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Found 9 results

  1. Starting this topic to assist newbie crocheters. Know a good source or book you’d like added just post to this thread. Resources for beginners : online, books or video. https://www.craftyarncouncil.com
  2. Hey all, I am working on my first ever written pattern. I've been doing crochet for about a month now. In my pattern it says: dc9, (dc2tog) 3 times, dc 9 (22) I understand how to double crochet and how to do a decrease stitch I just don't understand weather I do 9 dc then do 3 dc2tog then dc 9 again??? Thanks
  3. Hi all. My mom taught me the basics of crocheting when I was a kid. She loved to crochet and I learned the granny square. I can chain, single crochet, double crochet and do a treble crochet. 12 years ago I started a MAMMOTH single crochet blanket. I worked on it off and on for 12 years and finally finished it. High on my success...I googled easy and quick afghans. I found a pattern that is really pretty simple and beautiful...and they say should only take 3 hours! I figure, heck I can knock that out in like 6 months then. I worked the blanket on some junk yarn just to see if I could do it. It seemed to work out, so I went to the store this evening and purchased some bulky yarn. it is Bernat Blanket yarn. I am using a 10 mm hook. Here is my question. Sorry for all the yammering before hand. I chained 57. First row I was supposed to sc in the 2nd chain. I did that or I hope I did as this chunky yarn is hard to see detail. I then did a sc in the rest to the end. I was counting and when I got to the end, I had counted 55 sc. So...is that right? OR did I miss a chain? The pattern doesn't really say how many you should have in this row. I don't want to continue to the next row if I messed up this row. So I am sort of stuck. My mom is no longer here with me and I don't really have anyone to turn to. I tried googling the answer but not sure how I would even word it. Thanks in advance if you made it this far through my gobbeldy gook
  4. Hello, I have been attempting to understand the instructions for the first row. When I complete the row I still have about 3-4 chains left. It also states the beginning and end should have 6 double crochets, but my count comes to 5 dc in the beginning. can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong? https://cdn.accentuate.io/4824296882269/12378270040157/LACY-WINDOWS-SHAWL_M20313-POL-v1607369001365.pdf
  5. Hi, I’ve just recently started crocheting and I am trying to make squares using double crochet (UK). I’ve had to restart many times as it keeps on ending up triangular, with the bottom wider than the top. I decided that I was doing the end stitch of each row wrong so I tried doing it differently and now it’s triangular in the other direction (bottom thinner than the top)! I also don’t really know what the end stitch is supposed to look like. Does anyone have any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?
  6. I’m pretty new to crochet and I recently got a book with some awesome afghan patterns in it. The one I chose is Wintertime Warmer (part of the reason I chose it was because it said beginner lol). I’ve gotten up to the 4th row where it then says to “Insert hook into first st of row, pick up dropped lip of MC, ch 3” which I managed to do. The part that im struggling with is as follows “[insert hook into top of next fort and dc directly behind work a dc st, working over ch-1 sp of previous row, dc in next dc], rep across, turn.” Can anybody explain this part of it to a beginner? Thanks in advance!
  7. hello, i'm a beginner at crochet and have some trouble understanding how this pattern works, any help would be appreciated !
  8. I'm pretty new to crochet and at the moment I'm at a stage where I have a 13.5cm to 2.5cm strip of cloth for a pillow case, however I've crocheted it too tightly and now it will no longer be able to fit the pillow I've been modelling and it's too rough to actually use on something like a pillow case. Any ideas on the type of project I can try to take on going forward? Given how rough it has become and its length.
  9. I am stuck on a pattern that says: 16sc 1dec 7sc 1dec (3*)= 51sc How the heck does this make 51sc? Which part is repeated 3x? The next one is: 15sc 1dec 6sc 1dec (3*) = 48sc Gah!
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