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Found 10 results

  1. So, I've been working on a color pooled blanket. When I first began, I under estimated the amount of yarn I'd need and only purchased 16 skeins. To my dismay, 16 skeins was only good for about 2/3 of the blanket. The problem is, the yarn has dyelots. I bought some more yarn to find that the color sections were longer than my original yarn, but not too long that I couldn't work around the extra length. I started with clusters of 3 with a 5.5mm hook, DC, and semitight tension (I would wear bandaids on my fingers to prevent the yarn burn). With the new yarn, I loosened the tension a bit to ensure
  2. Hello! Just wondering if anyone knows. Do I need to block something like jar cozies, and if so, how would I do it? I've been crocheting forever, but I'm fairly new to blocking.
  3. Hi to All, I need some advice on blocking. Currently, I have no way to block my finished items, meaning no surface to block on--not even an ironing board. But I have two scarfs (a little longer than average) that need blocking. One is made of acrylic yarn and the other one is a wool blend (20% wool). What is the best way to block these items? Also, how do you block other items, i.e., afghans, sweater sections, hats etc.? Can you fold a scarf in half to block it? What about a hat, which is double thick? I have the funds to purchase what is needed for blocking, so do I purchase a steam
  4. I'm working on the Bernat Wavy Ripple Blanket, using Bernat Baby Coordinates (acrylic). http://com.yarnspirations.pattern-pdfs.s3.amazonaws.com/Bernat_BabyCoordinatesweb4_cr_blanket.en_US.pdf It looks ok, but the edges are definitely not straight, and the wavy ripples don't really lay flat. When finished, I think I should block the blanket. I have a general idea of how to do this, but could use some direction. Is blocking even something that can be done on this type of yarn? Thank you very much!!
  5. Hello friends! Hoping someone can give me some advice on blocking. I'm creating my very first sweater and I'm almost done my last piece and I will soon need to block all the pieces. Do I weave in all the tails before I block or do I block and then weave in the tails as I stitch the pieces together? What's best? TIA
  6. jstephens788


    I am new to crochet and have never blocked any pieces yet. I have a couple of scarves that I think might look more finished if I were to block them. I wanted to know if anyone had any good resources on how to block pieces or any tips for me. Do most of you use actual blocking boards or do you use another surface in your house? Also, how do you decide what pieces you are going to block? Thanks, any advice will be appreciated!
  7. I just loved the Eloise sweater pattern. Now I have a reason to use it. This is my niece's Christmas present. It's being blocked. I have 2 small silver buttons to add at the yoke. I just love the colorway. You'll find the pattern on moogly. http://www.mooglyblog.com/eloise-baby-sweater/ Size: 2T Yarn: Wool Ease https://www.facebook.com/#!/LoveknotCrochet
  8. So I'm working on making a small purse. I have a few rectangle pieces that I will be sewing together with yarn and a yarn needle. The corners are curling a fair amount, so I want to make sure I block them all. My question is, is it better to... A) Sew all the pieces together, then block the entire thing B) Block all the pieces individually, then sew all the pieces together C) Pin the pieces together, block while pinned, and then sew pieces together. Also, if it makes a difference, I'm using Red Heart Value yarn. So the basic and cheap worsted weight yarn made of acrylic. Its a bit rou
  9. I just completed the Homespun Spiral Afghan from Lionbrand's website and I intend to donate it to a silent auction for my local library. I've not done much blocking of anything and I'm wondering if there are any special tips and tricks that people would be willing to share about working with this yarn.
  10. I'm trying to make a triangle-shaped inset to put in the back of a sewn vest. The fabric is a light, sort of stretchy knit. I know I should pre-shrink my cotton inset first, and try to get out any extra dye, but how should I block it? And wash it afterward? I already have similar store-made garments that I can just throw in the washer. Is there a way I can make this the same?
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