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Found 25 results

  1. I have been gone for quite a while, and Im finally back! I figured I would share some of what I have made in the last year! Here I have pictures of a bunny, small kittens, a mallard duck, two dogs, a little flamingo, as well as the giraffe I finished earlier today! I have made many many more things in the last year, but I think these are my most notable!
  2. Hello everyone! I design the original Bunny Dolls, and in my shop, you may purchase crochet and knitting tutorial patterns in PDF format in English and Russian languages. I will give you step-by-step instructions how to create the amazing toy with your own hands! https://www.etsy.com/shop/SvetlanaToysShop I will be glad if you visit my shop! Have a good time!
  3. Hi! I would really apriciate it if someone can clarify this explaination of the term and how to crochet them because I am also doing this kind of bunny pattern. In the following sentenses from a different used goes like this: Rnds 24: [sc in next 4 sts, sc2tog, sc in next 4 sts] 6 times - 54 sts. Rnds 25-34: Continue as established, decreasing 6 sc evenly spaced in every 5th rnd - 42 sts. Am I just repeating round 24 for rounds 25-34? Or am I doing an extra decrease every round? Joined 08-February 06 Location: Ponderay, ID Posted 18 January 2011 - 02:00 PM Here's what you'll be doing for the next 10 rounds. I've written it out for you. Rnd 25: Sc in each stitch around. Rnd 26: Sc in each stitch around. Rnd 27: Sc in each stitch around. Rnd 28: Sc in each stitch around. Rnd 29: [sc in next 3 sts, sc2tog, sc in next 3 sts] 6 times - 48 sts Rnd 30: Sc in each stitch around. Rnd 31: Sc in each stitch around. Rnd 32: Sc in each stitch around. Rnd 33: Sc in each stitch around. Rnd 34:[sc in next 2 sts, sc2tog, sc in next 2 sts] 6 times - 42 sts Instead of decreasing every rnd you decrease every fifth rnd (work 4 rnds without decreasing, work 1 decrease rnd)" ---In the round 29, I count only 7 stitches made. If my calculation is correct 7 stches X 6 times= 42 sts, right? Or am I undrstanding this wrong?
  4. Limited time free pattern available from my blog! http://thoresbycottage.com/2016/08/10/spring-time-bunny/
  5. Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I am making a bunny with a slouchy beanie hat and a scarf on my face book page. I invite everyone to make a cute bunny with me. I am posting a pattern piece by piece on Facebook. I am also posting tips and tricks to make your plushies perfectly seamless. So come join me in making something cute and cuddly. The link to my Face book page is..... https://www.facebook.com/The-Laughin...6913717726349/ Please like my page. I would appreciate it. All patterns posted are my own so no one has to worry. I make stuff up out of my head. yay!
  6. https://itchycrochet.wordpress.com/2016/03/19/inchoate-bunny-hoodie/ This pattern is for the hoodie only and assumes that you own the Inchoate pattern. Dress your Inchoate to impress this Spring with this adorable Bunny hoodie. 4mm hook 20 DC/SC + 16 Rows = 4 inches 4mm hook 87m A 25m B INC= Increases DEC= Decreases FDC/FSC = Foundation stitches
  7. Here are some of my bunnies from my pattern. I had to make some for an order, so I thought I would do a new photo shoot. The photos I had in my shop were pretty old and kinda grainy. I'm really happy with how these ones turned out. I hope you enjoy them.
  8. Here is a pattern for my mini bunny, which measures around 3 inches high if you use DK or LIGHT worsted yarn. https://www.etsy.com/listing/223788579/wee-bunny-pattern-crochet-pdf-instant?ref=shop_home_active_2 He makes a great Easter bunny. He is worked all in one piece aside from his ears. I really like creating patterns that require little to new sewing because I am pretty lazy with the sewing part!
  9. link to pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/girl-and-boy-bunnies-the-amis These amigurumis are fast and easy to make and they will make any children happy. The pattern is written in English, using American crochet terminology and includes US/UK conversion charts for both stitches and hook sizes. It is full of hints, tips and photos that help you along the way and make it suitable for beginner crocheters. Basic crochet knowledge is needed, as well as familiarity with changing colours. For beginners instructions of basic crochet stitches are provided. Finished size: If done with cotton medium-weight yarn, 3mm hook, it is 10cm (3.9”) tall in a seated position. This may vary depending on the yarn and hook size you decide to use. If you happen to have any questions during the execution of this pattern please feel free to contact me through this website or through the contact details included in the pattern. Thanks for looking at my pattern! Mary
  10. Has anyone done the RedHeart Filet Crochet Bunny Throw? aka "afghan" (it's not made using an afghan hook) http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/filet-bunny-afghan/people and RH's link: http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/filet-crochet-bunny-blanket I'm attempting my very first filet crochet, by the way RedHeart's video "tutorial" is terrible, but that's not the issue. Problem is the pattern says "Ch 149 (Right Side):Dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across; turn – 147 sts." Wouldn't that be 145 sts?? DC fourth ch from hook- where do those 4 sts come from? Am I not reading this right? I went ahead and ignored their "mistake" (if it was one) but things aren't looking like they are supposed to. With filet crochet, I am to read the rows right to left and left to right as they go up, is that right? This method of reading the chart is unnatural to me and I think I've messed up that too, but not sure where, as my "space" that is supposed to be a row right above a "block" is not right above it, even though Ive counted the sts. Their blocks are 2 dc's. Their spaces are 1 dc, ch 1 (upside down "L" shape) FYI. Another problem I have is, their "beginning block is to ch 3, sk one dc, dc in next dc" so, I assume EVERY row that begins with a block uses this stitch, and NOT just a regular dc? When I sk the 1st dc, I end up with less sts than the pattern requires. If you've made this, or can give a helping hand I would really love to hear what I am doing wrong. I am even starting another blankie using smaller hook and yarn for the fun of it, as I am determined to accomplish this project at all costs even if tearing my hair out EDIT: I think I know what I'm doing wrong. In Filet Crochet, if two blocks are side by side- I take it they share a dc?? or, if there is one "space" next to a block, does IT share the dc from the previous stitch? I have been doing it thusly: block=2 dc's . "Space" 1 dc, 1 ch. Does this mean that one block and one space would add up to 3 dc's?? Or only TWO dcs, and one ch? Think I've been screwing it all up. Say Ive got two blocks and a space- would that add up to FIVE dcs and one ch? Uh oh... Im all mixed up. The tutorials say to share a dc, but I'm still confused.
  11. difang

    Amigurumi craze!

    I've been knitting for more than half a decade now... I've been crocheting for only 2 months. Amigurumi was what finally compelled me to learn to crochet. My grandmother gave me her sets of crochet hooks a long time ago and tried to teach me but I never really got the hang of it, mostly cause I still preferred the feel of knitting needles in my hands and couldn't get used to using a single hook. Amigurumi and the promise of super cute creations changed all of that. I started off with a few cupcakes (youtube tutorial found here) and played around with the toppings a bit: Surprisingly, crocheting came naturally to me this second time around... maybe because I have more years of knitting under my belt or maybe because I was more motivated to learn this time. Next, I tackled a pattern for mini birds (youtube tutorial found here): At this point, I decided I needed more yarn colors cause I'd exhausted my current meager collection, so I stopped by Michael's. To my surprise and joy, they had a sale on one of my favorite cheap acrylic yarns: Caron Simply Soft. It's cheap, it's soft, it's sturdy -- nothing exceptional but nothing to complain about. At $2.50 or so a skein, I loaded up the cart with about a dozen. The entire rainbow! And with my glorious new palette, I made another bird to go with the blue/brown one: After making the cupcakes and the birds, I was starting to feel more and more confident in my skills so I went on to tackle a more complicated pattern (though it turned out to be just time-consuming -- after making a couple amigurumi, you start to see the overall pattern of increases and decreases and nothing is really all that difficult to crochet). This bunny pattern took longer cause it simply had more parts: The only things that were slightly different from the things I'd made before were the ears (due to the color change) and the legs (fascinating to realize how the pattern maker used back loops to create a crease along the edge of the paws). The pattern for this bunny can be found here. Even though it's in Spanish, you can google translate the page and the translation, though not perfect, can be easily parsed if you have a basic understanding of crochet terms and amigurumi-craft. Decided in the end to swap out the knitted bow for a turquoise ribbon: I got a pack of craft eyes for these larger amigurumi projects but the eyes turned out to be crazy owl eyes... so, I decided to make an owl, heh (pattern found here). And since it's winter... gotta bundle up! Well, that's the end of my current list of amigurumis. I still need to get black craft eyes for the bunny and future projects. But yep, I'll post more next time! Thanks for reading/viewing! - Di
  12. Here is a picture of me holding "Bonnie the Easter Bunny." I'm so proud of myself for making her! This is only the second stuffed toy I've crocheted, and I was worried she wouldn't come out right. But, I think she looks pretty darn good!
  13. A colorful Easter basket with appliquéd bunnies and eggs!This is the Easter basket I have made for my daughter It's available as a free pattern http://creativecrochetworkshop.blogspot.com/2014/03/easter-applique-basket.html Happy Crocheting Joanita Creative Crochet Workshop
  14. Welcome spring with a cheery wreath for your door or wall. This one is so easy to customize. I pinned the decorations in place so that I can remove, move or add to them as the months go by. The wreath has a styrofoam core and you can use any size you like. Make as many of the decorations as you like or create your own, it even looks good with just a simple bow! Make it your own. I used worsted weight cotton yarn in 7 colors but you can use any type of yarn you like and as many colors as you like, this one is a great stash buster! Pattern available here: http://pattern-paradise.com/2014/03/16/free-crochet-pattern-spring-wreath/ Follow me on Facebook and my blog for updates and more free patterns! http://www.facebook.com/patternparadise http://www.pattern-paradise.com
  15. Easter Pocket Pals An Easter bunny and chick with pockets ready to be filled with Easter goodies! Skill Level: Easy - Basic stitches, simple shaping and finishing. Concentration required for neat finishing. Size: 15cm in length and 10cm in width at the widest part worked in double knitting/light worsted yarn For more information please visit my blog -http://creativecrochetworkshop.blogspot.com/2014/03/easter-pocket-pals.html
  16. Because Spring is nearly here and Easter is coming! What better way to celebrate it than with a Crochet Bunny? I gave my bunny a daffodil. Don't they make you happy?
  17. Hello all, I have an adorable bunny pattern available on ravelry as a free download. I hope you love him! Here is the link to his pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/amigurumi-bunny-martin-the-bunny-rabbit
  18. Just wanted to share my newest free pattern with you:) You can get it from my website http://www.cuteandkaboodle.com The pattern has both written instructions (available for download here), plus there are some charts for the bear (just scroll down on the main page). The charts are explained step by step, so you can learn how to read them whle making these cute little guys!
  19. Somehow it took me quite some time to develop this pattern. And after a lot of unravelling and tinkering here it is! And I must I'm very pleased with it. What are your thoughts? You can buy the pattern here on my website: http://mysteriouscats.com/downloads/bunny-amigurumi-pattern/ Bunny Amigurumi Crochet Pattern 3 by MysteriousCats, on Flickr
  20. Here is a bunny dishcloth I crocheted for an Easter gift for my dil. I have the project details here should you want to make this square.
  21. This is a bunny blanket buddie I did for my cousin's baby. Made with LionBrand Veletspun yarn. The yarn was a little hard to work with and took a light touch, but it came out fine. It was so soft when I got done with it. You can get the pattern on their website.
  22. It took me a little longer than expected, but at least there's still more than a month until Easter. Check out my new Bunny Patch pattern. Makes me want to do more bunny outfits!
  23. New free pattern for spring from Designs by KN: Bunny-Ear Blankie
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