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Found 16 results

  1. Hope you like this crochet peacock I made For How-to video please click here https://youtu.be/8EypFMGt3uE
  2. Hi all! Let me show you my master classes in crochet. All my classes are on YouTube channel - Crochet by Ellej. Here are some of my lessons on crochet. Wellcome! Thank you for watching!
  3. I found the best tutorial to decorate the baby's room in crochet! http://crochettoday.club/carousel-cal-crochet-tutorial/
  4. Shells and Borders Crochet Stitch Pattern Written Pattern http://www.meladorascreations.com/shells-and-borders-free-crochet-pattern/ Pattern comes with Right and Left Handed tutorials Candy / Meladora's Creations
  5. Lior’s Granny Square – Free Crochet Pattern & Tutorials Written Pattern http://www.meladorascreations.com/liors-granny-square-free-crochet-pattern/ Pin it http://www.pinterest.com/pin/159666749265037365/
  6. Falling Water Slouch Hat - Crochet Pattern & Tutorial http://www.meladorascreations.com/falling-water-slouch-hat-free-crochet-pattern/ Meladora's Creations
  7. Hi everyone! I finally put my tutorial for a spring blanket online. It's made with flowers in squares and you can join as you go (yes, I am a lazy bugger, hehe). The structure is quite open, so this blanket does need a nice edge to really work. Also, the squares realy benfit from wet blocking as they may be a bit 'wobbly' if you're a tight crocheter. I hook very losely, so no problems there. Enjoy!!
  8. Shadow Stitch Scoodie - Crochet Tutorial Pattern http://www.meladorascreations.com/shadow-stitch-scoodie-free-crochet-pattern/
  9. Fleur De Lis Winter Dress – Free Crochet Pattern and Tutorial Pattern: http://www.meladorascreations.com/fleur-de-lis-winter-dress-free-crochet-pattern/
  10. Fleur de lis Crochet Stitch – Free Pattern and Tutorial - http://www.meladorascreations.com/fleur-de-lis-crochet-stitch-free-pattern-and-tutorial/#sthash.1qQ5ikQG.dpuf Sorry about the lack of pictures with the pattern, Bluehost still hasn't fixed the problem with uploading pictures to the site. Will add pictures as soon as problem is fixed on there end. Until then, there are right and left handed tutorials.
  11. I am in the process of working on a few big projects and for lack of having a model it may also delay it a bit, but for now please enjoy this older never released classic video. I hope you can get some use from it! Right Handed
  12. Learn handmade wire crochet jewelry today! It's never been so easy and fun! Cross the barriers of learning handmade jewelry with this innovative Wire Crochet Jewelry Course that will teach you step by step how to create your own Wire Crochet Bracelet, Ring, Earrings and Pendant. I'll teach you from scratch, without requiring any prior knowledge, how to create your own handmade bracelet, ring, pendant and earrings. Introduction to the Peruvian Point and how to create geometric shapes with gold, silver and copper wire; how to choose the needles or crochet hooks, types of wires, range of finishes and styles. Extensive tutorials that will clearly explain you step by step with a combine of over 180 pages and 350 photographs to facilitate your understanding. The benefits of the ebook for the audience are the following: *** Easy step-by-step tutorials with no prior knowledge required by the reader. *** Being able to create beautiful handcrafted jewelry. *** Master all the wire crochet techniques. *** Free advice, guidance and support from Adriana Laura Mendez. ON SALE FOR $10 ONLY FOR A WEEK THEN PRICE WILL BE $25, CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE I believe that by teaching in an easy and innovative way, you will be able to design your own handmade wire crochet bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants. Inside the PDFs you will find instructions to access to the videos and download them into your computer. Bonus: You'll also receive access to video introduction of how to create a chain with Peruvian Point. Total of 5 videos!!! Details of the product you will get: You will get right away 4 innovative Ebooks tutorial in PDF format with the step by step of how to create a Bracelet, Ring, Earrings and a Pendant. You will receive awesome video tutorials that you can watch online anytime plus you can download them! You will get a protected password links where you can watch them and also download them into your computer. ** INTENDED AUDIENCE ** Absolute beginners who want to learn how to create wire crochet jewelry are welcome. Even if you have never with wire or needle, you will be able to create in a fast and easy way wire crochet bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants. ** REQUIREMENTS ** No prior knowledge required. You will need to purchase a crochet needle number 4, a 28 gauge dead soft wire, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, and wire cutters. You will also need an oval stone to create a wire crochet pendant. ** SOME OF MY JEWELRY AND EBOOK REVIEWS ** "The ebook is written in big bold letters so it should be easy to read for those who have difficulty reading small text on screens. The table of contents and the entire ebook in general is straight forward." - Shatterlion "Adriana is extremely talented and able to teach you at your leisure and time to make this gorgeous jewelry like a pro !." - Nana's Deals and More "Adriana handweaves all of her designs and creates jewelry pieces that are just so gorgeous! I was send a stunning crocheted cuff bracelet that took my breath away." - Two Classy Chics "This lovely jewelry will definitely stand out against most other jewelry you may own & will keep you coming back for more. You can tell in each piece the work that love that goes into each of the pieces." - Momma in Flip Flops "The bracelet was indeed something that looked as if it came out of a fairy-tale. The weave work was sophisticated and I honestly thought it enchanting. The time it must have taken to make each spiral of the wire, to be so smooth like air on skin. What can I say? It is phenomenal and easy to get lost in the detail." - Outnumbered 3 to 1 "Having worn this piece out in public on a number of occasions now, I have yet to have a moment when a friend, or even stranger, hasn’t approached me to admire." - A Nation of Moms For more reviews about my jewelry and ebooks please click here: http://www.wirecrochettutorials.com/Press.html The perfect gift to give to anybody you love that has passion for jewelry and crochet and would like to learn even if they don't have prior experience with wire and hooks. You will receive everything within seconds - Don't miss this great opportunity!
  13. Pattern and tutorial can be found here http://www.meladorascreations.com/wovenshellstitch.htm
  14. The tutorial for the granny square tote bag is old, so I thought I would redo the video for the square to help you all see it better, because I really like this square, was the first granny I designed and I hope now you can get better use out of it. Pattern is redone with updated pictures as well. Written pattern and tutorials can be found here http://www.meladorascreations.com/popcornflowergranny.htm If you're looking for the tote bag pattern it's here http://www.meladorascreations.com/totebagtutorial.htm
  15. Hi! would just like to share this link that might be helpful for beginners in crocheting.... Crochet Tips & Tricks
  16. Here is a link to a video tutorial for no foundation chain double crochet stitch http://wonderwool.hubpages.com/video/No-Chain-Foundation-Double-Crochet
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