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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, My name I Autumn. I am, since December 20 was my B-day, now 41. I have three kiddos; Brianna (20), Ricky (10), and Ashley (will be 9 in month and a half). Like to crochet, and knit a bit too. Really, I do a little of several crafts, just have phases that rotate! Like trying new crafts, or maybe new technique for an old craft. Love to bake, and candy making has pushed up recently. Hope that's what you were looking for, if not you'll get a better sense of me, in time, in any community interactions here! Looking forward to all the possibilities from this site, and maybe being able to share something I do or know back to brighten your experience here, too.
  2. Hello everyone, I ran across this site searching for some new patterns to try. I hope to be able to connect with others for new ideas.
  3. Hellllllo!!!! I've been crocheting for a few years and I love it!!! It all started by accident. I got my youngest daughter a teach yourself crochet and knitting kit from Walmart. She wasn't too thrilled and the kit sat on the counter for about a week. On a whim I decided to try it and the rest is history. She's now 20 and cringes at the thought or picking up any type of hook.
  4. Back when I began doing my crochet every night while I sat in front of the tv, I decided that as long as my eyesight and hands were continuing to work well that I would make crocheted pieces for each of my grand children for when they would marry and have their own homes. Picture 1, I placed the work for each grand child in 100% cotton bags and added a picture of me presenting a piece to that child. I read that you should wrap each piece in acid free tissue to store them so I did that as well. Picture 2, I machine embroidered "tags" to place on each bag. Picture 3, some pieces in that bag. Picture 4, a picture with my last grand child who is now 6. Picture 5, I made sure that one set of a table runner plus four side tables is in each bag. Picture 6, one doily in one of the bags. Thanks for looking!!!
  5. Hi Crochetville-ers, many times I have seen doilies in color but I have never been a fan because you can't "see" the actual design, but I have dabbed in using colors and some of the results were nice. Picture 1, 2003, The first time I use colors and I loved the results. Picture 2, made in 2004 for my sister and using colors she picked to match her living room. Picture 3, this is called Eternity Doily and I made it for my daughter when she married in 2005, I love how the stitches are intertwined. Picture 4, not a great doily but my daughter insisted I complete it for her. Picture 5, I'm still confused about liking this one, the design I love but the colors mess me up! Picture 6, When I saw this doily I automatically thought of a neice and had to buy and make it for her. Picture 7, for some reason I wanted to try using colors again and in 2015 I made this and gave it to a neighbor he he Picture 8, a dinning table runner, not bad but probably the wrong color? Picture 9, a nice doily and I was intrigued to make the pattern. Thanks for looking!!!
  6. Anybody know where I can purchase the book wonderful doilies and the brenna pattern by Patricia kristoffersen?
  7. Hello I've been working on this doily from crochet magazine, Jan.2013 and am having so much trouble. I get to rnd 7 and it starts ruffling. I can't figure out why it is doing this. I've been crocheting for over 20 yrs. This pattern is making me want to give up. I've worked and reworked it for the past month. Please help.
  8. Just to see if I could do it (as my grandmother did long ago) ... worked with size 30 thread on a size 10 (US) steel hook for this #24 Doily, designed by Fujiko Tagaki, from vintage issue of Decorative Crochet magazine (#12, Nov 1989, some copies appear to be available on Amazon)
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