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  1. I use the this technique a lot. If you use two solid color yarns, it will give a tweed look to your project, and is quite pretty. You can also try using one strand of worsted and one strand of baby yarn. The worsted color would be slightly more dominant in the design. And finally, you can use a variegated yarn and a solid colr that matches one of theshades in the variegated. This is also a very nice effect. Good luck! Patti
  2. You are probably looking for patterns that have roses and that type of Irish crochet, but this is a link to a site that has some filet crochet patterns of Irish designs, such as the claddagh, shamrocks and knotwork. http://www.nezumiworld.com/crochet_012.htm Hope you can use some of them! Patti
  3. If it's not too late, I would love to join this CAL! Every year my neighbor orders two dozen snowflakes from me to put in her Christmas cards, so it will help to get an early start on them this year! I also want to have a snowman themed Christmas tree in my kids' playroom next year, so any extras can go on that. Patti
  4. I got a total of 26 squares done over the weekend, but have been too busy with sick children to post. It's a good start to my afghan. Thanks so much for hosting this CAL! Patti
  5. Okay, now all of you have proven my husband right! I do have way too much yarn!!! The problem, if you want to call it that, that I have is that everyone gives me their leftover yarn. Just a few months ago I recieved two large garbage bags and a huge tote filled with yarn from friends and my mother. I organize mine first by weight, then by color. I have 10 large clear totes filled with yarn right now. Since I do a lot of small projects, I am able to use the yarn leftovers, but not as quickly as my DH would like me to! I am working on the charity squares CAL to try to get rid of some of my stash though! Better get off the computer and start crocheting! Patti
  6. A friend of mine owns an Irish Pub and wants me to mske some small crafts that she can sell to her customers. I designed my own 4-leaf clover lucky penny a few years ago, and we sold out 100 of them in one day! I am looking for small, quick and easy to make items. Any suggestions? Thanks! Patti
  7. I finished 16 of the 120 4" squares that I need for a twin sized afghan yesterday. I have to work today and go shopping after work, but I am hoping that we have a slow day here at the library and I can get some more done before I go home. Home is where the real work is! Have a great day everyone! I hope that those of you being hit by the ice storm are safely tucked away at home crocheting! Patti
  8. I'm new to the boards, but I would love to join in on this one. I just lost my Dad and need something to work on to help occupy my brain! I will be making a blanket with my completed squares that will be donated to the local hospital in memory of my Dad. Patti
  9. Thank you for the kind welcomes from everyone! Unfortunately, soon after I posted my first message my father passed away, so I have not been able to get back to the boards sooner. Although he was sick with diabetes for quite some time, it was still very unexpected. So, it has been a tough new year so far. For those that asked, I live by Letchworth State Park, in the Southern Tier of Western New York. For now anyway. We are thinking of moving closer to Albany, somewhere around Berne, NY. I hope to join some of your groups here and get to know you all soon. Still busy making out thank you notes and such! Thanks again! Patti
  10. Hello everyone! I was surfing the web the other day and came across a link that led me to the Crochetville site. I was looking for a little girl's purse pattern and found the cupcake purse pattern here. Now that the purse is finished I thought that I would sign up and join in the fun! I've been crocheting for 30 years now and have designed many of my own patterns over the years. I am looking forward to meeting new friends and sharing my love of crochet with you all! Patti
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