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Found 391 results

  1. I am in search of the Square Elegance Afghan pattern and phot that was posted here years ago. I can find the link however the link is no longer valid. I need this as I am making this for my daughter who recently lost her husband in a tragic accident and I thought that since she maybe be moving to a smaller place this would be a good gift Any help with the photo and pattern would be a Godsend Thanks in advance
  2. Hi everyone, I need help understanding what "leg" means in this pattern below. It is a table runner. Row 73: Ch 3, working first “leg” in next ch-1 space and 2nd “leg” in next dc, [dc2tog] 2 times, dc in each ch-1 space and dc across to ch-1 space before last dc, working first “leg” in next ch-1 space and 2nd “leg” in next dc, dc2tog, working first “leg” in last ch-1 space and 2nd “leg” in 3rd ch of beginning ch, dc2tog, turn—41 dc. Row 74: Repeat Row 2—21 dc and 20 ch-1 spaces. Rows 75–90: Repeat last 2 rows 8 times—5 dc and 4 ch-1 spaces. Row 91: Ch 3, working first “leg” in next ch-1 space and 2nd “leg” in next dc, dc2tog, dc in each ch-1 space and dc across to last ch-1 space working first “leg” in last ch-1 space and 2nd “leg” in 3rd ch of beginning ch, dc2tog, turn—7 dc. Please help me interpret. Thanks for your time! I have attached the pattern as well.
  3. Little Cat the Ami link to pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/little-cat-the-ami
  4. Charley Bull Cow The Ami link to pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/charley-bull-cow-the-ami The amigurumi is fast and easy to make and will make any children happy. The pattern is written in English, using American crochet terminology, and includes US/UK conversion charts for both stitches and hook sizes. It is full of hints, tips and photos that help you along the way. For beginners instructions of basic crochet stitches are provided. Difficulty Level: advanced beginner Skills required are sl st, sc, hdc, increase/decrease sts, change colour, sewing multiple pieces together. Charley and his accessories are crocheted in all their parts as a safety feature for young children. Feel free to do otherwise if this is for an older child if you wish. Finished Size: if done with cotton fingering-weight yarn (4 ply) in the selected colours for all items, 3mm hook, it is 21cm (8.19”) tall in standing position w/o horns. This may vary depending on the yarn and hook size you decide to use. If you happen to have any questions during the execution of this pattern please feel free to contact me through this website or through the contact details included in the pattern. Thanks for looking at my pattern! Mary
  5. Do you like to crochet graphgans? There are so many great patterns out there for graphgans, you just need to figure out how to get started, and its easy as pie : ) This pattern is for corner to corner, which I think gives a really great result. A pattern in diagram form is here: Corner to corner diagram And an explanation of the slightly challenging diagram here: Corner to corner instruction video Hope you enjoy : )
  6. I was hoping someone here could help me find the pattern for my Christmas stocking (pictures attached). It is in granny squares that I haven't been able to identify from google searches but I'm not sure what terms to use. The stocking was made for me by a work friend of my mom's when I was a baby and I have always loved it. When I got it out this year I realized that I might be able to find a pattern so I can try to make one for my son. Does anyone recognize this pattern and know where I could buy it or find it in a book or online? I would love to make one for my son so he can grow up with the same style of stocking as me. Thank you so much!
  7. I've been crocheting for about a year. I don't know how to read a pattern. Self taught and Youtube. So I want to make an easy ripple baby afghan for my niece. I'm not a big fan of decreases so I found this pattern. I need to know if I'm interpreting it correctly. I read it that there will be 7 double crochets, between stitches. then skip a chain and start the 3 dc in 4 chains. skip a chain and back to the 7 dc. I'm not fastening off so I'm just going to chain 2 same color and turn. YES? Row 1 (RS): With light blue ch 155, 2 dc in 4th ch from hook, 3 dc in next ch, *skip next ch, [dc in next ch, skip next ch] 7 times**, 3 dc in each of next 4 chs, repeat from * across ending last repeat at **, 3 dc in each of last 2 chs, fasten off and turn. Read more at http://www.favecrafts.com/Crochet-Afghans/Sun-and-Sand-Afghan#RtvvsQcZtL5YQdEb.99 I guess I don't know what the difference is with the * vs the ** and the [ ]. Pattern calls for 4 ply 7 oz and I'm using 4 py 6oz... Does that make a difference? How? Your help is appreciated.
  8. Lace-up Baby Blanket and Chick - Free Pattern
  9. Hi all! Would any of you happen to know the name of this stitch? I saw the swatch at Joanne's Crafts and would love to try it out but can't figure out the name/pattern. Thank you for your help!
  10. Hi, I'm new to crochetville and I would like to share my free pattern with you: Link free pattern It's a great pattern for all your leftovers. I hope you'll enjoy it. Tinneke
  11. HI all, I have finished writing up the pattern for my Lacy Tote Bag. I am looking for pattern testers. Please refer to the details below: Pattern Information Pattern Description: This is a crochet pattern for a tote bag. Pattern Style: Written in US terms Skill Level: Intermediate Yarn/Material/Tools Required: Sample in pattern was made using about 3 balls of 100g acrylic yarn using 4mm hook or size G hook. The bag measures about 14 inches wide and 16 inches deep (excluding length of straps). Tester Information Number of Testers Needed: 3 Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: 2 weeks Deadline: 7 May 2015 Tester Experience: Should have experience testing or making crochet bags. Tester Responsibilities: Testers are expected to complete the project as indicated in the instructions, point out inconsistencies or errors in the written instructions; make suggestions to clarify instructions should the written instructions seem unclear or conflicting; take photos of completed project. Testers may choose to make the project in a yarn of different weight and a bag of a different size. What is important is to complete the project including the bag topper and bag straps. It would be good to line to bag. Any Special Software Requirements: PDF reader Compensation Testers will be provided with a soft copy of the final pattern file once all amendments are made.
  12. Anyone have this book? It's a vintage 1959 "Learn How Boook" by Coats & Clark with instructions on how to knit, crochet, tat and etc. I am STUCK on their stupid doily pattern! Here it is on Ravelry http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/doily-with-treble-crochet/people There's no pattern or info on it there at all. I specifically am having trouble with Row 22!! EDITED- Round 22: ch 4, tr in joining, *2 tr in next dc, ch 4, 2 tr in each of next 2 dc (ch-4 sp made); ch 3, (sc in next loop, ch 9) 3 times,sc in next loop, ch 3. Repeat from * all around. I don't get where the ch 9 chain is supposed to end up?? In the next available loop (space)? I think I just answered my own question by writing it out and seeing it with fresh eyes apologies- is the answer to end the ch 9 with a sc in next loop? because that is what I think it is// I feel like a moron because now it looks so simple. I often completely fouled it all up as I was trying to read it out of the book and do the rounds, then would get the different rounds confused and mix up the pattern! Oh nO! Had to "un-do" rows and start over. This is taking me for Ever to do. Sighs thanks in advance ps I am a beginner and I do know how to read abbreviations, but sometimes I feel like something is missing from the written out patterns. I don't have any body except internet and books to help with my crochet. PS again I find this site was VERY helpful in reading patterns: http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/tip_crochet.html aside from all this mess if you have links to patterns that do not take TOO LONG I would appreciate them. I can make dish cloths scarves etc easily without using a pattern even so plz no more "do dishcloth pattern its easy" Plus I want more "adult" patterns not stuff a child would make. I like doilies, those I make for other people none of it is for myself. i have all the crochet websites bookmarked, but none of them state how LONG the patterns basically take TO make. I have the link to the "Five Hour Doily" too. I crochet fast even though I am a noob, and do know all most used stitches and have access to learn others. I understand everyone is different speeds but at least a basic "This takes about 25 hrs for exp. crocheter" would be a help. anyway sorry so long
  13. Hi, I just made a little Halloween witch pattern. She's scary but lovely at the same time. You can find the free pattern here: http://www.peggysew.com/?p=1940〈=en Happy crocheting! Tinneke
  14. Hi Everyone! I would like to share my latest design. This is Chirpie Canary. She's a totally precious little birdie, wearing a jumper, matching bonnet and sandals. Lots of fun for anyone who loves Amigurumi of any age. You will find Chirpie here (available ONLY from Monday thru Thursday, weekly): http://friendsofcraftybegonia.blogspot.com/2015/08/funmigurumi-birdlies-chirpie-canary.html#.VeL5IflViko Enjoy! Clotilde/Craftybegonia
  15. Hi, I just finished my baby amigurumi pattern. Aren't they cute? You can find them here: http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/toy/baby-boy-girl-amigurumi-crochet-pattern/158917 or here: https://www.etsy.com/nl/listing/243333431/cute-baby-boy-and-girl-amigurumi-doll?ref=shop_home_active_2 I hope you like them Tinneke
  16. I just introduced myself and am so thrilled to be here to hopefully get some help. I have a hand written pattern that belonged to my great grandma, and a finished hot pad, but I can NOT figure out how to do it! My Grandma/best friend is 87 and it has been too long since she made one for her to remember how to do it without using her own hands, but she is too shaky and had arthritis too badly now to help me. I would be over the moon if someone could help me learn it so o can carry on this tradition in our family ❤️ I'm not sure if it would be possible for someone to video how they do it, but that would be amazing if you could so I can watch it over and over if I get stuck. I can start it with the loop and get the first 3 little sections done ok, but I get lost after that. These are made with knit-cro-sheen and a #9 hook. You make 2 of them, then attach them around the edges with a stitch.
  17. I really want to make these pants but am a little confused. I understand the general idea but i dont understand what the written pattern is saying? Can anyone explain this better? 1. For the top side ( waist to hip) crochet in circle. When at hip, divide the circle in 2 and chain the required length in the middle of the circle linkinking to the oposite side .Work the leg length in circle multiplying to get the pallazzo effect every 10 rows, or every 5 rows depending on your desire. Chart translation in written pattern: 1. Row 1: chain the required length 2. Row 2 : ch 3, 3 x dc with 1ch in between in the 3rd ch, skip 3ch, X stitch( 1 dc in the 3rd chain , ch3 1dc in the 3rd ch back ( repeat sequence until the end of the row) close with 1dc 3. Row3 : ch 3, X stitch (1dc in 2nd chain space from the 3dc section below, ch3, 1dc in the first chain space), 3dc with 1ch in between in the 3 ch space below( X stitch), repeat until the end of the row, close with 1dc. This is where i got the pattern. They are the first pants shown. http://crochetpatternstotry.blogspot.ro/2014/05/free-crochet-charts-for-spectacular.html
  18. Very cute mesh crochet cardigan, designed using worsted weight yarn , easy enough to make. With no shaping in body, only at the sleeves. Very versatile piece to wear! Designed for sizes XS to 2XL. Pattern is available as instant PDF download at: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/so-cute-filet-mesh-crochet-cardigan http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/clothing/so-cute-filet-mesh-crochet-cardigan/129897 https://www.etsy.com/listing/220099031/so-cute-filet-mesh-crochet-cardigan
  19. Hey peoples! Here I am again up to no good. I made a new pattern. I took the old tear drop pattern I had and revised and reinvented them. Well, they look great! All my patterns are free and can be used by anyone. If you make it you can sell them. just give me credit and link or let people know of my website. Just don't sell my pattern. Thanks. www.crochetsoup.co.nf Look for the patterns link on the home page. www.facebook.com/pages/Moises-Flores/393862037482092 Please follow us on Facebook for future patterns and free giveaways. I am currently giving Tear Drops away... you just have to make a comment under the giveaway picture and like my page. The winner will be announced via Facebook. If my website happens to be down because of too many visitors, LOL. Just message me on Facebook and I will email it to you. Thank you.
  20. My latest design for summer, Geometric Open Lace Crochet Shrug, designed using cotton blend yarn, sport weight, using crochet hook G (4.25 mm). Written for multiple sizes, with adjustable length. Easy and quick to make! pattern is available at : http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/clothing/geometric-open-lace-crochet-shrug/151651 http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/geometric-open-lace-crochet-shrug
  21. So I'm having trouble with this doily patter I've found. The part I'm having trouble with is the section with the cluster of 3 ch. 5s. I just finished the previous row and I am so confused on how to start the next row. If anyone understands what I'm talking about I would really appreciate the help!
  22. I just added this bag to my pattern shop... I've made a number of bags but this is the first one that I wrote the pattern for. I think I'll have to "write up" some more of my designs! http://www.crochetville.com/community/files/file/539-split-purse-inality-crochetfelted-pattern/
  23. These baby leg warmers are just too cute. would look great in any color. and the size is easily manipulated! http://www.thelavenderchair.com/2015/03/31/baby-granny-stitch-leg-warmers/
  24. I found this Granny Square on Pinterest, and Its absolutely adorable. I would love to make it, but Theres no link attached. Just wondering if anyone knows of this pattern? Ive been looking all over for a cute simple granny square, and this one just fits the bill perfect, even down to the rainbow variegated bit. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/75787206205755081/ Thankyou!!
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