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  1. Such of a sweet son Great hat, and I love the color combo. It's beautiful.
  2. i was just going to say the same thing. If you use nylon cording you have to dip the end into either clear nail polish or maybe even some type of fray check. (Learned that from the SnB HH book )
  3. i never thought about putting something in the bottom, that is a really great tip. especially since i'm adding a lining it would hide it. thank for the help. it is really appreciated
  4. is this a free pattern? do you have a picture of it? i think I understand what the directions are saying but it would be better if I had a picture to look at.
  5. aawwww! so cute! just in time for Easter! and I have all the materials needed! that never happens to me. I'll have to make this for my girls. Thanx a bunch for the free pattern!
  6. so I am working on this purse and have everything i need including the lining. I am doing it in Caron One Pounder in Chocolate and the lining is white with little pink polka dots. So my questions that I'm stuck on is....... I have a 6" pair of bamboo handles that I thought would maybe go but the purse is 6-3/4" wide so will the handles look to big compared to the rest of the purse. Also, I have this really cute button left over from another project. Should I make a closure with the button or no. If I do do a closure, how do I make the end where the button slip into rounded? Should I do both the handles and the button or one or the other? I asked hubby and he said that both ideas would look nice but I think he's only saying that so we dont get into an argument;) . Thanx for your help!
  7. this is one that i have in line as my future project. http://www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=1813 hope it helped
  8. not a problem! glad i could help.
  9. I personally think it would be a GREAT idea. In fact hubby and I are planning on moving to Seattle sometime in the next 5 yrs. It would be fun!
  10. oh my, that brought tears to my eyes but then quickly turned into when I read the "washing mistake" comment. very sweet of you to give her the dish cloth too. I love the elderly because they are so easy to talk to and will talk to you about anything.
  11. Go to settings and then scroll down. There is a button that says "Delete Your Blog". It's ok, I knew I seen it somewhere one day but couldn't remember where.
  12. leftiecrochetchick

    Snow Bunny

    that is really cute. LOVE the hoodie. great job!
  13. that's why I would do it in some kinda masculine color and make my hubby carry it. no seriously though it is a really cute bag, and after reading other comments it does look like a halter top.
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