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  1. I like it!! thanks a bunch. I've been looking for something similar
  2. I'm free whenever you are. I'll bring some yummy fat free brownies!
  3. me me me me me me... pick mmeeeeeeee I can work around most peoples dates. Can't wait to see if this goes ahead
  4. I think its very cute!! (and I should know, I'm a snail LOL)
  5. i live near chanti happy to see another South East QLD crocheter around!! We can all whinge about the lack of decent yarn and reasonably priced yarn together lol Bel
  6. *Raises Hand* Me toooooo!!! From sunny QLD. Haven't been in here much lately, but I promise I'm still here! Bel.
  7. My husband is/was nervous about using cloth too (as in terry squares) so I made up some fitted flannel nappies for him to use just in case he doesn't get the hang of folding terry. They cost me about $5AUD each to make, as opposed to paying $25+ for them from a shop! I've got 4 one size fits all PUL covers as well (which cost me about $18 each), but soooo want some wool ones. Belinda
  8. Oh awesome! I've been looking for a funky crocheted nappy cover for months! I'm having a baby in 3 weeks and am using cloth nappies (much to the digust of a lot of people I've found, dunno what the deal is there). Better get cracking! Thanks for posting up your project! Bel.
  9. Oh that is soo **** cool! Good job!! Belinda xoxo
  10. AngrySnail


    Ohhh, I have a wonderful variegated brown yarn that that would look FABULOUS worked up in! ROFL what a classic.. belinda xoxo
  11. I dont know if it is the same in the states, but wheelchairs come in a lot of shapes and sizes. My husband is in a wheelchair, and a lot of his friends are as well, and I can honestly say that I dont think 2 wheelchairs are the same. Different disabilities need different types of chairs! There is a huge combination of widths and lengths of chairs. i think you'd be better off making a huge range of sizes, from small to XL and different lengths then sending them on. Good on you for making them though, i know they are sorely needed. Belinda xoxo
  12. I've made dozens of sets of those to give as gifts to my pregnant friends. Its a gorgeous pattern, and yours are extremely cute!!!! Belinda xoxo
  13. I still reckon we should have crash tackled that fella for his massive bowl of pavlova, or at least crocheted a lasso so we could obtain the pav inconspicuously Its gorgeous babe. Belinda xoxo
  14. my mum was a crocheter, but refused to teach me, so I felt this kinda anamousity towards crochet for a long time. My Mother in law is a big time crocheter, and one time I was watching her and I thought, I can do this, I'm gonna learn! But I didn't ask, didn't wanna sound like a tool. (she had taught me to knit a couple of weeks before, but I felt silly asking for crochet lessons) Couple of weeks later I went to a thrift shop and found this awesome needlework book that had step by step instructions for a pile of things, including crochet, so I bought it and had a go. Got upto chaining before I got stuck, so asked MIL to show me one stitch, and I was OFF! By my second week I was crocheting from patterns and having a ball! Now my sisters want to learn! Belinda xoxo
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