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Found 15 results

  1. I'm always wondering what I could make for my sister for a gift, decided on this for the coming Christmas. An edging for a set of sheets and pillow cases, I love this pattern because it's worked vertically!! Thanks for looking....
  2. I am making a bi color cowl on Lion Brand Lion Suede which is a bulky yarn on a size k hook and dcs.I am looking for any suggestions anyone may have about what may make a good border for it?
  3. Hi there! I'm making a baby blanket for a little girl named Rhia with the alligator/crocodile stitch. I want a border to go with it, but I have no idea what would be a good fit- especially because the blanket itself is about 1/2" thick. Any suggestions to finish up this project? Thanks!
  4. Hi. I'm kind of new to crocheting. My first project was a blanket for my baby boy. I used 3 skeins of different colored yarn in a continuous granny square pattern. My original plan was to add another color every year on his birthday. He is already outgrowing it, so i've decided to go ahead and add on. I'm looking for a different pattern that i can use to add on to the granny square. It will have to be something that can be added onto as this will be an ongoing project till he is 18 years old (he'll be 2 in june). Thank you in advance for your help,
  5. I have been working on a blanket while my 10-year old daughter has been in the hospital. (Well, actually I've been working on several projects as we've been here a little over 3 weeks now.) The blanket I am working on now is ready for it's edging and I want it to be a ruffle. I don't have access to my patterns or books (We are staying at the hospital or RMH) and I'm hoping someone can suggest their favorite ruffle patterns. Nothing really ornate as it's a bunch of two-toned granny squares, but I would like it to be about 2-3 inches wide. I appreciate the help - my brain is frazzled!
  6. This monkey fleece blanket was made using the EdgeryDoo 001K template, 1-1/2 yards of fleece and Caron Simply Soft yarn. This one will also go to Project Linus.
  7. A pretty "cow" fleece blanket made with the EdgeryDoo squares.
  8. Another EdgeryDoo quilt for Project Linus ... NW Atlanta Chapter. Great way to use up fleece scraps.
  9. I'm still new and looking for easy patterns, I found this pattern for a shrug that I would really like to make but I'm afraid to start it because I'm not sure what they mean by the "finishing" and "edging" instructions. The link to the pattern is If anyone can describe to me in plain English exactly what they mean I would appreciate it. Thanks for your help. Rita
  10. These EdgeryDoo Blankets are all ready to go to a Project Linus.
  11. Hello, This is my first post and I'd like to start by thanking you for a wonderful resource. I just learned to crochet after 30 years of trying and this forum has been a big help. I've seen some posts about the subject I'm going to ask about but not quite the same question. For my 2nd afghan I decided to try a ripple pattern and I started with the pattern on attic24. I found it too difficult, as a newbie, to translate how she refers to stitches and the American way. So I decided to switch to the pattern at It's worked out well and my sides are even! Yay! I decided I wanted to put edging on it and that's when I ran into difficulty. The sides are even but my stitches are a mess on the side. Are the stitches along the sides supposed to be distinct enough to be able to do a run of SC down the side? I have a hard time getting my hook into some of them. I must be doing something wrong. Also, I'm not quite sure how to handle the change of colors. I'm doing fine picking up the new color but what then should I do with the tail of the previous color and the tail of the new color. I tried knotting and then weaving in but the knots bump out. It seems like though that if I don't knot the sides get loose. I'm wondering if this is why my stitches along the sides are so messy. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm really enjoying this new hobby and I'm hooked (no pun intended) on buying yarn. Thanks! Lisa
  12. I am a a newbie crocheter and making an ear warmer with a contrasting border. I have completed my chain of 70 and sc 16 rows and am ready to crochet the border but don't know how. Do I sc just the top and bottom rows and then connect the two end pieces together. Do I use a sl st to connect the ends? Thank you.
  13. Hello. My name is Marleen Manley and I have been crocheting for almost 40 years. About 6 years ago, my Husband saw me with a piece of fleece and an ice pick and he said "what are you doing?" I explained that I wanted to crochet around the outside of the fleece to make blankets faster for Project Linus. Well, he went out to his workshop and came back in a little while later with a triangle full of hole ... and the EdgeryDoo was born. For about a year we tried different materials and we wrote our Patent. You fold your fabric in half and then in half again (4 layers) and trim and pierce through all 4 layers at one time. Today, we have 8 templates all to aid the Crocheter in adding a decorative edge to all of their favorite patterns. We even have 5 sizes of squares so that you can make T-Shirt quilts or fleece quilts simply by cutting out the squares, crocheting around the edge a couple of times and then putting them together like granny squares. I hope that you will take a look at our website. You will see our Show N Tell pages which are items that our Customers have made and the Photo Gallery are items that I have made. Also there are Patterns. Our Customers are so creative and have used the templates to make items we never dreamed about. Thank you and I hope to hear from you. Marleen @ EdgeryDoo
  14. This review covers four different items from the Interweave Press Harmony Guides series. Note that all links go through Crochetville's Amazon Associates program. Basic Crochet Stitches (book) edited by Erika Knight Crochet Edgings & Trims (book) edited by Kate Haxell Crochet Stitch Motifs (book) edited by Erika Knight 101 Stitches to Crochet (cards) edited by Erika Knight All published by Interweave Press. Stitch dictionaries can be wonderful sources of inspiration for anyone who prefers to come up with their own ideas for projects instead of working with a pattern designed by someone else. The Harmony Guides are a wonderful collection of books that provide a staggering array of crochet inspiration to the adventurous crocheter. The book Basic Crochet Stitches is a collection of 250 crochet stitches. Beginners will find clear instructions for all the basic stitches such as single crochet, double crochet, treble crochet, and others. If you've ever been confused about just where in a stitch you're supposed to place your hook, there's even a section with explanations and illustrations to show you what to do. More advanced crocheters will find solid stitches, textured stitches, openwork stitches, and stitches using more than one color. The book Crochet Edgings and Trims is a collection of 150 crochet edgings, ranging from simple and elegant to trendy and funky. You're sure to find an edging that would be perfect to trim a favorite piece of clothing or perhaps even a pillowcase or decorative towel or pillow. Crochet Stitch Motifs, also a book, provides instructions for 250 different motifs. You'll find instructions for a few flowers and even more motifs that would make wonderful afghans or even scarves. Perhaps you can mimic Robyn Chachula's fabulous techniques for making gorgeous garments from motifs. 101 Stitches to Crochet is a collection of 4.75" x 6.25" cards printed on heavy cardstock with full-color illustrations of 62 basic crochet stitches and 39 crochet motifs. The stitches are taken from the books listed above. The cards provide a very portable alternative when you're traveling with a crochet project and space and weight issues are of concern. Each publication provides clear written instructions on how to make each stitch along with a black-and-white stitch diagram and a beautiful, clean, crisp, close-up photo illustrating the stitch or motif. Interweave's photography is always gorgeous. I love paging through stitch dictionaries to get inspiration, and these books and cards are a joy to look at. It's especially fun to sit down on a rainy day, curl up under a cozy crocheted blanket, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and just spend time looking at beautiful stitches. Disclaimer: These items were received as complimentary press review copies from the publisher.
  15. My daughter likes to wear scarves as part of a fashion accessory. She asked for me to make her one because I was making one for myself (similar to the most posted but narrower). I didn't promise her one, but made her one anyway as a surprise. I started with the following pattern, but altered it a bit: I added another row of "open work" in the middle, and changed colors as you can see from the picture...Also on both edges I added an edging as follows: single crochet in the first two stitches, chain 2, slip stitch into the same stitch you made your last single crochet...and repeat. Hopefully she'll like it.