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    Yuma, AZ against my will
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    crochet, cross stitch, calligraphy, my 2 horses and 3 dogs and riding my Harley :)
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    medical transcriptionist
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    since i was about nine years old
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  1. GatorGirl

    Looking for the designer.....

    I did a google search and found just the pattern in this book: Quick -Stitch Crochet Afghans by Carol Alexander. I found it on Amazon I'm glad you asked this question, because i have been looking for it myself. I think it's gorgeous!
  2. GatorGirl

    Seeking 1960s Hat Pattern

    i did a google search and found this: http://www.unrulyclothing.com/catalog/item/3213046/3965166.htm Is that what you were looking for?
  3. GatorGirl

    December Project Linus blankets

    They are all gorgeous!!! I love the mint green with the white border in the third picture. Can you tell me what the pattern is and where it is available?
  4. GatorGirl

    dc ripple afghan pattern wanted

    Here is the one I was referring to in the email I sent you. i finally found the link http://home.att.net/~susanBinKC/patterns/ripple.html
  5. GatorGirl

    Hi from South Carolina :)

    Welcome from Arizona!
  6. GatorGirl

    Hello All!!

    Welcome from Arizona! I totally understand about the testosterone thing...besides hubby and son, i have two male dogs. I had to get get my female yorkie just to have someone on my side.
  7. GatorGirl

    Hello From NC

    Hi and welcome from Arizona! I'm a fellow family tree climber too...another of my addictions
  8. GatorGirl

    Hi. I'm new.

    welcome and Happy New Year!
  9. GatorGirl

    Brand new person here :)

    Hi and Happy New Year!
  10. GatorGirl

    Kids Fun Scarf

    i love this scarf and have just added it to my "to-do" list!
  11. GatorGirl

    Increase in Newbies the last few days???

    Welcome and Happy New Year!
  12. GatorGirl

    Michigan crocheter

    Welcome and Happy New Year!
  13. GatorGirl

    Good Morning,

    Welcome and Happy New Year!
  14. GatorGirl

    Hello from a newbie :)

    Welcome and Happy New Year!
  15. GatorGirl

    Hello from Kansas

    Welcome and Happy New Year!