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Found 53 results

  1. I had a lot of fun working up this hat in two different yarns and color styles. After working up my first hat with Caron Pantone Yarn I knew I wanted to make another one. And I had recently been working with Red Heart Hygge, so I check gauge and found this yarn works great as well! And it’s super soft. So whatever bulky yarn you choose, this is a quick, fun, and cozy project. Even my puppy think so and gave me a little wink 😉 Free Pattern found here: https://brianakdesigns.com/fade-two-ways/
  2. Here is a new batch of baby hats I crocheted for my local hospital nursery. Mostly ribbed-band and double-post hats. Ribbed-band hat pattern found here with the option for the double-post here. Top photo has a rolled brim option for a different look on the top right hat.
  3. Here are some new hats I crocheted. I call them double post baby hats. It is just the basic baby hat but with a double post for the ribbing. Here is a free pattern link if anyone wants to crochet the hat pattern. These went to my local hospital's nursery last week along with a few other hats I crocheted.
  4. Here is a batch of baby hats I crocheted for my local hospital nursery. It's fun to mix and match some patterns and yarns to create hats for the newborns. The scalloped edged hat is a new pattern found here.
  5. Thank you very much, Darski, for allowing me to be part of Crochetville. I like the name and the way the site is set up. I am a by-the-book gal and appreciate the order and structure plus the effort which has gone into your site. I am happy to meet everyone and the other members who are presently joining. I apologize but my uploads failed because they are too large with the full pattern.
  6. I have recently started making my hat from the bottom up, which I just love! My question is, (and this may seem silly) when working up to the top and decreasing, what formula do you use? Top down hat are normally increased by 12, (12, 24, 36, 48 etc) I have tried decreasing in this way when working to the bottom and it never comes out right. :-(
  7. funnymom8

    Asst. hats

    I do craft fairs every year at Christmas time and I have a head start of some things to sell---
  8. Hi All, I am very new to crochet and have trouble sometimes with the terminology. I hope to learn from you all so I can create a baby blanket for my new grand daughter and clothing. Thank you for starting this group to help people like me.
  9. Here are some crocheted baby hats I just finished up. These are all headed to my local hospital nursery. The hats were mainly crocheted with scraps of yarn I had on hand. They all are the ribbed baby hat pattern except for the little turban hat. Here is the link for the baby turban hat pattern which makes a cute little hat.
  10. I am anxiously waiting for retirement so all I have to do is crochet and do crafting. I am gathering patterns and organizing my craft room. I have eight grandchildren that are pitter-pattering into their teens and have less to do with Nana than before so I have even more time on my hands... !!! I look forward to access to great free patterns from this great group.
  11. some lady asked if I could make her an adult size frog hat after showing a baby one I crochet.
  12. Custom sized, for a 5 year old and an 18 month old. (elsa for the oldest Anna for the younger) added snowflake ornaments for added flare.
  13. We are collecting winter hats in memory of Peyton James. He was a 13 yr old from Texas and the target of bullies much of his life. This is his story as told by his father: https://www.facebook.com/events/714205532021344/ Hats should be for adults and either red, blue or orange or a combination of those colors. ***Please send them with a note attached to EACH hat that says "In Memory of Peyton for Bullying Awareness." *** All donations should be sent to us at Emily's Hats For Hope Initiative ATTN: Hats For Peyton PO Box 2374 Morristown, NJ 07962-2374 Hats are due by June 16th, 2015. Peyton would have turned 14 on that day. Hats can be store bought if you don't know how to knit or crochet.
  14. Hi my name is Debi and have just joined you all at crochet isle, and hope I can pick up some great new tips, I live in swansea, South Wales United kingdom.
  15. Patterns galore in my shop!! Come check out all my places!! I have attempted to put my name everywhere lol My blog is having a giveaway as well! Woot Woot!! facebook: https://www.facebook.com/babymadecrochet My blog: http://babymadecrochet.blogspot.com/ My etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/babymadecrochet?ref=hdr_shop_menu My website: http://babymadecrochet.bigcartel.com/ Thanks for stopping in! Happy shopping!
  16. Here are a few Men's crocheted hats I did. Also I made one little camo baby sized hat using the leftover yarn I had from the skein. These were all crocheted using my ribbed band hat pattern.
  17. Here are some purple baby hats that I have crocheted for the PURPLE shaken baby awareness drive. You can read more about this here. My friend Kristy works at a crafting shop where these hats are being accepted. There are many charity drives for the PURPLE hats now in lots of communities. Here is another link to the Click for Babies Awareness site for more info about this very important cause.
  18. I haven't been able to log in for a long while, and I just realized I had not shared links to the afghans or hats I've created... Summer of Color Afghan Wiggle Flower Afghan Fjord Beanie Super Slouchy Slopestyle Hat
  19. My niece and Nephew saw my hat (the tri-hued green slouchy hat) and said that they wanted hats too. so this is what came of it.
  20. My niece and Nephew saw my hat (the tri-hued green slouchy hat) and said that they wanted hats too. so this is what came of it.
  21. I have been crocheting these ribbed band hats and wrote up the pattern for an adult sized hat and several baby sized ones too. Here is the link to the adult ribbed hat pattern. Here is the baby ribbed band hat pattern. The baby hat pattern has sizes for 3-month old, newborn and preemie babies. You can crochet it in the stripes or all one solid color as shown in the photos below. Enjoy! Adult Hat Baby Hats
  22. Love to crochet....would love to learn how to knit SuzD
  23. I am selling my patterns at http://shop.daisyclubcrafts.com/ Here are some samples from http://shop.daisyclubcrafts.com/ Let me know what you think?
  24. I love making baby and toddler hats, and with a new baby on the way this winter, I have tons of ideas for cute newborn hats. I just hate that my hats always have a line of holes down the back where I've made the chains to join the rows. Its not very obvious, but it still bugs me. Is there a better way to do this that I haven't found yet?
  25. Hi all, been catching up with some donation things I did in the past few weeks, for Sept Delivery, to one of our local hospitals, and to the Emerg. Preg. Center here as well.. Im addig more to it, as this month goes on... The first one shown, is a preemie sized blankee, (as requested by a contact I have at my preferred hospital) and is adorned with a matching hat, as they all arel....the hats were fun , fast, and easy to make! I used smaller balls, and partial skeins on them.the first one is made from two strands of baby yarn, asst. colors, held togheter throughout.The hats take very little yarn I found out too. which is a perfect way to use up those partials and balls... Second shown, is a baby afghan made with all small 3 inch grannys, trimmed and bordered in pink! This also can be classified as a preemie blankee, i think, albeit a bit bigger than the first. I love the border in pink, so included of course, a pink hat! The third afghan was made with scraps and balls, of caron simply soft, for which I didn't have enough of it for anything else, and wanted to use it all up. All the solid color centers are caron ss, and the trim would be Hobby Lobbys I Love this Yarn, in white. THe hat that went the best with it is all white. and last but not least, is the fourth afghan, made from again, the two strands of the baby yarns held together.The border again, is HL I love this Yarn, in white. Then I made some ( loomed and crocheted)hats to go the the emerg. preg center, they will accompany anymore small baby afghans i send or am able to make in the mean time, or they will go as is, as simply hats! or I might add some little baby socks to them and make sets, see what i can do in that respect! so, hoping this has been nice eye candy for you, I loved working in pastels for a change, AND still am not out of baby yarns to use, lol Thanks for looking, hope it spurs you on to donate to your local favorite charity as well!!
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