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Found 19 results

  1. Finished, going to try my homemade starch spray on it later when I block it. It’s going on the dining room table as a centerpiece with a vase on it.
  2. https://www.yarnspirations.com/row-en/aunt-lydias-starshine-doily/ALC0537-025159M.html
  3. DISCLAIMER: I take no credit for this FREE pattern as it is not my design. Unfortunately I don't have the name but thank you to the designer of this free pattern!
  4. Just started Patricia Kristoffersen’s Brenna Doily. I have a ring with 24 dc. Then, In Round 3: ch 1, BPslst around next dc, ch 4, (BPdc around next dc, ch 1) around, ch 1; join with slst in 3rd ch of beg ch-4. My question is, when I BPslst around the next dc, it creates a larger bump than the BPdc used for the rest of the round. The next 2 rounds also begin with BPslst, so I have 3 large bumps in a row!!! Any idea how to do this stitch without creating a bump?
  5. I have a new guest design on my blog - The Alite doily, designed by Tayu Purnamasari, is beginner friendly and works up really quickly. Tayu is also planning on hosting a CAL for this doily on her Instagram account. The CAL will run from Nov 5th to Nov 10th and she plans on sharing a video for it as well so you will have a lot of support and company while you make yours
  6. Completed and blocked this doily in anticipation of selling it in a holiday market. I don't know how to price these kind of things, though...sigh.
  7. Pinwheel Doily I did a while back with light blue thread from a free pattern I found. Pretty easy pattern from what I recall but it turned out pretty nice I think. I have some black thread I think I might try it with next time.
  8. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1069995271/vintage-floral-doilies-crochet-pattern I've started on the Daffodil doily. Leisurely tempo as long as it's finished by Spring.
  9. Just finally finished blocking my Christmas Pineapple Doily. The pattern for it is available for free here. For this pattern, you'll need a skein of size 10 crochet thread in white, red, and green, using hook size 1.75 mm. Finished size is about 2.5 feet in diameter after blocking.
  10. I'm a beginner crocheter and this is the first pattern I've created. I wanted to try a doily but I could find a pattern to match the size yarn and hook I wanted to use so i decided to try my own. I used 2 skeins of embroidery thread and it has a wpi of 12/13 and a size F hook. I believe though that as long as you use the same number of stitches per round, then it should work with any weight of yarn and hook. I plan to try it again with worsted weight yarn and a 5mm, 5.5mm or 6.5mm hook. Sunday afternoon doily or coaster Written in US terminology Stitches used: Single Crochet (sc), Chain (ch), *Treble Crochet (tc), Slip Stitch (sl st), V-stitch shell (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) *if you experience cupping substitute Double Crochet (dc) for tc Materials: Yarn or thread with a 12 wpi (2 fine yarn, 3 light, 4 medium) F-5/3.75mm hook Size: between 5.5 inches and 6 inches depending on yarn or thread used and dc substitution Pattern: Create a magic circle R1: ch 1, 9 sc in magic circle, join to the first sc with a sl st. <9> R2: 2sc in each st, join to the first sc with a sl st. <18> R3: sl st into 1 st of prev round, ch 4 (counts as first st), 1 tc in same st, *1 tc in next st, 2 tc in next st, repeat from * all around ending with 1 tc, join to first tc (chain) with a sl st. <27> R4: ch 1, 1 sc in same stitch, *ch 6, sk 2, 1 sc in next stitch, repeat from * all around ending with ch 6, join to first sc with a sl st <9 ch-6 sp> R5: sl st to 3rd st in ch-6 sp, ch 1, sc into same st, *ch 5, sc into 3rd st in next ch-6 sp, repeat from * all around ending with ch 5, join to first sc with a sl st <54> (NOTE: substitute ch 6 for ch 5 if you experience cupping but do not add an extra tc in the next round) R6: ch 4 (counts as first st), 1 tc into same st, *5 tc in ch-5 sp, 2 tc into sc, repeat from * all around ending with 5 tc in ch-5 sp, joint to first tc (chain) with a sl st <63> *R7: ch 2 (counts as first st), v-stitch shell in same st, *sk 2, v-stitch shell in next st, repeat from * all around ending with v-stitch shell, sk 2, sl st into 1st stitch of prev round, fasten off <21 v-st shells> * I seem to have unintentionally done one dc in place of a v-st shell in 1 st, I counted this in the 21 but if you have issues with it let me know and if you have any suggestions or corrections, let me know, because I'm only a beginner and I'm not sure if I might have done anything wrong.
  11. Design by Gemma Owen. June 2021 Crochet World magazine. Well written pattern. I used perle 5 thread pattern calls for size 10. (For a 9 inch diameter). Mine Is 9 3/4 inch across unblocked. Mother’s Day gift.
  12. Here is a free Mandala pattern designed by Tayu Purnamasari: https://knitterknotter.com/asti-doily/
  13. A new doily called Tegan designed by Grace Fearon. The pattern is currently in testing, but it should be a success when available for purchase. My test doily measures 18 inches across and was made with #10 thread using a #4/2.00mm hook.
  14. I just finished this one after about a week of evenings. It was supposed to be 19 inches according to the pattern, but turned out to be 16 inches instead. I always tend to be a bit tight no matter how much I try to loosen up. This was designed by Patricia Kristoffersen in Leisure Arts Ultimate Doilies #3401 as Momentous Occassion. https://www.leisurearts.com/ultimate-doilies-1.html
  15. A Pleasure by Patricia Kristoffersen. This turn out so pretty! I really enjoy her patterns.
  16. Practicing my doily making skills. This is Springtime by Hazel Henry. I really have to learn to block better. Practice, Practice, Practice.
  17. This was a challenge for me. I found this pattern in a booklet (Coats Sewing Group #920 Bold Crochet Motifs) a friend gave to me a while back. It took a couple tries to start. It uses UK stitch terminology, but US measurements. There are no specific instructions to actually join the motifs, only instructed to follow the photo. Simply titled "Coffee Table Mat". I chose to make a smaller doily, just to see if I could. Yay!
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