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  1. I am wanting to make a bag and I found this pattern:http://www.simplicity.com/t-free-crochet-project-casual-shoulder-bag.aspx But the only problem is it is bigger than I would like. So I was wondering if it would be possible to make the bag about the size of a normal piece of paper (8 1/2" x 11")? I am new to crochet so I don't know how to do this (if it is even possible!). Thanks for all answers!!!!
  2. Hi I just joined today! But I have a question: I am crocheting a hat currently, and I finished one part of the pattern and bound off. Then, on another part of the hat edge, I am supposed to start crocheting again onto the sts, but I have no idea how. This pattern is really easy yet pretty in the end: http://blog.bitteroclock.com/free-crochet-pattern-axis-of-purpleage-earflap-hat/ The part I don't understand is after you bind off the first ear flap, how do you start crocheting onto the other side for the second ear flap? All I know how to do is to is begin crocheting something, so please help!
  3. Hi everyone , I am new to crocheting and would love some tips and beginners pointers. I want to start projects like scarfs and headbands and then venture out to more intricate designs. When I go to Michael's I get over whelmed because there are hundreds of different sizes of hooks and so many more accessories to go along. I am just looking for a starting point like what size hooks I need to buy and other things I need to get started. I know the basics of crochet, Im a fast learner so also if there are any good websites for a hopeless beginner like me. Thanks everyone
  4. Hi, Since I am still novice in reading written instructions I would appreciate it if someone could write following instructions in full, so I can be sure I am interpreting them right: Instructions begin like this (here is the full version http://www.lionbrand.com/printablePatterns/80985AD.pdf): FIRST HALF Ch 136. Row 1 (WS): Sc in 5th ch from hook, *ch 5, sk 2 ch, sc in next ch, ch 2, sk 1 ch, sc in next 3 ch, ch 2, sk 1 ch, sc in next ch; rep from * 13 more times, ch 5, sk 2 ch, sc in next ch, ch 2, sk 1 ch, sc in last ch. Row 2 (RS): Ch 1, turn, sc in first sc, sc in next ch-
  5. Hello my name is Tonya Craig From CraigLoves2Crochet I am hoping I can find a few lovely people with a small amount of time to make a huge difference to a family in USA. This story has really taken my heart and had an idea to make a recovery blanket using Granny Squares made with Love for Tracee (see link) I have also popped over to ask if you would share this very special link with as many fans as you can. We are hoping that people could spend 30 minutes to make a granny square to make a recovery blanket. I am hoping we can bring a little love to a family almost destroyed by domestic viole
  6. I have been looking at [link removed] for a peter pan collar on Pinterest. It's in Japanese but it has a chart, but the chart seems very confusing to me! I have started this project in the hope it might be better in practice but I can 't see how to get o the next row after the second set of chaining. this may be a long shot but hopefully you can help me make this beautiful collar. xx
  7. Hi everyone. I've been crocheting for a while but have only been designing patterns for about 6 months. I try to come up with designs that are unique and different but I've come up against a dilemma with my latest design. I designed a cap several months ago using a particular stitch, but put it aside because I was having problems with the sizing. I've been working on it again for the past week and just got the pattern all written up and was getting ready to send it to my testers when by chance I came across a pattern that was just released that is almost the exact same as mine. Now I'm concern
  8. Hi! I am working on my first tunisian crochet pattern and it is a bit fiddly to explain. I am hoping one of you seasoned tunisian crocheters can put a name to what I am doing. 3 main things: is there a specific name for the row of chain-like stitches running up the beginning of each simple stitch row? If I were to pull up a loop in the next vertical bar in the forward pass (so only one vertical bar) and then pull through both loops on my hook (like making a standard single crochet), what would I call that manoeuvre? is there a specific name for the vertical bar of the last stitch (so
  9. I am trying to crochet the basketweave cap pattern on the knots of love website. https://www.knotsoflove.org/resources/patterns/ Here is an excerpt from the section I am stuck on: Round 7: Chain 2, work FPDC (front post double crochet) in each FPDC, dc in each dc around. join (36 FPDC + 36dc) Round 8: Chain 2, work BPDC (back post double crochet) in each FPDC; work FPDC in each dc [read as FPDC in subsequent rounds] around. join. (36 BPDC + 36 FPDC) Round 9: Chain 2. Work BPDC in each FPDC; work FPDC in each FPDC. join. Round 10: Chain 2 work BPDC in each FPDC; work FPDC in eac
  10. I have a question regarding a pattern for a dress I'm making for my daughter. The pattern reads: 1 dc in each of last 8 (9-10) ch. Break yarn. 54 (58-64) sts. (Note: V-st counts as 3 sts). 2nd row: (RS). Join MC with sl st in top of ch 3 at beg of last row. Ch 3 (counts as dc). My question is, shouldn't the "break yarn" come AFTER the 54 sts? Not before? I'm confused on how I'm supposed to make 54 stitches after I've broken the yarn and before I join the MC back in.? Help?
  11. I am crocheting my first sweater for a baby (I am not new to crochet and this is a simple pattern) and have never seen this term used before "work in part." If someone could tell me what this means and how this is done I would greatly appreciate it, as I am in the dark even after searching online for about 2 hours and having no luck at all. If it helps the entire line reads: " chain 1, sc in first 2 stitches, work in part to last two stitches, turn".
  12. Hey guys, I made a broomstick lace clutch snd started with 30 chains. after about crocheting half way up i realized the size is too small and now I dont understand what to do. Please tell me what to do i dont fell like ripping it all its my hard work after all! any other way out.............
  13. Hi ya, Have recently learnt to crochet through Mikey Mikey off you tube, since I have learnt the American way I think this site will help me. I have questions but no one to ask. Have just made a Hootabelle Owl http://julieinthemaking.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/crochet-hootabelle.html I was wondering when you finish off a toy how do you not make it too holely at the top??? You can see my stuffing but when I take out the stuffing it is too floppy???? Thanks Julie
  14. I need some help with figuring out why this is happening. I am making a baby afghan for a close friend who just had a baby an afghan for her little man. I found this website that shows how to do this pattern, but for some reason as I the blanket gets longer the sides flare out and it becomes increasingly wider. I am going to go see her baby for the first time in about a week so I need to figure this out quick. The picture I took of the blanket shows exactly what is happening. Please help me find a solution...Thanks!
  15. Hi I am new to this site, and just wanted to say it looks like a great site with nice and friendly people! I have been looking to find some free patterns for anything OWL related!! I am soooo OBSESSED with them right now!! So if you could help me out, I sure would appreciate it! TIA! ~Katie
  16. Hello! I bought this pattern for a Vintage Turban Scarf last night. I was super excited about it and wanted to start it right away, but I couldn't make any sense of the directions! If anybody has used this pattern and was able to make it would you be willing to help me out? Maybe through email or something? I would really appreciate it a lot, thank you!
  17. Hello Everyone, Although I've been crocheting on and off for 23 years, I can only do a straight double crocheted blanket. I would love, love, love to learn how to make doll clothes for my 6-yr-old's favorite doll, and some fancy lap blankets for the residents at the nursing home I work in. I really need to learn new stitches, but unfortunately I cannot learn from a book. I need someone to show me. If anyone is interesting in helping me (someone with lots of patience!) I would be forever grateful. I've also always admired bed dolls! I've wanted to learn for a very long time. I am so ha
  18. I'm totally new to this and am trying my very first project. It took about two weeks, after I went supply shopping to buy everything i need, just to feel comfortable enough to start my project. I have been watching videos, researching, and looking for a good start project. I wanted to make this beautiful multi-colored scarf with dangling roses (as if right?) but when I showed my husband the picture (Im really excited about this) he said "Babe, maybe you should start with something easy. Like a little blanket or something. He is probably right. So i found a cute baby throw pattern that I assume
  19. I was given 7 skeins of RHSS Aran Fleck yarn to do a afghan for a lady who had started it, but her hands wouldn't let her finish it. I'm basically doing it how she was doing it, but I did have to take her work out, because she's left handed, and we couldn't figure out what size hook she was using (she couldn't remember). I did a chain of 135, (skipped 2) then doing HDC's through out the afghan. It will all be done in this color of yarn.. Now my question is.. What type of border do you think would look best? I've only done basic SC's as a border, but was kind of wanting something cutes
  20. Hi All! I found some bulky weight (Lion Brand Homespun, if it helps) in a beautiful variegated teal color that I cannot seem to be able to work with. I had been trying with a K hook (as a 'noob' I only have a K and a G hook right now) and make the loosest possible chain I can. I get my first row started ok, but when it comes to doing the second I seem to lose all the stitches and end up with too many or too few.... I have such a hard time figuring out what is a stitch and what is just the ripple in the yarn!! Does anyone have any tips/tricks for working with this type of yarn?? I a
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