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  1. I love this purse.....looking forward to the pattern. So very sweet of you to offer it to us for free!!!
  2. I love the Hello Kitty purse.....where did you find the pattern? My daughter would love this. Nice Job!!!!
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions..... I may not be able to use my tote, the day after I used it for the first time, I awoke and my eyes were swollen and red. I am guessing it may be the wool. I put the tote away for a few days and will get it back out and use it and if my eyes swell up again I will know then it is the wool. I sure hope not because I love this tote better than any purse I have owned....It feels so good on my shoulders as I carry it. Funny it did not seem to bother me as I crocheted it but now that it is felted and fuzzy it does.
  4. Thank you all for you nice comments.....I am flattered. Anyone that has not felted I must say TRY IT!!!! I love the results and my purse feels so good when I tote it. Someone said something about it being expensive to make....I have about 25.00 in this purse. I purchased the yarn at Walmart for 4.97 a skein and I bought about 5 skeins to make this. I would not be able to buy this tote for 25.00 from a seller so I think I came out pretty good.
  5. The pattern is from here http://marloscrochetcorner.com/Round%20Winter%20Purse.html it is the Round Winter Purse but just made it taller and wider by adding more rows and increasing the size of the bottom in diameter taking in consideration loosing inches after felting. I crocheted it until it was double the width I wanted and I stopped once it got around 16" tall. It would have been a little bigger than it is now but I ran it through a 2nd cycle to shrink it a little bit more, if I had settled for the size after 1 cycle through the washer it would have ended up being 14" tall and 13" wide. It is hard to guess how big to make it so I figured I would loose 5 to 6" so I made it according to that but then if I had settled for the first cycle I would have only lost about 3". This is my first felting so I will know now that I will not have to loose that many inches. I will just make it according to only loosing about 3" and running it through 1 cycle in the washer. I found felting to be very rewarding. I used about 5 skeins of Lions Brand Wool from Walmart. 3 of the brown, 1 of the off white and 1 of the blue. I was very happy with this yarn. The tote turned out very sturdy. I used 1 cup of baking soda, some laundry detergent and very very hot water. I did not loose any color at all after using the very hot water. I know some said you might loose color that way but I did not. Thanks for the compliment, folks here on Crochetville are so sweet and encouraging. Yarn Monkey.... you are welcome to ask any questions on felting by sending me a private message. I recommend you giving it a try, you will be addicted after your first one. I am already working on another.
  6. Here is a 100% wool tote I crocheted and then felted in the washer. It is about 11" wide and 12" tall. I am very proud of how it turned out. It feels really nice on my shoulders which is a plus. Not sure if the picture will show the true colors but it is mostly brown with off white and blue stripes. I first had trouble getting it to felt but then after reading about needing to have the water very hot, I retried the felting by setting a pot of water on the stove so that it could get hot as the washer filled up, when the agitation began in the washer I poured the hot water in with the tote. It felted in 15 minutes after that and I did not loose any color. The water never reached boiling by the time the agitation started in the washer but it was very very hot, scalding hot in fact. I forgot to add that I used Lions Brand wool that I bought in Walmart. It felted up very fast once I used the hot water. I can't decide whether to line it with cloth or not.....what do you all think? I need some suggestions, eager to start showing it off.....
  7. I had the same problem and my remedy was to put a pot of water on the stove and let it get hot as the washer filled up and when it started agitation I poured the hot water in. My bag felted in 15 minutes. The water did not reach boiling but it was very very hot. Try re-felting it and add very hot water and do it on a small cylce. All I added to my water was about 1 cup baking soda and regular clothes detergent. See if it felts with the hot water and let us know how it worked. Good Luck..... I will be posting my purse I felted yesterday, later on today so you can see how well it felted by adding the hot water. The yarn I used was Lions Wool I bought at Walmart.
  8. I wish there was some instructions posted here at the top of the page for beginners like me to refer to when starting a first time felting project. You know the way some forums have a FAQ's, rules/reguations, etc.... at the top of the forum page that is there all the time? A Instruction posting that would be there at the top all the time would be wonderful so that beginners like me does not have to search and search for instructions. Just an idea as I am trying to figure out what all I need to do to felt my purse today.
  9. I love the first one......looks so professional. Do you have the pattern to it? I would love to make it. Great Job.......
  10. Hello, I live near Royston, Ga...Franklin County which is in Northeast Georgia.
  11. Thanks for answering my question...... I was not sure about the Hello Kitty because of seeing someones post, a picture of a Hello Kitty purse, which made me unsure. Now you have clarified it for me that it is ok to post a picture of what you made but that is it. I would rather make sure and ask than to make a guess and it be wrong. Thanks again for answering my question.....
  12. I agree with all you guys here.....on small projects. I did as Cindy and made a bunch of cotton dishcloths and gave them to family members as gifts. I also made my daughter a scarf. When you do something small you don't get bored with it and end up putting it down and not finishing it. A small pocketbook is another good idea that Robin had. Search for different patterns on each of these items so that you can learn a variety of stitches and get the hang of reading the instructions.
  13. Please pm me if you are from Georgia......would love to be in contact with someone from my area and exchange info. on good places to purchase yarn, etc. Thanks, Lynn
  14. I am not sure about the trademark thing on the Hello Kitty but I have been working on my own purse pattern of the Hello Kitty. When I get done with it, is it against the rules for me to post the pattern for other crocheters to have? Will it be wrong for me to ask for pattern testers here for the Hello Kitty purse pattern after I am done with it? Sorry for the silly dumb questions but I don't want to violate any laws or rules so I want to make sure. Thanks, Lynn
  15. Hello Brenda, I am in Georgia and not too terribly far from you.....Franklin County!! I am sure you have heard of Hartwell Lake, well I am about 15 minutes from it. Welcome......
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