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Found 26 results

  1. Im currently in the process of crocheting a dress that is made in one piece. Ive already finished crocheting the top of the bodice and the two sleeves. The next part of the pattern is crocheting the neck border. The instructions say: "With right side of back facing, skip on last rnd of bodice after right sleeve next 14 dc. Attach yarn to next dc." I've interpreted that as looking at my piece with the back facing me (so right sleeve on my right, left sleeve on my left), working on the back piece, and counting from the right sleeve 14 dc's towards the middle then crocheting towards the left sleeve. I've tried a couple of times doing this method, but it doesnt seem right when i read the rest of the instructions. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  2. I am looking for the June 1984 Crochet World wedding dress pattern.
  3. Sweet unicorn sweater dress for your little girl!! Now for sale in my etsy shop!! https://www.etsy.com/shop/DualDesignsBoutique
  4. (My second attempt at posting...I spent an hour composing my previous post and the system said there was an error when I tried to post it I literally cried.) Anyway, I'm sick of this pattern I've been working on it so long and the little girl I'm making it for is going to be too big for it if I don't finish it soon but I've hit a snag. This is what it should look like: I've just gotten to the sleeves and the pattern reads: With right side of work toward you, attach thread in 6th row to right of shoulder seam, ch 4, work 3 shells to shoulder seams and 3 shells the other side of shoulder seam, (each shell is worked over 2 rows of sdc) * ch 4, turn, work a shell in each shell and 1 shell beyond last shell, repeat from * until there are 20 shells in row then add 2 shells at end of each row until all rows have been picked up to the straight underarm section. First of all, sdc is what we would now call a half double crochet and those were used in the bodice. Second, it doesn't specify what kind of shell, so I just assumed 5 double crochet shells with single crochet anchors between each. This is what I have so far: My issue is that I don't understand how I'm supposed to add another shell at the end of each row and then pick up a stitch in my arm hole. With the chain 4, it seems to be leaving a piece of the shell just hanging and I don't know how to add the shell and pick up the stitch when the shell at the end of the previous row is just hanging there. It looks like this: All I can think is that I must be doing something wrong...any advice or insight would be sooooo appreciated!! I'm at my wit's end!
  5. I'm working a vintage dress pattern which starts at the hem and works up to the waistline. For some reason instead of getting smaller it's getting wider as it goes up, I started with chain 232 for a M/L and now I have 247. I know I messed up around the back closure line but I have no idea how, I've been working 10 tr, 3 tr in the next stitch, 10 tr, skip 2 the whole pattern. In my head I can't understand how that would make it get smaller but can't find anything in the pattern I did wrong. Please help! I've been working on this forever and I need it to be right. Thanks!
  6. Hello, not exactly a new member but new to the posting part so here goes nothin' So I have some questions involving a vintage dress pattern I am making, In this pattern the dress is worked in one piece, meaning there is no sewing the pieces together afterwards which is great! One downside I've encountered is after finishing the bodice, it seems to be a way inelastic which makes getting in and out of it a 2 person job. I had the great idea of installing a zipper but since I've already finished the bodice I have no idea how to do so without possibly ruining the whole garment. I've thought of maybe cutting the stitches after securing them by machine stitching two parallel rows of zigzag stitches similar to how a button hole is sewn, then cutting and sewing over the stitches once more with a bias tape or something similar before attaching the zipper. I've read a bunch about steeking which is done while making the garment, which I obviously didnt do. I guess all of my anguish is caused by my not thinking beforehand lol. The bodice isnt super complicated in its construction, its made of several rows of double crochets followed by a row of single crochets around the neckline, finished with two rows of slip stitches worked in back loops only. My main questions are, Is it possible to cut into the bodice without the whole thing coming unraveled? Are there any precautions I can take to ensure this doesnt happen? Is there any hope? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance! (I've attached pictures of the entire garment so far, the bodice section I would install the zipper into, and the neckline)
  7. Pattern Information Pattern Description: Newborn sized dress done in snowflake motifs, and crochet thread (but don't let that scare you away! The stitching is simple, with sc, hdc, dc, htrc, and maybe a few trc). The dress was originally designed with Disney's Queen Elsa in mind (from the movie Frozen). Pattern Style (written, symbol chart, etc.): Written pattern, with lots of pictures. Pattern Photo (optional): Can be seen on my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/FamilyBugs/photos/a.165008696925751.38068.149171735176114/619073261519290/?type=1&theater) Skill Level: Not quite beginner, but not intermediate either. Uses basic crochet stitches, but with a tiny hook and thread...let's go with easy. Yarn/Material/Tools Required (specify which will supplied by designer and which by tester): I will provide the pattern (of course), and the tester must supply crochet thread size 10 (in two colors, I have done mine in blue and white), crochet hook size 0, satin ribbon is optional, and seed beads are optional. Tester Information Number of Testers Needed: 2 Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: 1 month Deadline: May 10th Tester Experience (do you want testers to have prior experience, submit references, etc.): No previous testing experience is needed. Tester Responsibilities (what exactly do you want testers to do and what information do you want them to supply to you): Double check my counting. Make sure I use the same abbreviations throughout the pattern. Make sure that we are getting the same finished measurements. So that it will fit a newborn, and not a 6-mo-old. All of the steps and instructions make sense and can be followed. Any other opinions about the pattern itself (maybe you have an idea that might work better than what I have written out). Any Special Software Requirements (Microsoft Word, pdf reader, etc.): Able to download and read pdfs. Compensation Please specify what compensation you are offering to pattern testers (none, free copy of final pattern, monetary fee, etc.). Free copy of final pattern, and first opportunity to test any future dresses that I will design.
  8. Would someone please explain what this means: "ch4, sc in 2nd ch from hook, ch1, in next ch work sc, ch1, sc (center), ch 1, sc in next ch, Ch1, turn" This is the beginning of the work, and I feel like as soon as I can get started the rest of the pattern will be easier to understand. Thanks for your help! Caitlyn
  9. I had the elements ready for this dress A YEAR AGO… Few days ago I put them all together and sew the skirt part. So my daughter has a new dress and she likes it! And matching bows…. July 10th UPDATE Here's another one I made for my cousin's daughter - veery similar, but different
  10. Very pretty dress drawing and the instruction on http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/clothing/white-and-red-sleeveless-dress/141984 http://tatti2014patterns.blogspot.ru/
  11. Apak

    Red dress

    Here is the dress for my daughter. I could say the dress is half knitted, half crocheted - but you can see that knitted is "the bigger half" Two flowers will be added to the hairband. I used simple pattern because of the yarn with sequins that will sparkle in the light. Yarn: Alize Sal Abiye Needles: 4 Hook: 2,5
  12. Once I made two dresses for my cousin's new baby. She liked it so much that asked me for more So I made this one and she liked it too I used the same pattern as for my other cousin's daughter' christening dress.
  13. Just finished today. Pattern thanks go to......Designed by Jessica Ngo, JN Crochet Creations www.facebook.com/JNcrochetcreations
  14. Here is another dress for a new baby in family. I hope she'll like it.
  15. cshort

    Baby Dresses

    These are dresses I made for a little friend. I didn't know they had a Disney trip planned for this weekend before I started the Tinkerbell dress so the timing was perfect. The dresses also have bloomers that match but I didn't get a picture of them.
  16. This is a top I made to try the colors together, and will be making more for my grand daughters, it turned out great.
  17. Just a quick note to let you know about my new pattern which is discounted only for the next 36 hours! Swish...is a lovely open mesh dress worked top down in a simple stitch pattern. It features a slash neck, slightly fitted waistline & lovely godet flares at the hem. Check it out on Ravelry now - sale price only until midnight Tuesday 28th Feb! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/swish-4
  18. Hi all, I just completed this set of baby items. The sizes range from premmies (pink) to about 12 months (coloured tiers). I modified a pattern I used from another designer that was in one size and altered the number of stitches and length etc to fit the other sizes. Let me know what you think of them. I did not photograph the back of the dresses but there are one to two buttons at the back of the neck for each dress.
  19. Creative Graphics Workshop Four colorful and bright summer/spring sets! Each set consists of four pieces: Hat or headband, dress and nappy cover and shoes http://creativegraphicsworkshop.blogspot.com/p/jessicas-closet.html
  20. Once upon a time there was a Fairy godmother who gifted me the pattern for Sarafan Dress that I liked very much. For the first time I started with varigated yarn but it didn't work. It should be one colour so you can see the pattern very well. My yarn colour is called "pudding" I modifed the pattern a little because my yarn was thinner than recommended. So here she is: my 2yo daughter Malgosia wearing Sarafan Dress :cheer
  21. Hi all, My lacy mini dress earrrings pattern is now available on Etsy. Do pop by for a look if you are keen to make these 3-D dresses. If you have a small enough doll, you can even dress her up in one. =) http://www.etsy.com/listing/153513297/mini-lacy-dress-earrings?ref=shop_home_active
  22. My new line of Little Miss Crochet Dresses. From left to right.. Little Miss Yarn Ruffles Little Miss Tutu Little Miss Ruffles
  23. This was my first time making an article of clothing. The best way to learn is to crochet with baby clothes before you tackle adult clothes.
  24. I did a post today including the top 5 free crochet dress patterns finds available, here is the link. http://crochetcricket.wordpress.com/
  25. My daughter is two years old on Tuesday (it's hard to believe...) and today we had her birthday party. And I made her the dress. I strated with the skirt, adapting the pattern for... a pineapple doily at the beggining... Then I the rest of the pattern came straight from my heart. I added the flower brooch and the ribbon and the underskirt. I was afraid it's too short, but it turned out the length is perfect and my girl was comfortable, especially when sitting ot playing. The dress is made with tread (size 10 I guess) and the real colour is amarant.
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