________ With size K hook, CH20 (should be 4-inches wide - use size J hook if needed to make gauge) ROW 1 - HDC in 4th CH from hook; HDC across; CH2, turn ROW 2-12 - FPDC around next HDC; BPDC around next; repeat across; HDC in last; CH2 turn ROW 13 - HDC across; CH3 turn ROW 14 - begin STS (pull up 6 on loop; YO; pull through; continue across (will have 7 STS per row); HDC in last; CH2 turn ROW 15 - 2HDC in center of each STS; HDC in last stitch (7 sets of 2HDC); CH3 turn repeat ROW 14-15 till desired length but leave 1/2 of last skein left; then do 1 row of HDC; then 12 rows of the simple cable; bind off This is a great alternative to the standard fringe trim.
  4. I designed these very simple baby mittens for a friend's upcoming shower. Got lots of "oooohs" and "aaaahhhhs" - very fast when you need something quick. http://janetmariespage.blogspot.com/view/sidebar#!/2011/10/free-crochet-pattern-how-to-make.html I wanted to design something simple and easy. This looks so precious and you can make these up very fast. The mitten should be around 1.5 to 2 inches wide and 3.5 to 4 inches long (counting cuff) - the baby yarn I used is very soft and flexible - if you want tighter, just use a size F hook - if you are using a stiffer yarn, stick with G and increase the rows or try H ________________________________________ with size G hook, CH32 ROW 1 - HDC in 3rd CH from hook; HDC across; CH2, turn ROW 2-7 HDC in next HDC (back loops only); repeat across; CH2; turn on ROW 7, don’t CH2, instead, fold the mitten in half; with yarn still on your hook, sew up the side; tie off. on other side, starting from the top of mitten, sew down the side - TURN INSIDE OUT; now you can trim around the cuff any way you like - I made 2 sets of DC all around, then tie off. For a girl, you can use a shell or other border. Weave satin ribbon through bottom near the cuff - tie in a bow - you’re done!
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