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Found 13 results

  1. If this is in the wrong place, please let me know. Here's the story: I started this *pattern* over 40 years ago. I don't remember where I got it, but I do remember it was supposed to be a canopy for a tester bed. I wanted it to be a coverlet. I never finished the original start. Fast-forward to June 2017, and a friend started a group that meets at our library to knit and crochet. I brought an example of my 40-year-old work, and we figured out the pattern. 621 squares and lots of seaming later, I started trying to figure out what kind of border this thread crochet coverlet needed. It'
  2. I am making a bi color cowl on Lion Brand Lion Suede which is a bulky yarn on a size k hook and dcs.I am looking for any suggestions anyone may have about what may make a good border for it?
  3. Hi, I'm relatively new crocheter and I'm trying to put a simple crochet lace border on a fabric tablecloth. I've searched the internet for guidance on how much to increase to get the tablecloth to lie flat, but have been unsuccessful. Any guidance or patterns that you could refer me to? Thanks so much, Lynn
  4. I'm trying to add an edge to a crazy brick stitch. I can't seem to do it without causing rumples or adding stitches. I just want to add a double stitch border. baby is coming soon and this has to be shipped to HI before then so if you can help me asap that would be great.
  5. Well after making my wedding bouquet for my wedding in March 2015, our three year old son asked me to make him a bright green blanket. Now I'm not very good at straight lines in crochet let alone straight lines on paper lol, so I opted for a granny square throw. It consists of 63 squares (7x9) Each square has 6 rounds in it! I finished off with a double crochet border to make it more square. I have attached a few photos, one is off the blanket up close and personal, one is one with my son asleep with it on top of him, He went to sleep while I was finishing the border on the bl
  6. Hi there! I'm making a baby blanket for a little girl named Rhia with the alligator/crocodile stitch. I want a border to go with it, but I have no idea what would be a good fit- especially because the blanket itself is about 1/2" thick. Any suggestions to finish up this project? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys! What's the stitch pattern for the black border in the link below? It's really neat and I want to use it! https://www.etsy.com/listing/214772422/eye-spy-festival-top-perfect-for?ref=listing-shop-header-1
  8. This spring I decided to add "little crochet something" to my balcony. I made the first border. Maybe you remember the butterflies - first I decorated the candy jar with them http://www.crochetville.com/community/topic/148470-wanna-some-sweets/
  9. How to decorate the jar for sweets? I found a picture of this butterfly border on pontopresto1.blogspot.com and made one. The jar full of sweets was a gift.
  10. I have been working on a blanket while my 10-year old daughter has been in the hospital. (Well, actually I've been working on several projects as we've been here a little over 3 weeks now.) The blanket I am working on now is ready for it's edging and I want it to be a ruffle. I don't have access to my patterns or books (We are staying at the hospital or RMH) and I'm hoping someone can suggest their favorite ruffle patterns. Nothing really ornate as it's a bunch of two-toned granny squares, but I would like it to be about 2-3 inches wide. I appreciate the help - my brain is frazzled!
  11. Hi folks! I'm new here, and in desperate need of help! Rnd 3 of these instructions are messing me up: Border: Join brown in any corner ch-4 sp (draw up a lp, ch 1). Rnd 1: * Work 5 sc in corner ch-4 sp, sc in each st across side working (3 sc in ch-4 sp, dc in seam, 3 sc in next ch-4 sp) in block corners; rep from * around; sl st in beg sc–692 sts. Rnd 2: Ch 3 (counts as first dc), dc in each st around, working 3 dc in center sc of each 5-sc corner group; sl st to top of beg ch-3--700sts. Rnd 3: Ch 3 (counts as first dc); working 3 dc in center of each 7-dc corner group, work 2 brown d
  12. I am a a newbie crocheter and making an ear warmer with a contrasting border. I have completed my chain of 70 and sc 16 rows and am ready to crochet the border but don't know how. Do I sc just the top and bottom rows and then connect the two end pieces together. Do I use a sl st to connect the ends? Thank you.
  13. For a charity raffle, it had to be something eye catching. It is on the cover of "50 Sensational Crochet Afghans & Throws." I changed the color scheme just a little, and the outline stitch, and added a border from Jean Leinhauser.
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