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    Yuma, AZ against my will
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    crochet, cross stitch, calligraphy, my 2 horses and 3 dogs and riding my Harley :)
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    medical transcriptionist
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    since i was about nine years old
  1. I did a google search and found just the pattern in this book: Quick -Stitch Crochet Afghans by Carol Alexander. I found it on Amazon I'm glad you asked this question, because i have been looking for it myself. I think it's gorgeous!
  2. i did a google search and found this: http://www.unrulyclothing.com/catalog/item/3213046/3965166.htm Is that what you were looking for?
  3. They are all gorgeous!!! I love the mint green with the white border in the third picture. Can you tell me what the pattern is and where it is available?
  4. Here is the one I was referring to in the email I sent you. i finally found the link http://home.att.net/~susanBinKC/patterns/ripple.html
  5. Welcome from Arizona! I totally understand about the testosterone thing...besides hubby and son, i have two male dogs. I had to get get my female yorkie just to have someone on my side.
  6. Hi and welcome from Arizona! I'm a fellow family tree climber too...another of my addictions
  7. i love this scarf and have just added it to my "to-do" list!
  8. Welcome and Happy New Year!
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