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  1. I have made it to the corner borders. I have printed out the corrections and am looking at the corrections posted here as well... ORRECTION AT CORNER BORDER: Row 1: (rs) With rs facing, join B in sc 2 sts before any Wedge tip with sl st, ch 1; sc in same sc; ch 1, sk next 2sc, *(dc in next 3 sc, ch 1, sk next sc)7 times, (cl, ch 2, cl) in next sc, (point) (ch 1, sk next sc, dc in next 3 sc)6 times, ** sk next 4 sc, tr in next sc (joining), sk next 4 sc; (dc in next 3 sc, ch 1, sk next sc)6 times, (cl, ch 2, cl) in next sc (point), (Ch 1, sk next sc, dc in next 3 sc)7 times, ch 1, sk next 2 sc, sl st in next 2 sc. This pattern keeps referring to single crochets...but their aren't sc on these square I am crocheting to. This confusing me quite a bit.
  2. Your afghan is gorgeous! I have started this afghan and found this thread by doing a good search to look for pictures of this afghan. I have had this pattern in my "to do" stack for so long that I finally decided to start it only using scraps. I wasn't going to use the alternating varigated diamonds to keep it a true "scrap" afghan but after reading through these posts I'm beginning to reconsider. it does look so nice with the alternating varigated and solids. No way I'm going to pull off the color coordination though. I'm going to try to put as opposing colored scraps as possible together. I figure the white will tie it all together nicely! Yours is absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for the inspiration!
  3. I would give it to either one of my kids....13 yr old daughter or 17 yr old son or probably they could share it. We live in our RV after selling our house when my husband was laid off 1 year ago last July. They are sharing a small room with bunk beds and lights are not all that great in the RV. I can see them using it at night when one of them wants to sleep and the other one wants to read, etc. with light.
  4. My husband is laid off AND we are moving. I'm going through this craft closet and realizing I have to part with some of this stuff or else pack it up for storage....so.... I have three cones of thread for sale. After selling the last one, I realize the shipping was more than I expected so I'm charging $10 additional for the price to ship these. There is two very large cones of a cream thread that is very small and another very large cone of light blue thread. There really isn't any identifying markers on the cone so I can't say the weight. It feels less stiff than Aunt Lydia's #10 crochet cotton so it may not be cotton...probably acrylic but I'm only guessing. Non-smoking home...been stored uncovered in the top of a closet. Please visit this post on my blog to see the pictures at this post: http://crochetmecrazy.blogspot.com/2009/08/very-large-cones-of-thread-for-sale.html I am asking $20 plus $10 shipping each and $2.00 extra for insurance or if you buy all three I'll take $75 and I'll pay the shipping and insurance. Please email me at summerysmile@yahoo.com Please email me if you are interested. Thanks! Lisa
  5. The cone has sold...the books are still available.
  6. My husband is laid off and we are moving. I'm going through this craft closet and realizing I have to part with some of this stuff. I have a cone of burgandy thread type yarn. There is a lot of thread on this cone although I can't say exactly how much. It is 8 in tall and 4 in wide. I don't know what kind it is or the weight. It just says "2/24 acrylic" inside the cone. It's pretty light weight. I have taken pictures and they are on my blog. $15 ppd inside the US for the cone. It has been sitting in the top of the closet so there is some lint on the outside but is in a non-smoking home. The books I have are $10 each + shipping: 100 Hats to Knit & Crochet Cloth Dolls 101 Granny Squares (Hardback) Please visit this post on my blog to see the pictures at this post: http://crochetmecrazy.blogspot.com/2009/08/thread-yarn-cone-for-sale.html All these books are in excellent condition. I have more yarn cones to sell as I can get through the closet and get pictures taken. Please email me if you are interested. Thanks! Lisa
  7. These are spoken for now. I'll repost if something happens. I'll probably dig through my stuff and post some more soon.
  8. We need the money so I thought I would see if it would be worth it to list some of my crochet books for sale. If it ends up being worth my time, I will start going through the shelves for more. This is what I've got so far. Crochet Magazines - All these are in very good to excellent condition - $1.00 each + shipping or take all for $25 ppd: Crochet! Magazines March 2006 September 2006 November 2006 July 2006 January 2007 March 2007 May 2009 July 2009 Crochet World Magazines December 2000 April 2001 October 2001 December 2002 February 2002 April 2003 February 2005 June 2005 October 2005 August 2006 April 2009 June 2009 August 2009 Drops Nr. 107 Welcome to Winter Home Décor (873274) Tassel Bouquets in Crochet (Annie Potter Presents) Easy Cuddly Critters (873253) Here's a picture of this group of books on my blog: http://crochetmecrazy.blogspot.com/2009/07/crochet-books-for-sale.html
  9. I love your blanket! What method did you use to add your extra points? It looks like you did it differently than I did mine from what I can tell in the picture.
  10. My points are too big and I am struggling to keep it from ruffling. I able still able to get it to lay flat with some help. It's big enough to be a baby blanket now. I'm wondering if I should stop before the ruffles get out of hand?
  11. LOL! Thank you for your poetic expression!! LOL and no, I don't drive a Lexus! LOL! And thank you for the pattern clarification, I have printed out to put with the pattern file. I'm adding my points but there are much bigger than the previous points. I guess that will be okay looking but I am just wondering if that is going to mess me up later if I try to add more points because there won't be an even number of stitches. Does that make sense? Maybe I was supposed to wait to add the points later in the pattern. I may just continue on with this one and not add any new points then make another one based on what I've learned from making this "practice" blanket! Thanks everybody!
  12. I really couldn't make much sense of this in my head and didn't see how once you added the points you would be able to go around them on the next round without a mess. It seems to be working though and I'm thrilled! :clapI do have one question though....what is the purpose of the fpdc and bpdc or it says you can just dc in the back loops if you don't like those. I dc in the back loops on mine but I'm wondering why you need to do that? Can't you just do it through both loops? Thanks!
  13. Hi there! I've been reading the posts and looking at all of your beautiful afghans. I was so inspired, I decided to give it a shot! I started last night. I absolutely HAVE to figure out how to add the new points though. I really love how that looks!
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