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Found 31 results

  1. Click here for the free pattern: Do Your Cottony Vest
  2. Here is a new dishcloth pattern to kick off the new year. I call it the Hexagram Star Dishcloth as it has 6 points. It is a easy pattern using HDC stitches and a great way to use up scrap cotton. Here are a few pictures of ones I have made.
  3. Here is a few of the market bags I've done.
  4. Here are my first two octopuses. I made them for a charity action - "Octopuses for premature babies". They are given to the hospital, then sterilized and put into prematures' incubators. They are the only toys permitted. The octopus' tentacles remind umbilicar cord. The babies hold and squeeze it and play with it. So the octopus prevent pulling the tubes. The octopus has to be done with cotton and have specific size. I enjoyed making those two and I'm sure I'll make more. Here you can read about the action and find the pattern for octopuses: http://mynomadhome.com/octopus-for-a-preemie-osmiorniczka-dla-wczesniaka/ And here is the link to Danish site - the idea comes from Denmark: https://www.spruttegruppen.dk/danish-octo-project-english/
  5. I'm thinking of making a crochet sweater as my next project but the pattern suggests a 75% cotton, 25% viscose yarn in DK weight. What would be the benefit of using a yarn with viscose in? How would the result differ from using 100% cotton? Thank you
  6. Good morning to everyone, here you are some pics of a hat that I completed some weeks ago. It is made with two colors of Schachenmayr Catania Solids cotton yarn held double, an ivory and a bright pink used with a mm.4-7/0 Hamanaka Rakuraku crochet hook. Enjoy!
  7. My latest design for summer, Geometric Open Lace Crochet Shrug, designed using cotton blend yarn, sport weight, using crochet hook G (4.25 mm). Written for multiple sizes, with adjustable length. Easy and quick to make! pattern is available at : http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/clothing/geometric-open-lace-crochet-shrug/151651 http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/geometric-open-lace-crochet-shrug
  8. Here is my latest crochet pattern. I call it the In Between Dishcloth pattern as you crochet in between each DC of the main part of the cloth. The result is a quick and easy pattern that works up fast. Here are a few patriotic colored ones I crocheted using the pattern. Enjoy!
  9. Hi! I thought I'd share this super easy, beginner crochet infinity scarf pattern which I posted. I am new to posting here, so let me know if I need to do anything different. Thank you! http://www.mamainastitch.com/?p=546
  10. Apak

    Spring coasters

    Spring is almost here, so I made these coasters to bring some cheerful colors in
  11. Hi everyone, made some hot potsitters, as I call them, for some friends, did about 6 pairs already, and they are double thickness, and in colors hopefully that will go in their kitchens, lol I love them, as I got one in the square by a friend on the ville, (bgs) and loved it, so I decided to make more!! here is a pic, enjoy! the are 100 per cent cotton, double thickness, did I already mention that, lol
  12. Hello all! Here is a simple pattern I wrote for a small hanging cylinder basket. It's a great stash buster since it uses so little yarn. I have one in the bathroom organizing my eyeliners, and one in the living room holding my scissors and some pens. Very useful! Originally posted here: http://goddesscrochet.wordpress.com/2013/10/31/hanging-cylinder-basket Hanging Cylinder Basket WW cotton yarn H hook SC = Single Crochet CH = Chain ST = Stitch SL ST = Slip Stitch BLO = Back Loop Only Notes: CH 1 at beginning of rounds does not count as SC. Weave in tail from CH 3 circle before basket gets too tall, round 5 or so. CH 3, SL ST to 1st CH to form circle Round 1: CH 1 (does not count as SC here or throughout). 6 SC into circle SL ST into 1st SC to join Round 2: CH 1. 2 SC into same ST as join. * 2 SC in next ST * Repeat from * to * 4 more times SL ST to 1st SC to join (12 SC) Round 3: CH 1. SC into same ST as join. 2 SC into next ST * SC in next ST, 2 SC in next * Repeat from * to * 4 more times SL ST to 1st SC to join (18 SC) Round 4: CH 1. SC into BLO of same ST as join. * SC into BLO of next ST * Repeat from * to * 16 times SL ST into 1st SC to join (18 SC ) Round 5: CH 1. SC into same ST as join. * SC in next ST * Repeat from * to * 16 times SL ST into 1st SC to join (18 SC) Round 6-21: Repeat round 5 sixteen times or until desired height is reached CH 10. SL ST in same ST as join. SL ST in each ST around. Fasten off and weave in ends.
  13. Hello everyone, Just here to share my latest free pattern. An easy round crochet placemat. Check out my website and make your set today. Easy to customize for any occasion. Short project you can do with just one ball of cotton yarn. http://www.crochetcricket.com/round-crochet-place-setting-pattern/ Enjoy! ~Cricket~
  14. A free pattern for a pumpkin coaster: http://bynumber19.com/2013/10/29/halloween-pumpkin-crochet-coaster/
  15. Hello! I recently wrote my very first crochet pattern and I'd like to share with you all. The pattern is available on my blog http://goddesscrochet.wordpress.com/2013/07/23/crochet-water-bottle-holder-free-pattern I will post it here as well. Like I said, this is my first written pattern, so please let me know if you find any errors! I recently went searching for a water bottle holder crochet pattern, but didn’t find one to my liking…so I wrote my own! It’s actually the very first pattern I’ve written. A nice simple pattern, and it works up quickly. Now…I have an 11-month old so I barely ever get uninterrupted crochet time, so I don’t know how long it takes exactly. An experienced crocheter could probably knock it out in an hour or less. That’s instant gratification basically! Like I said, this is my first written pattern, and I haven’t had any testers yet other than myself. Please let me know if you see anything awry when you’re working the pattern up. Thanks! Water Bottle Holder Crochet Pattern Worsted Weight Yarn – I used cotton, approx 2oz. Size H hook for a med-large bottle, Size G hook for small Pattern Notes: Each CH2 at the beginning of round counts as DC. I realize most patterns use a CH3 for the DC, but I feel it leaves too large of a gap. Feel free to use CH3 throughout the pattern instead if you like. End of Each round is joined to top of CH2 with SL ST RND = Round CH = Chain SL ST = Slip Stitch ST = Stitch SC -= Single Crochet DC = Double Crochet BLO = Back Loop Only RND 1: CH3. SL ST to first CH. CH2. 11 DC into ring. (12 DC) RND 2: CH2. DC into same ST as CH2. 2 DC into each ST around. (24DC) RND 3: CH2. 2DC into next ST. * 1 DC into next ST, 2 DC into next ST. * Repeat from * to * until end. (36 DC) RND 4: CH2 * DC into BLO of next ST * Repeat from * to * until end. RND 5: CH2. * DC into next ST. * Repeat from * to * until end. RND 6 – 14: CH4. Skip 1 ST and DC into the next. * CH1. Skip 1 ST and DC into the next. * Repeat from * to * until end / 1 DC ST left. CH1. SL ST into CH3 of CH4 from beginning of round. RND 15 & 16: CH1. (Place stitch marker if needed) SC into same ST as CH1. SC in each stitch around. SL ST into CH1 from beginning of round. Add more SC rows if desired. Strap: CH2. * DC into next 3 ST. CH2. Turn. * Repeat from * to * until desired strap length is reached. Flatten bottle holder with the strap in the middle. Fold strap over to find the ST you will be going in to on your “mirrored” side. SL ST strap to mirrored side. SL ST in each ST around (including through the other side of the strap) until you get back to the beginning SL ST. SL ST into next ST and fasten off. Weave in ends. Please let me know if you catch any mistakes. Happy hooking!
  16. I'm just in the mood to go to the beach, but there's no time for a vacation right now. So here is the result of my sandy obsession. I used hemp jewelry cord to crochet the bottom of the bag. I started with a basic single crochet rectangle, then love knot stitch in the round till that section was about 3 inches tall. Then broomstick lace in cotton yarn in the round (this was wonky to do, but I like the way it came out.) The top is a thicker novelty yarn, which I found at hobby lobby. I think it was yarn bee "mimic" but I'm not certain. I dare not show you the lining. I can crochet anything, but I'm a complete failure at needle and thread. I used a combination of canvas and out door fabric samples to make a really sturdy lining. The handles were purchased years ago... no idea where. It's fun to carry! Wish I could have documented it better while I was making it. I don't think I'll ever get this one into a pattern worthy of sharing.
  17. Pattern: Crocheted Crosses by Melissa Vincent Ravelry PDF Thread: Pisgah's Article 960, Emily Hook: 1.75mm Size: 6"H x 5.5W I enjoyed making it.
  18. Pattern Description: This is a little Thank You to all of you, I have been crocheting for over 40 years and I still get the same enjoyment and thrill from it, so I just want you all to have the same feeling. This is a simple little crochet bracelet and if you are a beginner in crocheting you only need to be able to do a chain and a double crochet (single crochet) and that is all... You can use any leftover yarn to practice, but I do find that the bracelets have a better finish with a cotton yarn . I do hope you enjoy making your bracelets with the added twist and I am always here to help with any problems you may have.. Thanking you all again for purchasing my patterns. CrocKnits xx P.S. In return I really would appreciate if you could visit my project for this pattern & click the little pink heart , my aim is to get on the Top Twenty Leaderboard.........One Day.......!!! Gauge:Not important with this pattern Sizing / Finished Measurements:This size will fit most but also is easily adjustedMaterials:Small amounts of Cotton Yarn, 30 small beads,Crochet Hook 3.5mm,needle for sewingPreferred Brand/Yarn: Cotton Yarn is better for this project.. Colorway: Make lots in different colour variationsFree Crochet Twisted Bracelet.pdf Please visit my pattern store and have a browse http://www.craftsy.com/user/331905/pattern-store?_ct=fhevybu-ikrdql-fqjjuhdijehu
  19. Free Baby Washcloth crochet pattern, very easy to follow pattern, made in soft worsted weight cotton, written in UK and USA format. http://www.patternsforcrochet.co.uk/baby-wash-cloth-usa.html
  20. Pretty Cotton Toilet Cover & Small Mat Free Crochet Pattern, written in both UK and USA formats, easy to follow instructions, it's the first design of a matching set, so look out next week for the next piece. http://www.patternsforcrochet.co.uk/toilet-tissue-cover-mat-usa.html
  21. Bath rug free crochet pattern from patternsforcrochet.co.uk made in 100% double knitting (worsted weight) easy to follow instructions, written in UK and USA format. Matches toilet roll cover and small mat design. http://www.patternsforcrochet.co.uk/bathroom-rug-usa.html
  22. I made numerous dishcloths from this pattern for Christmas patterns. Now, I'm making some for a friend who uses red as an accent color in her kitchen. If you need the pattern, you can find the link for it on my blog. The yarn you use to make these is any kind of ww cotton.
  23. For some reason my pictures wouldn't upload. The photos of the dishcloths are here. At the bottom of the post is the link for the pattern if anyone wants it. Thanks for looking.
  24. Multi coloured Granny Square Cotton Potholder crochet pattern, very easy to make. http://www.patternsforcrochet.co.uk/cotton-pot-holder-usa.html
  25. Classic Elite Yarns Web-letter, Issue 249 features my Sunscreen Stripes Cap http://www.classiceliteyarns.com/WebLetter/249/Issue249.php In a couple weeks, a second crochet pattern is scheduled for release so will look forward to seeing that one as well!
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