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  1. Most knit-to-crochet tutorials give you really basic info on how to calculate the dimensions in the knit pattern and then match those dimensions with a given crochet gauge. I bought a booklet online once and was sorely disappointed. But given the way that shawl looks, it might be fun to find equivalent stitch patterns in crochet. I see rows of shells, ripple, DC (with some chain spaces)... The edging would be the most challenging and fun, kind of like a modified pineapple pattern.
  2. I wear fingerless gloves when it's cold to keep my hands--especially my wrists-- warm while I crochet or knit. Also when I type! It helps a bit with pain and injury prevention.
  3. I love, love, love Susan Bates Silvalume aluminum hooks and wish they came in larger sizes. I love the way the head is shaped, it glides through the yarn loops so easily. I have a really tough time with Boye aluminum hooks, though, they tend to split the yarn, aargh. For above 6.5mm I have to use plastic. With acrylic yarn, this creates that awful grabby vibration/low-grade squeaking. I like the idea of wood but haven't found ones that like. I need a wide, flat plate in the middle of the shaft to hold onto (like with aluminum hooks), and they don't make wood hooks like that. Plus the birch hooks I have don't grab the yarn as securely or slide through the yarn that well. I'd love to try a Jimbo hook, but can't see putting out $45-60 to bid on one hook.
  4. rina

    Twist Wrap

    Love work! Nice color, too.
  5. It looks darling on your daughter, and she looks darling too!
  6. That's stunning! And what a luxurious gift, in Blue Sky Alpaca.
  7. Last Friday from Knit Picks. About four balls of their Swish Superwash to over-dye for the Babette Blanket. Buying about 25 balls of yarn (mostly Woolease) for Babette seems to have reduced my yarn hunger for a while. My husband and I bicycled past a Beverly's yesterday and I didn't even request a detour! Next yarn purchase will be a total splurge, luxury yarn for a sweater, when I file my dissertation.
  8. Wow, that is a stunning piece of work. Beautiful!
  9. Most definitely Loop d' Loop Crochet. Among other things, it has gorgeous coat patterns that look like they belong on the runway.
  10. rina

    Recycled Yarn

    I've unraveled a couple of sweaters, based on the tutorial that harmonise linked to. One was basically brand new. It was an evening's work but not too aggravating. Another one, I should have known better--it was a bit worn and so the yarn stuck to itself, and the end product wasn't worth using. Basically, it has to be in new or nearly new condition, and the yarn should be of a quality that makes it worth the effort--unraveling, winding into a hank, washing, and winding into a ball. Have fun! PSA: It goes without saying, but anything from a thrift store should be washed. Bed bugs are a growing phenomenon and I've read that one vector is thrift store blankets and clothing.
  11. From the window showing just the photo you want, click on "all sizes" (at the top of the photo). Copy the html in the larger text box, and paste it into the blog entry. Good luck!
  12. rina

    One Skein Scarf

    I really like the way the shrug looks as a wrap!
  13. rina

    Wilton dyes

    Gorgeous! I found Wilton's tricky to use compared to Kool-Aid, mainly because it was harder to control the amount. But the colors are brilliant.
  14. They're beautiful, and perfect for summer. I totally want the red one.
  15. Ditto! I just made a flirty vest with Cotton-Ease and I love it. They have it at Michael's for $5/200 yard ball, sometimes for $4. Otherwise I like sport weight yarn for garments. Lion Babysoft, an acrylic, is relatively soft--especially after you run it through the washer/dryer--and has pretty decent elasticity. It's good over a tank top though I'm not sure it would be so great in the summer on bare skin.
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