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Found 42 results

  1. There are hundreds of beautiful doily diagrams on the internet, but how do you know what hook size and thread combination to use to make them when they aren't listed? Is it just trial and error?
  2. Finished this the other day. Wanted to share and YES I plan to do all 99 Little Doilys. Patricia Kristofferson Doily #10 of 99. Started June 8. 2014. Finished June 16. 2014. 4" Inches Wide Across. Size 7 Crochet hook. Crocheted by Terry Devine aka sunnywolfgar. I used threads from my stash. Light Purple,Variegated Purples.
  3. Finished this one on the 4th. The graph I used was of unknown origin and is available on my blog if you'd like to have it. I used Aunt Lydia's #10 thread in Antique Rose and White and a size 1.65 mm hook.
  4. Hi Everyone, I am new to the site, and the main reason that I joined was because I started working on a free lily of the valley doily pattern. I am on the last row and I am having trouble understanding what I need to do. Does anyone know what d trc means? It is not defined anywhere in the pattern. Has anyone ever used this pattern before that might be able to help me out? 19th ROUND: Ch 12, rice st in 8th st from hook (rice st: keeping last loop of each st on hook, 3 trc in same space, thread over and pull through all loops at one time), d trc, ch 8, rice st in top of d tr c just made, tr c in next tr c, ch 8, rice st in top of trc just made, sl st in next trc, * ch 8, rice st in same space with sl st just made, tr c in next tr c, ch 8, rice st in top of tr c just made, 1 d tr c in next tr c, ch 8, rice st in top of d tr c just made, tr c in next tr c, ch 8, rice st in top of tr c just made, sl st in next tr c, repeat from * all around ending to correspond, join, cut thread. Thanks in advance!
  5. This is a purple doily i'm working on by using a picture.
  6. Hi, I have my own blog with crotchet and knitted things. I would like to show you my doily. http://world-of-crochet.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-oblong-straw-colored-table-napkin.html I am Pole and I wonder what is the difference between doily, napkin and mat? Will you help me? I would like to translate my blog correctly, but sometimes it is difficult...
  7. I made this tire cover. I used acrylic yarn and tied it on fairly tight. It is not obvious how it is attached just by looking at it. You would have to fiddle around behind the tire a bit to figure it out. Everyone is telling me that it will be damaged (by something other than weather) or stolen within a month. Thoughts? Has anyone done anything like this before? I accepted that bet so I hope it lasts! I park in my garage overnight so it will only be out in parking lots during the day. I never go anywhere secluded...just regular public busy parking lots.
  8. Pretty decorative small mat free crochet pattern, Can be used to put plant pots, ornaments etc on. easy pattern to make with clear instructions. http://www.patternsforcrochet.co.uk/a-decorative-mat-usa.html
  9. Languishing between afghans, unable to decide what to start on, I've been thinking pink and hearts the past week or so. The set of four pink placemats is done in the same pattern I've posted before. I've lost count of how many I've made, for myself and for a charity auction, in ecru, green, yellow, white, and now soft rose -- more than two dozen, I guess -- the pattern is addictive. The two heart doilies also were crocheted in worsted cotton. The red heart is a pattern I copied from a photo and is just the right size as a coaster for a pitcher of ice water, the pink one good for a vase of flowers. Then there are the tiny pink, red, and white hearts scattered around the house. I love Valentine's -- maybe because 51 years ago this Thursday was the fateful day I met my husband.
  10. I found this in Savannah, Georgia and wished I had a round window at my house.
  11. Here is a free crochet pattern for a small clustered doily. http://crochetncrafts.com/crochet/clustered-puffy-pentagon-doily.html
  12. I've made partial granny mandalas to use as dish cloths but never a full-size one. I like this pattern and the finished project looks nice on the center of my table. You can see it here. Thanks for looking!
  13. Just to see if I could do it (as my grandmother did long ago) ... worked with size 30 thread on a size 10 (US) steel hook for this #24 Doily, designed by Fujiko Tagaki, from vintage issue of Decorative Crochet magazine (#12, Nov 1989, some copies appear to be available on Amazon)
  14. Hello Everyone- Been a bit since I've posted anything. But recently I got some lime and purple thread and I've had fun making all kinds of things. Since there was a variety of items I posted this here. Hope that is the correct spot! Enjoy! The first is a coaster; second: small motifs that will be made into earrings; third: a doily; fourth: a small motif that I really like (not sure what I will do with it so left a long string); and fifth: I was trying to show you the crochet part of a necklace that I made. Not a great picture. Sorry. The earring motifs and the not-sure-what-I'll-do-with-it motif are from 201 Crochet Motifs, blocks, projects and ideas by Melody Griffiths. The rest are from the Ultimate Guide to Thread Crochet by Leisure Arts.
  15. Here a pic of the 1918 Doily I just finished making....still on the blocking board and drying. A link to the pattern can be found on my blog.
  16. It is with great pleasure that I can finally release some of my Doily patterns. My Doily Threesome series just keeps growing. This is my 6th one of the series. I like offering my doilies in sets of threes. I am calling this one Doily Enchantment. In this one I am including my Contessa Doily, my Celebration Doily and my Cascade doily. All are done with size 10 thread. The Contessa Doily measure 16.75 inches across The Celebration Doily measures 17 inches across And the Cascade Doily measures 13 inches across They are all moderate- intermediate skill levels. Booklet and Pdf pattern is available on my website www.crochetnbeads.com here And in my Etsy shop in Pdf format only Crochetnbeadsetsyshop Contessa Doily Celebration Doily Cascade Doily Thank you for taking the time to look at my latest release.
  17. I made this doily over the last month, working on it when ever I had a spare minute or two and I just finished it intime for Valentines Day! It is from The American School of Needlework 1173 Hearts and Flowers, I did make different leaves.
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