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  1. Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong area but I have just signed up. Hoping someone can help me decipher a baby cardigan pattern I am attempting. I believe it is in UK terms... It says, for row 2, 1tr in each st to end, 1tr in third of 3-ch from previous row. What does the '1tr in third of 3ch... row' mean? It comes up a lot in this yoke section. Any tips or pointers would be gratefully received! Thanks a million
  2. Hello, I'm new to this community and am seeking some help. I discovered a wonderful afghan on a favorite show of mine. I would love to crochet it very badly but can't find a yarn that's similar enough to the colors that I need. The pattern I can figure out (unless anyone has any ideas on that as well) I've posted a cropped picture of the afghan. I'm sorry that it's a little blurry but you can get still see the colors. I would like to find something as close as possible because all put together it's perfect for me. Thanks!!!!
  3. I'm making my first jumper and am a bit lost. Starting on the back piece I have worked the square but starting up the shoulders has confused me. Pattern says: Now work piece back and forth and dec for neck in the middle of the first side of square. Cut the yarn and skip the middle 6-6-8-8-10-10 repetitions (= neck) on the first side of square, continue A.3 with inc in the corners until row has been worked, do not work over the 6-6-8-8-10-10 repetitions skipped at beg of row. Fasten off, piece measures 25-27-29-31-35-38 cm / 9 3/4"-10½"-11½"-12 1/4"-13 3/4"-15" from middle (50-54-58
  4. I'm playing around with a Tunisian Simple Stitch. I have to say it's really fun and I enjoy it! BUT, I'm still learning and having a hard time with the left edge. I've lost stitches along the way and can't figure out why or how and if I can add a stitch. I'm watching videos and it seems like I'm doing what they instruct me to do. Does anyone know how or if I can add in stitches or any tips to watch out for at the end? This is really for practice more than anything and I'm fine to restart but I want to make sure I'm understanding the concept before I start again. Photo attached.
  5. I am crocheting a baby boys cardigan and the patterns says; Chain 33, (36, 39) Row 1 (RS): Ch2, HDC in 2nd chain from hook and each ch across; turn 31 (34,37) sc ​I'm just not sure what the end part means (across; turn 31 (34,37) sc) ​and don't understand why you need to chain 2 right after chaining 36. Any help would be great, thanks.
  6. How do i crochet vertical buttonholes working in single crochet?
  7. Hello! I'm Sara from Pennsylvania. I started crocheting less than a year ago and I've been mostly doing very basic projects. I just decided to try something in the more intermediate range and I'm already incredibly stuck and confused on what a pattern is telling me to do!! I'm hoping someone might be able to help me so I can make this blanket for my Mom for Mothers Day Here is the link to the pattern: https://www.premieryarns.com/text/pattern_downloads/DA00017.pdf Specifically I'm stuck on row 8 : [FPTr2tog around post of 1st dc 2 rows below and following 4th dc for 2nd leg (skippin
  8. Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and am more of of a knitter than a crocheter( I know you are thinking I finally grew up..lol:) I need help with a vintage bedspread that I am making.....It is the Radiant Star Bedspread Pattern #675 Published on Free Crochet Patterns (http://freevintagecrochet.com) I have attached the pattern... I have have created 10 blocks and attached them according to the directions...they look great... My questions is how do I continue to attach them to each other to create the whole bed spread? I just can't seem to wrap my brain around it..... Any help woul
  9. I am wanting to take the picture on the graph paper which is 25 wide by 36 long and make it into a large lap throw say maybe 5'x7'. I can't get any of the program suggested to work and would really like to get this project started as I've never done anything that requires changing colors or had letters on it!! As a matter of fact, just this year I made a sock monkey and booties to go with a corner to corner blanket I made for a friend. Those are the most difficult items I've ever made. Prior to those it was only single, double and treble stitch items. If someone could make the graph and post i
  10. Hello! The pattern is called "Canyon Sunrise Cowl" Designed by Claire Martin and can be found on http://horizontaldesigns.blogspot.com/2013/10/free-crochet-pattern-ocean-sunrise-one.html#more. I hope this the right way to post a pattern reference, her blog has this at the bottom, "You may link to it or re-blog it in it's entirety", so hopefully it's ok. Rounds 1 and 2 have 75 stitches, then round 3 ends up with only 40. Some words seem to be missing from the end of the sentence for round 3. What do you think should be after "working in the (40)"? Working in the...? -Round 3: Ch 2
  11. MissCric

    Afghan Help!

    I am starting an afghan as a beginner, and in the first row after the foundation chain, the pattern reads: Row 1 (Right side): Dc in sixth ch from hook (5 skipped chs count as first dc plus ch 2) and in next 2 chs, * YO, insert hook in next ch, YO and pull up a loop, YO and draw through 2 loops on hook, YO, skip next 3 chs, insert hook in next ch, YO and pull up a loop, YO and draw through all 3 loops on hook, dc in next 3 chs, ch 2, dc in next ch, ch 2, dc in next 3 dc... That last step is where I get completely lost! How do I dc in the foundation chain? I don't have any dc in rows
  12. I've been crocheting for about a year. I don't know how to read a pattern. Self taught and Youtube. So I want to make an easy ripple baby afghan for my niece. I'm not a big fan of decreases so I found this pattern. I need to know if I'm interpreting it correctly. I read it that there will be 7 double crochets, between stitches. then skip a chain and start the 3 dc in 4 chains. skip a chain and back to the 7 dc. I'm not fastening off so I'm just going to chain 2 same color and turn. YES? Row 1 (RS): With light blue ch 155, 2 dc in 4th ch from hook, 3 dc in next ch, *skip next ch, [dc in ne
  13. Hey veteran felters! I've always wanted to try my hand at felting but never knew how to start. I have a friend who has been felting for years and she said that all you have to do is knit/crochet a piece in wool and throw it in the washer/dryer. I doubt it's that simple. Anything more I should know before I try this out? Also, I bought approx 800yds of LH's fisherman wool and about 400yds of Vanna's Choice glamour yarn but am not sure what project I want to use this for. All I know is I want to combine the two yarns in alternating rows and felt it so that the fisherman wool turns to fel
  14. I have a customer who is interested in having me make her an item using a specific yarn. She does not know the brand or dye lot. It is a verigated color I have serched the Internet and can't find what I'm looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. So I'm making 25 infinity scarves for someone. My problem is each scarf I make is a different size! I start each one off by counting 118 chains for the first row. The scarves aren't lopsided or anything funky but each one is different. Some short some long as you can see in the photo. What could I possibly be doing wrong for these results??
  16. Help my name is Wendi789 . Trying to make this afghan but having a lot of trouble so I have frogged it many times now. I have pictures of it but don't know how to add them on here. Anyone who has made this and would like to help me, I'd be most grateful for that assistance. Thanks Wendi
  17. Hi all, I am new to the site and somewhat new to crocheting as well and have come here for some help after rudely being kicked out of a facebook group for asking for help . I am making an awareness ribbon shawl for my mom for Christmas. I've already picked out the yarn which is a 4 (Medium) and is said to be the same as the Red Heart Super saver that was used in the instructions I am using. I tried my first 5 or 6 rows but found that the awareness ribbons weren't very clear. They looked more like x's. So I went back and read the needed sized hook and found that I got a 3.50mm instead of
  18. Hi my name is Angela I love crochet but I have only been doing it since April it's relaxing and fun. But I sometimes have a hard time reading patterns and I have one I don,t understand if there is someone who can help me please get in contact with me ty Central section Foundation ring using 5.5mm hook and yarn a ch5 ss to form ring Round 1 ch4 counts as first tr, ch1 tr, ch1 7 times into ring ss into 3rd of starting ch4 Ss into ch- sp s tr ( tr ch1 into same ch- sp, ( 2 tr, ch1 ) into each ch - sp around ss into top of s - tr
  19. Let me start by admitting that I have made these before, but can't for the life of me remember how I did this one part. The pattern is called "Ribbed Cuff Comfies" Designed by Ruth Shepherd and can be found on freepatterns.com. My problem is transitioning from row 7 of the Vamp to row 1 of the Side (and finishing row 1). The last line in the Vamp instructions says “At end of last row, do not fasten off.” First round in Sides section is ch 32. Is that ch 32 to be worked from the end of the vamp that I didn’t fasten off? Or do I start with a new piece of yarn? Neither way seems correct.
  20. Hi all.... My name is Katie and I am new to Crocheting. I've only been doing it for about 2 years. Up until recently, I have watched YouTube videos to learn new patterns. I just started learning how to read patterns. I came across a pattern that I am having a hard time with. I am looking for someone who would be willing to video themselves doing 1 square that I can follow along with. Seeing it done seems to work the best sometimes. I have watched other tutorials for similar squares and I just can't get it. I would so appreciate the help!
  21. I just introduced myself and am so thrilled to be here to hopefully get some help. I have a hand written pattern that belonged to my great grandma, and a finished hot pad, but I can NOT figure out how to do it! My Grandma/best friend is 87 and it has been too long since she made one for her to remember how to do it without using her own hands, but she is too shaky and had arthritis too badly now to help me. I would be over the moon if someone could help me learn it so o can carry on this tradition in our family ❤️ I'm not sure if it would be possible for someone to video how they do it, but
  22. Hi, I'm finishing a blanket that started with 2 rows of single crochet in hot pink and then went to gray in double crochet. I want to finish the blanket in another 2 rows of hot pink single crochet. My problem is how to make the end 2 rows look like the beginning?? When you crochet final 2 rows in single crochet it doesn't look like the first 2 rows?? Any ideas?
  23. I'm looking for help in understanding HOW to do this pattern. Good and Evil Granny a crochet pattern by Danielle Day-Hines Notes: I use US terms and most of my abbreviations are standard and can be found here. Unique abbreviations will be noted. Size: Using Light Worsted Weight and a G hook: 6.5″. Using Worsted weight and an H hook: 8″ Feel free to check out my Color Change Tutorial and my tutorial for Weaving in Ends as you Go (Part 1). This pattern has been tested but I am still a beginner in formal pattern writing. Please, notify me of any mistakes or confusion and I will correct as soon
  24. I really want to make these pants but am a little confused. I understand the general idea but i dont understand what the written pattern is saying? Can anyone explain this better? 1. For the top side ( waist to hip) crochet in circle. When at hip, divide the circle in 2 and chain the required length in the middle of the circle linkinking to the oposite side .Work the leg length in circle multiplying to get the pallazzo effect every 10 rows, or every 5 rows depending on your desire. Chart translation in written pattern: 1. Row 1: chain the required length 2. Row 2 : ch 3, 3 x dc
  25. So I'm having trouble with this doily patter I've found. The part I'm having trouble with is the section with the cluster of 3 ch. 5s. I just finished the previous row and I am so confused on how to start the next row. If anyone understands what I'm talking about I would really appreciate the help!
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