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  1. Helloo, I've recently decided to take up crochet as I've finished university for summer. The patterns are much more confusing than knitting patterns, which I'm more used to! The pattern says: make 92 chain (which I have done) then the first row is:1dc in 2nd ch from hook, *1ch, miss two ch, ([htr2tog, 1ch] 3 times) in next ch sp, miss two ch, 1 dc, rep from * to end, turn, 61 sts This is a UK pattern The htr2tog, is it done in the same chain? Many thanks! And happy crocheting x
  2. I've taught myself to crochet this week and have managed one square but I'm really struggling with the next. The square is called 'square dance' from the book 'crocheted granny squares' buy val pierce. The first two steps involve making a ring with single crochets. The next step reads: '3ch, 1dc (uktr) in to the same space as 3ch, 2dc (uktr) in to each sc (ukdc) to end, join to 3ch at beg of round 24dc (uktr). Break a. I'm completely thrown by what this means. So far I've done 1 double crochet chained 3 then done 2 more double crochet in to every single crochet in the ring but it loo
  3. I make amigurmi and I try to crochet and stitch on as many details as I can, however, in some cases gluing felt to the figure is more appropriate and practical. When I made my last figure, it had a wire armature, and I had to glue some details onto it's arms and hands. I used tacky glue and it worked decently well, but I had to pin it in place while it dried, and the pins left visible holes unfortunately. The tacky glue also made the glued areas very stiff, and if possible, I'd like to minimize that. Would hot gluing felt be a viable option, or will yarn melt too much? What about superglue
  4. Is there anyway I can sell my amigurumi besides online? could I go to a school or just on the yard of my home or any open space? I want to sell my stuff but don't want online stuff anymore.
  5. I'm crocheting a cardigan and I dont quite understand a part of the pattern. I crocheted the back, and the next part says, "work as for back - 9 (11, 13) ch-1 sp". I understand that the parentheses are for different sizes, but the rest confuses me. I can post more pattern of needed. Any one help?
  6. Hi all - I am hoping one of the experts on this forum will be able to assist me with deciphering the Snowflake Apron pattern from Red Heart I have worked my way through row 3 of the skirt. – row 4 is where I am stuck - ROW 3: Ch 5, dc in first sc (ch-5 and dc counts as V-st),* sc in next ch-2 space. V-st in next sc, repeat from * across, turn. ROW 4: (slip st, ch 1, sc) in first ch-2 space, *V-st in next sc, sc in next ch-2 space; repeat from * across; turn. Problem 1 – following direction in row 3 there were no ch-2 created in this row. Problem 2 there were no V-st instructio
  7. sc 6 in magic loop - got that one inc in each st around - i do the inc in every sc? sc 1 inc - ? sc 2 inc - ? And so on.....I have an idea of what it would mean but im still confused....I just started crocheting and i cant seem to find anything online that looks like this.
  8. Hi! I am very new to crocheting! I tried making a bracelet, it took me about a week!!! lol, but I LOVE it! I love working with my hands so this is perfect for me. I have SO MANY questions about what kind of threads to use, needles, how to end my bracelet, the list goes on! First of all, I think I need to know what tools I need. Are there boards that are helpful, like macrame boards? Just a list of things I need to have. And I'm not looking just for beginning stuff. I would like to get everything so I can get started. I already have a shop on Etsy, Isabella Blue Designs, and I make THEE BEST TS
  9. Good Morning! I was just wondering does anyone know of any Crochet, yarn, knitting expos conventions anything in California Oregon or Washington? Any help would help. Thanks Jen
  10. Ive been trying to crochet a baby blanket and everything that I come up with either doesn't look right. Im just really frustrated and stuck! I know it'll come to me but I'm at a point where I wanna give up and throw all my crochet things away! lol I won't of course but how do you guys get thru a frustrating project? any tips will help thanks
  11. So, I was watching QVC the other night and heard that Isaac Mizrahi had a line of yarn at Michaels. So, the very next day, I went to buy some. They also had these free patterns that you could take. So I took one. Cute fingerless gloves. Easy! No so much! I consider myself pretty good at interpretting and learning new stitches but I am totally stumped with these four. Help! What the heck is 1 Over 2 Left Cross Cable (1/2 LC), 1 Over 2 Right Cross Cable (1/2 RC), 2 Over 2 Left Cross Cable (2/2 LC) and 2 Over 2 Right Cross Cable (2/2 RC)? What does it mean when they say FPDC over
  12. Hi! So I'm trying to start up my own crochet/ craft shop and i'm trying to come up with a catchy name and haven't come up with anything yet. any suggestions would help!! Thank you
  13. Hi all you lovely people out there! I could really use some help here. My pattern says: Round 1: Ch 4, sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc, 8dc in last. Working in opposite side of starting ch, hd, sc. Finish off, leaving a length for sewing. (12) I know how to do the first part, but then the Working in opposite side of starting ch, that I don't get? I found a video about it on youtube, but it was too fast and I didn't get anything! I know how to turn my work, but that's not what I'm asked to do here is it? I hope you can help me! Thank you for your time <3
  14. Hello everyone! Before I start, I know absolutely nothing about crocheting. I am an artist, I've used yarn before on many pieces of art before, but never have I even come close to crocheting. The reason for the sudden interest is because recently I have been wanting a granny square afghan blanket, similar to the one seen on the sitcom Roseanne. I looked into just buying one, but they can get pretty expensive after shipping and whatnot. So I figured making one would save me some money. I guess my question is, would it be easy for me, a complete novice, to make a decent one, and if so, where
  15. My cousin has asked me to make her daughter a pumpkin hat for Halloween. The pattern I found is only for a newborn. Her daughter is almost 2 years old. Can someone help me make the pattern larger without compromising the piece? Pattern: Pumpkin:: Ch 25 Row 1: hdc in BL of 3rd ch from hook and in each at across, chain 2, turn (23 hdc) Row 2-23: hdc in BL in each st across, chain 2, turn Row 24: hdc in BL in each st across, chain 1, turn Joining both ends , sl st down entire length of hat through both sides, fasten off and weave in ends Stem:: Using green, join
  16. So I'm making this little sweater, fallowing the 18mo size in the pattern. I've got all the pieces crocheted for it. But now I'm confused about how I'm suppose to attach them all together, especially the hood piece. Here's what the pattern says; "Fold Hood in half along back seam edge and sew center back seam. Pin shaped edge of Hood to neck opening, beg at center of button or buttonhole bands and matching back seam of Hood to center back neck edge. Sew in Sleeves placing rows above markers along armhole edges of Fronts and Back to form square armholes. Sew side and sleeve seams. Sew buttons
  17. Hi, I have a thread motif pattern I downloaded from a Russian site. I am completely baffled from row 8 out. I can't find anything that explains what the rectangles are, and I have no idea what the long like with 7 hash marks is, though it could be a DoubleTreble but that isn't what it looks like to me because there are no gaps in the bars that surround the mesh. That could be due to blocking though. And help would be so appreciated. Thanks. Dianna
  18. http://slugsontherefrigerator.com/pattern-mermaid-tail/ I am having a lot of trouble with the mermaid tail. I got the waistband all ready to go. I followed Row 1 for the tail and got 9Sh just fine, however I had about 2 inches of extra waistband that didn't have a shell across the top of it. I thought maybe it was an extra length to wrap with the buttons so I kept going. On Row 2, I ended up with only 8Sh total, so then on Row 3 I had only 7Sh. I am doing the 3ch and 2 tr (which is a dc in the USA, right?). I really felt like I followed the directions. By the time I was done with r
  19. I am currently making a beanie and am on the 8th row. I have started to notice that the slip stitch is very obvious and looks bad. Is there any other way to join rows without it being noticeable? I attached a picture that shows it.
  20. I am making a Cargo Tote and can not understand the end of a round. Round states Round 15 *Ch 4, skip 42 sts, sc in next st; repeat from * around ch 2; join with hdc in first st-36 ch- 4 sps. ( do not understand the purple part) Please help. Thank you D'Rhonda
  21. I have been trying this pattern for the past few days http://southerndaisy.com/2013/10/02/chevron-baby-blanket-free-pattern/ I have contacted the author, but no response yet. So I thought I'd try here. I started with a chain of 182 and re-counted each chain to make sure I had the right number. I started row 1 by chaining 2 and proceeded by following the pattern. I made sure there were no missed stitches! Here is my problem: you are supposed to end with 3 DC in the last stitch of Row 1. But, and I don't know why but I am ready to pull out my hair, each time I end up with the second DC o
  22. Hello I am new here and a newbie to crochet and was wondering how do you correspond the amount of stitches versus pattern size when graphing out a picture I have found many tutorials about how to filet crochet but none about how to count also how do you know how many chains from the hook to skip for the first dc any help is greatly appreciated ????
  23. I have a picture of a guy wearing a hat he lost. He wants me to make him one like it. He thinks it's made with bits of leftover yarn--a stash buster. I think it looks like that Red Hart variegated yarn by the picture but it's hard to tell. I can't really tell what stitch pattern is used either. I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out. Any feedback?
  24. A couple weeks ago I decided to try my hand at making a sweater. I redid this thing a million times chewing up my yarn. It seems like the problem is gauge. I learned about gauge and making squares after I started this which explains my many redos. Now that I understand the importance of making g-squares for things that need to fit right, I made one two three... but it was useless. Here are the details... Gauge of the pattern: 17st, 14rows = 4" -- using 5mm needle, medium 4 worsted yarn. My understanding of this from what I've read online is, 17 sts across and 14 rows make a 4x4"
  25. I started crocheting this little tomato but at the end of the round its been equaling wrong. rnd 2 ch 1, sc 1 in same space as prev. sl st, [switch to cream yarn, inc in next st, switch to red, inc in next st] 3 times, switch to cream yarn, inc in next st, switch to red, sl st close round {15 sc sts} when i finish the round i end up with 16 not 15. what am i doing wrong?
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