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Found 12 results

  1. Hey! I'm Caden. Timezone- EST Crochet skill- Beginner My main goal with crochet is to add more fantastical elements to my wardrobe, and to make crafting buddies :). From Huntsville AL, but currently in college elsewhere. Thanks for reading my intro! Excited to share more work here eventually.
  2. As per the instructions - an intro! The basics: Location - West Coast Canada (for time difference reference) Crocheting info - I THOUGHT I knew how to crochet... in fact, I have sold a thing or two on Etsy... and yet here I am finding myself nearly weeping over not being able to figure out what LOOKS like a deceptively simple bit of instruction... How'd I learn to crochet? With a book. From Costco. Many years ago ... then I stopped.... aaaaaand.... Covid happened, so crochet-in-quarantine happened. Yay! Oh, and call me De.... or call me Pitbull, all is good. I reallly... really need help. More details in my "Begging for help" post!
  3. Hello, My name is Joanne. Nice to meet everyone! I am 28 years old and I reside in Edison, NJ. I would love to meet someone locally who can be my mentor and teach me. If it is not possible, I would love to learn from anyone here! I have self-taught myself through YouTube for the past year. It is hard to stay motivated and productive. How do you do it?
  4. Hello. I'm TC. I've been crocheting for about 20 years on and off. I have a hand injury and nerve issues so I go pretty slow. I love to share my creations and really need someone I'm making it for to keep going.
  5. Hello there. Thanks for stopping by. My name is Robin, and I'm a dude hanging out in the rural U.S.A. working on college and working through some things in my life. I learnt how to crochet back in 2014 after an accident, and made a blanket and a rug for myself, but crocheting fell to wayside through high school. Now I'm in my second year of college and I've taken crocheting up again as a way to pass the time and to process some stuff going on in my life. I got a few books for my birthday and I made a pig as a practice animal. The pig's name is Oinker. Right now, I'm working on learning a few things such as a magic circle. I decided to join this forum to hopefully make some friends and to get some help with reading patterns. 😄 I hope to meet a lot of nice people here!
  6. Hello, It's really nice to meet everyone who shares my passion for crochet! I have been crocheting since I was 9 years old. For the past several years I have considered myself a "binge crocheter." As a single mom and middle school teacher, crochet time has been a luxury. It wasn't until I had been crocheting for 34 years off-and-on that the global pandemic led me to branch out creatively to try new and different crochet stitches, styles, and project types and I realized how much I really enjoy growing my skills, stitch-types, and diversifying the types of projects I tackle. I have always crocheted projects to give away, in the past, but recently have been commissioned by others who have received my work as gifts to create projects that they could then gift. I have considered taking my crochet more seriously and have discovered that fiber art is an international social media topic and crochet is my specialty therein. I guess if Dr. Seuss got to sum up my passion, he would say, "She turns strings, into things!" I am trying to get myself from a place where I "binge crochet" and dive in deeply, only to have to set things aside, to a place where crochet can fill a bigger part of my life on a regular basis. That may mean making samples, selling products, designing and writing patterns, starting a blog... I have not decided, yet, but I am looking for my next step. I enjoy seeing the wonderful creations on reddit and ravelry already, so I thought this would be a wonderful place to enjoy supporting others' creations and sharing my own. Hook in Hand = Gratitude in my Heart. Nice to meet you! Jessica Barwa
  7. Hello Everyone! I love to crochet, I love plants, I love to eat, and I love my dog coco.
  8. Good day folks. I’ve been living in Canada since ‘69. I was born in Amsterdam and raised there until our family was sponsored to come join our family in Canada. Having been hospitalized for a head injury while still in Holland, my grand parents would come to baby sit me while both parents worked and I watched my grandma making clothes for her grand daughters Barbie dolls. I never did anything with what I watched her do until after we came to Canada and I started to get sick and required a lot of surgeries for what turned out to be Crohn’s Disease, which was then still unheard of. But because I was spending a lot of time in a Toronto hospital and we lived in Niagara Falls I would not get a lot of visitors since both parents worked. So I started to crochet things while I was in the hospital and started selling them. That helped me pay for my TV and Pizza when my diet allowed it. Now many years later i’m on disability and make afghans to sell as an additional income to my disability cheques. I’ll add a picture of the main pattern I've been using but am looking to make a change.
  9. I have never been on a forum before but I'm excited to be involved in talking about Crochet, patterns and yarn more than I already do! Happy to be here! 👋
  10. Hi, I’m Fran. I have been crocheting for years, but I still have questions from time to time. I appreciate you accepting me into the group. I’m a retired nurse and live in Ocean City, MD.
  11. Hello everyone, As you can see I'm new to the community and I'm happy to be here. I love crocheting, but I know I still have a lot to learn. So, I'mooking forward to my time here.
  12. Hi I am Tania from India. I began crocheting when I was pregnant with loads of time in hand and that was about a year and a half ago. Now with a very busy toddler I can steal only a few hours here and there to crochet but I cherish those few hours. Hope to learn from all my fellow crocheters here. Cheers
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