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  1. I wanted to share some new free patterns I recently created. These both used raised cabled stitching to crochet the patterns. Here is the cabled hat pattern link and some photos. Next is the matching scarf pattern that uses the same style of stitching. Here is the cabled scarf pattern and a photo to share.
  2. Here are some new hats I crocheted. I call them double post baby hats. It is just the basic baby hat but with a double post for the ribbing. Here is a free pattern link if anyone wants to crochet the hat pattern. These went to my local hospital's nursery last week along with a few other hats I crocheted.
  3. Here is a new baby hat pattern to share with everyone here at Crochetville. Please share and use this pattern for personal and charity work that you may do. Feel free to sell the hats too for fundraisers etc. Here is the link to the scalloped baby hat pattern as shown below. Very easy and works up fast.
  4. Here is a new dishcloth pattern to kick off the new year. I call it the Hexagram Star Dishcloth as it has 6 points. It is a easy pattern using HDC stitches and a great way to use up scrap cotton. Here are a few pictures of ones I have made.
  5. Here is a crocheted dishcloth pattern that uses a granny stitch but with a little different center look to start the cloth. Here is the link to the free country granny dishcloth pattern at my blog. Here are a few photos of some of the cloths I crocheted using up different scraps of cotton yarn I had.
  6. I made an exTREMEly tacky sweater for my husband to wear in the Ugly Christmas sweater contest. He walked away with the blue ribbon. I'm sharing the directions for the sweater base that I embellished, heehee. Tacky Christmas Sweater Hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas!
  7. Here is my latest recycled bag project to share. This tote bag was crocheted using recycled grey plastic bags and pink newspaper bags. The strap was woven using a spool knitter. You can find the free plarn tote bag pattern at my blog.
  8. Here is a new towel topper pattern I crocheted. You take a kitchen towel and fold it over to create a double layered towel and then add the towel topper. I call the free pattern Double Layered Waffle Towel Topper. No cutting or sewing required on the towel, just crocheting the topper onto the top of the towel. Enjoy!
  9. Here is my latest crochet pattern. I call it the In Between Dishcloth pattern as you crochet in between each DC of the main part of the cloth. The result is a quick and easy pattern that works up fast. Here are a few patriotic colored ones I crocheted using the pattern. Enjoy!
  10. I have a new free crochet pattern to share. It's a basic twisted cowl scarf that you can crochet up quickly. It's an easy and basic crochet pattern that can be used as a hood or snood too. I have more pictures and the full free crochet pattern at my blog site.
  11. Here is a little dress I crocheted for my Granddaughter's 12 inch soft body baby doll. I added the heart to the front center as a special touch to show my love for my GD. Here is the link to my Heart doll dress pattern.
  12. Here is my latest recycled plastic bag pattern. It's a new and improved pattern for crocheting sandals or slippers using plastic bags. I previously had crocheted some plarn sandals and wanted to revisit the pattern to make it easier to follow and simpler to crochet. Here is the link to the free crocheted pink and grey plarn sandal pattern.
  13. Here is my simple moss stitch baby blanket pattern. You can make it bigger by working additional stitches in your beginning chain and by crocheting more rows. I crocheted 50 rows to make a small baby blanket that measure 22 inches wide by 22 inches long. Moss Stitch Preemie Baby Blanket Pattern Chain 95 using a H (5 mm) crochet hook. Row 1: Slip stitch into the 3rd stitch from the hook and then *Hdc in the next stitch, slip stitch into the next stitch*. Repeat between * across the row. Row 2: Chain 2, turn. Skip first stitch and slip stitch into the next stitch. *Hdc in next sti
  14. Here is my version of a basket weave dishcloth pattern. The first dishcloth has 4 rows in each set and 2nd one has 3 rows.
  15. I have been crocheting lots of hats for the Warmth for Warriors hat drive. Another friend in the group helped me create this pattern. Here is the free crocheted ribbed hat pattern. I have been enjoying making these hats for the group. Please join us here if you are interested in helping our troops with the hat drive.
  16. Here is my first crocheted hat made from recycled t-shirts. This hat took about 2 different colored t-shirts cut into t-yarn or tarn to make. Here is the free crochet pattern for the t-shirt yarn bucket hat at my blog.
  17. Here is my crocheted wavy ripple dishcloth pattern. This pattern works up fast and uses less than a 2 oz ball of cotton. I first tried this stitch pattern with a lapghan and really like the look of it. So after a little trial and error, I came up with this dishcloth design. You could make some cute facecloths with the pattern too.
  18. Here is a wash mitt I crocheted from recycled t-shirts cut very thin. Here is the free pattern for the crocodile t-shirt yarn wash mitt. You could use the same pattern with regular cotton yarn but just make sure the width of the mitt is wide enough. Add another crocodile stitch shell if needed for a wider mitt.
  19. Here are some baskets I crocheted using recycled plastic bags and plastic packaging. I used frozen hashbrown bags for the red basket and toilet paper packaging for the blue basket along with white plastic retail bags. Here is the free pattern for the crocheted plastic basket.
  20. Here is a pattern I created for a helmet hat for soldiers and our troops. This is a quick and easy pattern that can be adapted to add a cuff. Here is another hat I crocheted but added two more rounds before the trim for a cuff.
  21. Here is a 14 inch baby doll dress and hat pattern that I crocheted. This fits a cloth bodied doll with the fatter body. Here is the free dress and hat pattern.
  22. Here is my latest free crochet pattern. It's a crocheted oven mitt using the crocodile stitch and is crocheted in the round. Here is the link to the crocodile stitch oven mitt pattern. Enjoy!
  23. Here is my latest recycled bag project. I recycled about 40 plastic newspaper bags to create this plarn sling bag pattern. I cut the strips an inch wide and crocheted the bag using the crocodile stitch.
  24. A pattern for cuffed baby sock booties. Also included is an option for preemie sized booties. Booties Tog 2 by RecycleCindy, on Flickr
  25. Here is my crocodile stitch baby bib pattern. These are very quick and easy once you learn the crocodile stitch. I have made four of them already. Here are two that I have crocheted. Enjoy!
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