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  1. Loveragdolls

    More stuffed animals! Lots of images.

    You've sure been busy! And you are very creative. Your animals are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your projects.
  2. Loveragdolls

    New mouse ami

    Thank you for so kindly sharing your cute mouse pattern. Nice pattern to make up some mice and donate to a cat rescue group to send home with new adoptions.
  3. Loveragdolls

    Lion character...

    You did a wonderful job with your lion. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Loveragdolls

    My version of Owen's Bear

    Great job with Tim's bear. He's a cutie!
  5. Loveragdolls

    A little elf for a little elf ^-^

    What a wonderful gift. You elf is so darling!
  6. Loveragdolls

    Greek Tortoise

    You did a great job with your tortoise - their cuteness shine through. Thanks for sharing
  7. Loveragdolls

    Looking for fisherman afghan pattern

    Have you looked at 63 Cable Stitches to Crochet (Leisure Arts #3961). It's made of 12 squares. You can see the booklet here: http://www.mypollywogs.com/lacrochet.html
  8. Loveragdolls

    Tiny Thread Bears :o)

    You sure did a great job with your bears! They are cuddley cute.
  9. Loveragdolls

    Cuddle Attack!

    So glad that the bandicoots found each other. You did a great job. They do look like cuddle bugs!
  10. Loveragdolls

    Old Fashion Teddy Bear

    What a great job! The bear will be a wonderful treasure. And what a great Christmas gift.
  11. Loveragdolls

    Amigurumi Addiction II

    Beth Will the book be translated into english or do you speak swedish? The author does some creative work.
  12. Loveragdolls

    Forest Friend Skunk tested

    I was able to test the Forest Friend Skunk for Kristie. The pattern easy to follow with cute results. Thanks for letting me test for you.
  13. Loveragdolls

    Free pattern: amigurumi monkey

    THanks for sharing your cute pattern!
  14. Hi Kristie Your toy drive sounds cool - we'll be there.