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Found 17 results

  1. Looking something else up and came across this pattern for a one piece doll ! No sewing all the parts on! One Piece Crochet Doll Pattern | Supergurumi
  2. Pattern Paradise doll pattern 2017.
  3. I've wanted to make this for years. I have a little girl in mind or I may make another for her and send this to Appalachian Outreach. Mary Maxim kit with pattern. I changed the outfit a bit and added a hat. Different color blanket. My gauge was way off from pattern....I adapted.
  4. CROCHET PATTERN "Christmas Angel" When using recommended yarn and hook, the size of the turns out 18cm NECESSARY MATERIALS: ✓Yarn for body – YARN ART Jeans № 05; ✓Yarn for clothes - ALIZE Softy №62; (any other yarn can be used) ✓Filler - hullfiber, 20g; ✓Hook №2; ✓Scissors; ✓Needle for stapling parts; ✓Helical eyes 0,6 mm, 2 pcs.; ✓Hair-7 cm HEAD With skin color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1.6inc = (12sts) 2.(1sc , inc) *6 = (18sts) 3.(2sc , inc) *6 = (24sts) 4.(3sc , inc) *6 = (30sts) 5.(4sc , inc) *6 = (36sts) 6.(5sc , inc) *6 = (42sts) 7-12. 1 sc in each stitch around=(42sts) Between 11 and 12 rounds we set eyes. Distance between eyes - 1 cm 13.(5sc , dec) *6 = (36sts) 14.(4sc , dec) *6 = (30sts) 15.(3sc , dec) *6 = (24sts) 16.(2sc , dec) *6 = (18sts) 17.(1sc , dec) *6 = (12sts) Filling the head with filler. We fix the thread and cut it. HAND With skin color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1-13 1 sc in each stitch around=(6sts) We fix the thread and cut it. Hands do not fill. LEG With white color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1. 6inc = (12sts) 2.(1sc , inc) *6 = (18sts) 3. BLO 18sc = (18sts) 4. 18sc = (18sts) 5. (1sc , dec) *6 = (12sts) We fill the shoes 6. 2sc, 4dec, 2sc = (8sts) 7. 8sc = (8sts) With skin color 8-17. 8sc = (8sts) We do not fill the legs. On the first leg the thread is fixed and cut off, on the second leg we do not cut and continue to knit the body BODY We check that the thread was strictly on the side With skin color 18. 3ch we attach the second leg to the first and we on the first leg 8sc, 3sc by chain of air loops, 8sc on the second leg 19-22. 22sc = (22sts) With white color 23. 22sc = (22sts) 24. BLO 22sc = (22sts) 25-28. 22sc = (22sts) We fix the thread and cut it We crochet a dress. To do this, we keep the doll with our feet from ourselves, attach the white thread to row number 24 25. FLO 22 inc 26-31. 44sc = (44sts) 32. (sc, 3dc) Until the end of around We fix the thread and cut it We connect hands, attach beige thread to row number 28 and crochet With skin color 29. BLO 8sc, 3sc at the bottom of the first hand, BLO 9sc, 3sc at the bottom of the second hand 30. 8sc, 3sc on the first hand, 9sc, 3sc on the second hand Filling the body 31.(2sc , dec) *6 = (17sts) 32.(1sc , dec) *5, 2sc = (12sts) With white color 29. FLO 22 sc(22) WINGS With white color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1.6inc = (12sts) 2.(1sc , inc) *6 = (18sts) 3.(2sc , inc) *6 = (24sts) 4.(3sc , inc) *6 = (30sts) 5.(4sc , inc) *6 = (36sts) 6.(5sc , inc) *6 = (42sts) Fold the circle in half 7. (sc, 3dc) crochet Until the end of the round We fix the thread and cut it. HAT With white color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1.6inc = (12sts) 2.(1sc , inc) *6 = (18sts) 3.(2sc , inc) *6 = (24sts) 4.(3sc , inc) *6 = (30sts) 5.(4sc , inc) *6 = (36sts) 6.(5sc , inc) *6 = (42sts) 7-13. 42sc = (42sts) SCARF With red color 55ch We fix the thread and cut it. BOW-KNOT With red color 4ch, 2dc in the first loop, 3ch, sl st, 3ch, 2dc in the first loop, sl st. tie a knot Decorate the doll! 1. Sew our head. 2. To the 8th row (from the top of the head) we sew the hair 3. We embroider eyelashes 4. Sew a hat 5. Sew a bow-knot to the cap 6. Sew wings 7. Blusher Our Christmas Angel is ready!
  5. Crochet pattern for Doll Fairy Rose - Instant PDF Download in English https://www.etsy.com/listing/595750970/crochet-pattern-for-doll-fairy-rose?ref=shop_home_active_5&pro=1 This listing is for an extensive PDF file which contains full instructions for crocheting and finishing off the doll Fairy Rose. Document size 1.85 MBThe pattern contains a lot of detailed step-by-step photographs along with full pattern instructions and tips for crocheting, jointing and finishing neatly:The pattern contains 14 pages of detailed descriptions of dolls, clothes and decoration toys.The pattern contains 32 photos of the whole process of creating a toy.+Print Release FormThis pattern uses US crochet terms.Skill level: intermediate.Finished Size:Doll: approx. 12 1/4” or 30 cm. (When using recommended yarn and hook)NECESSARY MATERIALS: YARN ART Jeans №05, 160 g / 50 m, light beige;YARN ART Begonia №1000, 50 g / 169 m;YARN ART Begonia №5046, 50 g / 169 m;(you can also use another yarn)For eyelashes - Sewing thread, blackFiller - hullfiber, 50g;Hook # 2(US,UK 1); Scissors;Needle for sewing parts;Ribbons or lace for decoration, 10cm;Doll hair (tresses), hair length 15cm, tape length 30cm;Eyes 0.6 mm, 2 pcs;Wings 1 pcs or feltCardboard, Granulate (optional)
  6. Its been a lonnnggg time but I just recently made a tutorial on my channel.....the Moogle from Final Fantasy!!!! I always thought it was such an adorable little thing. I hope you guys enjoy!!!!!
  7. Looking for the bonus crochet doll pattern that came with the afghan pillow pattern that doesn't cost a small fortune Any help locating one reasonably priced would be much appreciated!
  8. Here’s a link to my granny square dress for 18 inch dolls. I’ve tried it on a few different kinds of dolls and it works up nicely. 18 Inch Doll Granny Square Dress Pattern
  9. My friend's biggest dream is to visit Hawaii and she's crazy about everything Hawaiian. I wanted to make something for her and made that doll. I'm happy to say my friend loved it. Generally I followed the pattern for Audrey Doll by Jessica Doering but I used very wise trick to avoid floppy head - I found it in "Mina doll pattern" on A Yarnful Day blog. I made up the skirt and flowers on my own. The doll is about 20 cm tall. I used cotton Jeans yarn.
  10. I'm sexy and i know it
  11. One of the 3 menaces (Lock, Shock and Barrel) of the beloved movie The Nightmare Before Christmas
  12. I tried my very best to make him as realistic as possible, hes made up of alot of parts but i think he's realtively easy to make
  13. Hello lovelies I've been trawling Pinterest, esty, etc. looking for a doll pattern for my 1yo niece. They're all so spindly looking with tiny little limbs. Does anyone know where I can find a doll pattern in a similar shape to the Disney soft dolls like the Moana I've attached, something that will stand up to being loved by a toddler? 😅
  14. One of my favorite projects, I've made! You can find the pattern on my Youtube Channel
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