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Found 32 results

  1. Princessa Baby Blanket is the most popular blanket crochet pattern on pinterest, is gorgeous and so easy to make, all babies will look beautiful and cosy with this baby blanket Pattern available here
  2. Nikki Ranson

    Newborn Swaddle C2C Blanket

    I was asked to make baby blanket for a friend, for her friend who was expecting a baby, however she and the expectant mother didn’t know what she was having! She wanted to leave it as a surprise! I used variegated yarn, in brown tones. Once completed the corner to corner stitch, I stuck a shell edging border on!
  3. My 12 yr old was looking at my FB pages concerning crochet and was appalled to see a bunch of women downgrading the circular knitting machines as being "useless" (we have the Addi kitting express and several other less expensive machines). She decided to prove those people wrong. Attached please see a blanket made with 10 tubes which are 83 rounds in length on the addi. I slip stitched the ends of the tubes, single crocheted down each tube and the joined the tubes with a slip stitch. The enitre blanket has 1 single crochet around it, a row of double crochet, then about 10 rows of alternating front post stitch and back post stitch. The border helped to give the blanket some weight and kept the tubes from stretching (knitting being much more stretchy than crochet). I told her I'd be posting this as being a "joint project" with my 12 yr old daughter being the main contribution. This blanket is very soft and warm (thanks to the tubes providing a double knit). Thanks for looking ladies and gents and have a fabulous day.
  4. Rac082391


    My best friend just had her second daughter and I wanted to make a baby blanket for her. I went to the store and saw this beautiful lionbrand #6 bulky yarn that I wanted to use. I then proceeded to YouTube bulky baby blankets and followed the pattern but my blanket is stating out very wavy even after I have crocheted 3/4 rows. I have started over three times trying to tweek the pattern to stop the wavyness but adding links/ really making my links loose/tightening links ect. But nothing helps...i need advice on what I need to do please.
  5. Just finished this blanket using the FREE Beautiful Shells Blanket on Ravelry Crocheted using Stitch Studio by Nicole: Storybook yarn; Lullaby in peach, coral, teal, mint and white Final measurement 42" square
  6. Free crochet pattern - click here: Cables & Ruffles Baby Blanket
  7. About three years ago my mom promised her then pregnant neighbor that I would make a blanket for the "new" baby. Well, the new baby walks and talks and is now almost three, but I finally got a blanket done for her. Here is a page with all of the blog posts (in order) that document my progress on this project, and here is a photo of the finished blanket:
  8. Angelica Gandee

    Need help

    Hi everyone, So I am making a blanket for my baby that is arriving soon. I found this beautiful pattern that's not too bad for me being a somewhat beginner and all. The only problem is the pattern uses two different color yarns. I only want to use one color yarn. So, instead of slip stitching the new yarn; 2nd rnd: With B, sl st in each of first 2 sts. Sl st in next ch-1 sp. Ch 3. 2 dc in same ch-1 sp as sl st. (Ch 1. 3 dc in next ch-1 sp) 5 times. Ch 1. (3 dc. Ch 3. 3 dc) in each of next 2 ch-3 sps. (Ch 1. 3 dc in next ch-1 sp) 6 times. Ch 1. (3 dc. Ch 3. 3 dc) in each of next 2 ch-3 sps. Ch 1. Join A with sl st to top of ch 3. How do I continue with the pattern without adding another yarn. Still learning the language. Thank you for taking the time to help everyone.
  9. Hey guys, So my cousins girlfriend is pregnant and I want to make a blanket for their baby. It will say "Noah" which will be his name when he is born. I have drafted out the name for how I want it to look and I've come up with 2 designs I like. One will have to be 17 squares long to fit the name and the other will have to be 21 but I don't know how many squares I will need to have a decent amount of squares surrounding the name and what size I should do each square. After all it's a blanket for a baby that I hope he can keep for a few years. What size for the blanket would you recommend? Ideally I would like 3-4 squares either side of the name so I don't want the name massive ???? I will attach a picture so you can see the 2 if that helps Thank you ❤️
  10. 5 Beautiful Baby Blanket Free Patterns
  11. Aileen At Thesunroomuk

    Double V Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern

  12. I started the Wavy Ripple Blanket pattern, found on Yarnspirations. The pattern is written a little differently than I am used to, but I think my big question is how many sc should I end up with on every other row. I start with 139 chain, but the first row is a dc in the 4th chain from hook. Then there are a lot of skipped stitches, and 2 stitches in 1 stitch, I just want to be sure I am ending up with the correct number when the row is all sc. That will be the way I can check to be sure the wavy pattern turns out the way it's supposed to...I think. Thank you in advance for your help!
  13. CrochetForACause

    Grannies In Reserve

    Grannies in Reverse Make 3 squares of each color, Perfect Pink, Bright Yellow, Spring Green, Orchid, and Turqua, border each square with a row of white. Total 15 squares Then change to white and make 3 white squares bordered with each color for a total of 15 squares. Finished Size – 45 x 38 With any color, ch 5; join with slip st in first ch to form a ring. Round 1 (right side): Ch 3 (counts as first dc here and throughout), 2 dc in ring, [ch 3, 3 dc in ring] 3 times, ch 3; join with slip st in top of beginning ch. Slip stitch along top until you reach the next ch-3 space —12 dc and 4 corner ch-3 spaces. Round 2: Ch 3, dc in next 2 dc, (2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc) in next corner ch-3 space, [dc in next 3 dc, (2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc) in next corner ch-3 space] 3times; join with slip st in top of beginning ch – Slip stitch along top until you reach the next ch-3 space. 28 dc and 4 corner ch-3 spaces. Round 3: Ch 3, dc in next 4 dc, (2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc) in next corner ch-3 space, [dc in next 7 dc, (2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc) in next corner ch-3 space] 3 times, dc in last 2 dc; join with slip st in top of beginning ch. Slip stitch along top until you reach the next ch-3 space. —44 dc and 4 corner ch-3 spaces. Round 4 – 6 continue each row with same color then fasten off and change to white for Round 7. Fasten off. Stitch squares together keeping all squares of the same color in the same rows. Each row will be six squares with three colored squares with white borders, and three white squares with colored borders. Alternate colored squares with white squares to make checker board pattern. Refer to photo for guide. Border Round 1 (right side): With right side facing, join color of your choice with sc in any corner ch-3 space, 2 sc in same ch-3 space, sc evenly spaced around entire outer edge, working 3 sc in each corner ch-3 space; join with slip st in first sc. Fasten off. Round 2: With right side facing, join different color of your choice with sc in center sc of any 3-sc corner, 2 sc in same sc, sc in each sc around, working 3 sc in center sc of each corner; join with slip st in first sc. Fasten off. Round 3: With right side facing, join third color of your choice with sc in center sc of any 3-sc corner, ch 5, sc in same sc, *ch 5, skip next 3 sc, (sc, ch 5, sc) in next sc; repeat from * all the way round throw, working (sc, ch 5, sc) in each corner sc and adjusting the number of stitches skipped near corners as needed. Fasten off.
  14. KathrynElizabeth

    Border advice?

    Hi there! I'm making a baby blanket for a little girl named Rhia with the alligator/crocodile stitch. I want a border to go with it, but I have no idea what would be a good fit- especially because the blanket itself is about 1/2" thick. Any suggestions to finish up this project? Thanks!
  15. Hello, I just finished a chevron baby blaket for my grandson. After I washed it I noticed that it was coming apart. I did an awful job at weaving in the ends. I started taking it apart and the weirest thing happened.........the yarn was like coming out backwards.......I don't know where to start. PLEASE HELP! THANKS! Olivia
  16. Three of my newest blankets! Giant Shell Stitch Blanket: http://creativecrochetworkshop.blogspot.com/2014/10/giant-shell-stitch-blanket.html Granny Flower Blanket: http://creativecrochetworkshop.blogspot.com/2014/09/granny-flower-blanket.html Mini Hello Kitty Blanket: http://creativecrochetworkshop.blogspot.com/2014/09/hello-kitty-mini-blanket.html Please visit the links for more information and the patterns! Happy Crocheting! Joanita
  17. I started this project and then lost the link to the pattern! I dont even remember what that big stitch was called. Can anyone help? I believe that this was on someone's blog and that they had recreated this pattern from their grandmother's handiwork. Any help would be tremendously appreciated!
  18. Crochet Cricket

    Ocean Waves Baby Blanket

    Hello everyone, Recently I finished this ocean waves baby blanket for my new nephew due this August. I am really happy about how it turned out. This is a free pattern from Red Heart Yarn. Mikey from the Crochet Crowd was doing another Crochet Afghan Challenge. I did not enter into the challenge but still wanted to try the pattern. I can only advise you to use a 5mm instead of a 5.5mm if you want the blanket a little tighter. This is what I plan to do if I make another one of these. Overall I really enjoyed this pattern. It is really simple and Mikey has some really good tutorials on youtube. http://www.crochetcricket.com/ocean-waves-baby-blanket/
  19. This has been one of my favorite baby blankets to make lately. Also known as a Rick-Rack Blanket. Crib size. I used Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn and a 'G' hook. On the sides, I did a row of single crochet, then a row of reverse single crochet.
  20. here is my try in baby blanket
  21. rhelena

    My Latest Patterns

    Here are three of my latest free crochet patterns: a beach bag, a baby blanket and a hooded jacket for Ken and Barbie. Hope you enjoy! Hooded Jacket for Ken and Barbie http://crochetncrafts.com/crochet/hooded-jacket-for-ken-and-barbie.html Beach or Yarn Tote http://crochetncrafts.com/crochet/beach-or-yarn-tote.html X-tra Sport Baby Blanket http://crochetncrafts.com/crochet/x-tra-sport-baby-blanket.html
  22. Crochet Cricket

    Large Granny Square Blanket

    Hello everyone Recently I began a large granny square blanket. Just one giant square. It isn't coming out completely square and I am wondering if that is normal or can be fixed once I finish.
  23. NEW Pattern and tutorial: Puff Flower & Granny Baby Blanket Right Handed Version Link to pattern can be found in the description box below the videos. All videos have captions so share it with everyone
  24. I need some help with figuring out why this is happening. I am making a baby afghan for a close friend who just had a baby an afghan for her little man. I found this website that shows how to do this pattern, but for some reason as I the blanket gets longer the sides flare out and it becomes increasingly wider. I am going to go see her baby for the first time in about a week so I need to figure this out quick. The picture I took of the blanket shows exactly what is happening. Please help me find a solution...Thanks!