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  1. Here is a free Mandala pattern designed by Tayu Purnamasari: https://knitterknotter.com/asti-doily/
  2. A new doily called Tegan designed by Grace Fearon. The pattern is currently in testing, but it should be a success when available for purchase. My test doily measures 18 inches across and was made with #10 thread using a #4/2.00mm hook.
  3. I just finished this one after about a week of evenings. It was supposed to be 19 inches according to the pattern, but turned out to be 16 inches instead. I always tend to be a bit tight no matter how much I try to loosen up. This was designed by Patricia Kristoffersen in Leisure Arts Ultimate Doilies #3401 as Momentous Occassion. https://www.leisurearts.com/ultimate-doilies-1.html
  4. A Pleasure by Patricia Kristoffersen. This turn out so pretty! I really enjoy her patterns.
  5. Practicing my doily making skills. This is Springtime by Hazel Henry. I really have to learn to block better. Practice, Practice, Practice.
  6. This was a challenge for me. I found this pattern in a booklet (Coats Sewing Group #920 Bold Crochet Motifs) a friend gave to me a while back. It took a couple tries to start. It uses UK stitch terminology, but US measurements. There are no specific instructions to actually join the motifs, only instructed to follow the photo. Simply titled "Coffee Table Mat". I chose to make a smaller doily, just to see if I could. Yay!
  7. Looking for this pattern that my sister-in-law and I saw on a Facebook thread crochet group very recently. The crocheter said that she finished this recently from a pattern she found on Google or Pinterest some time ago, and said that was the only information she had. I've spent more hours than I'd like to admit searching for it this weekend, and my sister-in-law has put in quite a few hours herself. Any help appreciated!
  8. It was made with sewing thread (colour match to DMC embroidery floss No.3852) and 0.50 mm crochet hook.It measures 12 cm (4 3/4 inches) in diameter. This beautiful handmade miniature textured doily will add a special touch to your home or as a wedding/special gift. It is very light and airy and not suitable for everyday use. Frame it for beautiful lace wall art. For sale in my Crochet Knit Jewelry Etsy Shop , if interested
  9. Good Day I am translating this shawl into a pattern. I have gotten through the first two rows (from the inside out) but can't identify what the pattern is for the bottom two petals of the flower. I would love your help with this The part that is unclear to me is how the petals attach to the row below.....
  10. I have been crocheting thread doilies for about a year now, and have found that I am unable to work in all the starting stitches in a starting loop with some patterns. The most recent doily said ch 6, join to make loop, ch 16 sc in loop. I could not fit 16 sc in the loop! I tried changing hooks, still didn't work. I'm using 10 thread 1.5 mm steel hook. Grrrr and thank you for any tips or help you all may have!
  11. gdenesse

    Doily rug

    I want to make a large doily rug. I can't decide what yarn to use. Cotton would be sturdy and weighty on the floor and would look great. But I am worried that it would be really heavy and difficult to wash and dry. Acrylic would be softer and easier to wash, but it would be more slippery. If it's a doily, I can't really put a rug gripper under it. What experience do you all have with this?
  12. My latest doily, oval is what I'm into at the moment..... made with DMC Petra No. 5 thread and a 2.5 mm hook. don't you just love my mini pewter frames! Thanks for looking.....
  13. Here is a free crochet pattern for this summer inspired coasters. I really hope you will like them. https://jevrosimadesign.wordpress.com/2016/06/09/summer-mandala-coaster-crochet-pattern/
  14. Does anyone know the pattern source of this beautiful Water Lily Doily? I would love to make this. Thank you for your assistance. The link to the photo is here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/9256265@N03/1571367408
  15. I have spent hours upon hours searching high and low for this. I keep getting links to "Sunburst Doily" and other patterns that kind of look the same as mine, but are not it when inspected closely. I received this WIP in a bag of crochet novelties/nick nacks at the hospice thrift store. It is quite old and came with satin/silk thread balls(?) I will gladly pay for a pattern, IF it is the same stitch pattern in the pink section. It looks like it could be a motif - *maybe*. It is of a floral puffy design with a cute picot green connected to it. I am a noob at this so am not skilled in id
  16. I picked this gem up from one of my thriftings- https://www.pinterest.com/pin/66287425739840614/ (just for reference, I don't have a "Pinterest") on eBay they always scream "VERY RARE" but I see them ALL the time listed. I purchased two pkgs for maybe, err 50c 2 yrs ago, when I was collecting crafting items wondering what craft I will choose to follow, before I found crocheting to be the best so far I discovered the packages just today while I was going through my "stashes" of goodies, I am going through my pre-Christmas panic as to what is getting made for whom (still in a quandary- family
  17. Anyone have this book? It's a vintage 1959 "Learn How Boook" by Coats & Clark with instructions on how to knit, crochet, tat and etc. I am STUCK on their stupid doily pattern! Here it is on Ravelry http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/doily-with-treble-crochet/people There's no pattern or info on it there at all. I specifically am having trouble with Row 22!! EDITED- Round 22: ch 4, tr in joining, *2 tr in next dc, ch 4, 2 tr in each of next 2 dc (ch-4 sp made); ch 3, (sc in next loop, ch 9) 3 times,sc in next loop, ch 3. Repeat from * all around. I don't get where the ch
  18. Here is a pattern I had found in a Burda crochet magazine. I made the first doily only to the first arches and then made the second doily to the second arches and finally I did the entire pattern and really had to restrain myself from undoing the whole thing because it was so wavy..... I want my doilies to lay flat and will take out row after row to get them to do so LOL
  19. I've been working on a Pineapple Strawberry doily for a few days now, and I've just come across the cluster stitch they have written on the page that I just can't seem to understand. Here is a photo of a finished version of the doily I've found online, https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1420/1160703213_c78a18e90a_b.jpg here's a photo of where I am on mine, https://scontent.fsnc1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/11900082_1153381578010584_5014055844945501072_n.jpg?oh=87c1c57dfb51d65eb5201c077e9e9a5d&oe=5671A28D and here is the stitch I'm having problems with, as well as a l
  20. So I'm having trouble with this doily patter I've found. The part I'm having trouble with is the section with the cluster of 3 ch. 5s. I just finished the previous row and I am so confused on how to start the next row. If anyone understands what I'm talking about I would really appreciate the help!
  21. This is kind of hard to explain in words, but I've attached a rough sketch of what I'm trying to make, so hopefully that will help. The project I'm working on is one of those blanket dolls where the "body" is a blanket but there's a stuffed animal or doll "head" on top (sorry, I don't know what they're actually called, but you can see my point in the sketch I've attached). I want the blanket portion to represent the doll's dress, so I'd love it to have a scalloped edge around the bottom/outer portion of the circle. However, all the patterns I've found online are for much smaller "scallops", as
  22. I am started to knit very small a doily from the center. Now I mastered quite well and I can begin bigger projects. Some patterns of my work it is possible to buy http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/knitting/home-decor/doily-lace-ditte-ii/126765?rceId=1430555817715~wk53etxp
  23. Very pretty dress drawing and the instruction on http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/clothing/white-and-red-sleeveless-dress/141984 http://tatti2014patterns.blogspot.ru/
  24. Hi everyone! I am attempting to crochet a doily that is going to go on the back of a loveseat. This is my first time ever making one so I am not sure if I am doing this right or not. I have followed the pattern to the letter with the exception that I am using size 10 thread instead of 30 (I wanted the doily to be bigger). I am using a size 10 steel hook. As I am working on row 16 I am wondering if it is going to flatten out once I am done, if I have to iron it, or if I have done something wrong and need to start over again. So long story short, when you make larger doilies, do it look lik
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