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  1. East of Cleveland here - about 10 miles from Lake Erie.
  2. My son's girlfriend works in the activities dept at a nursing home. She loves to crochet, which I'm happy to say I taught her. She crochets with the residents at the home for an activity so this year we all got afghans for Christmas and we love them. She loves to hear their stories of "the old days". She also sits with the alzheimers residents and has them roll balls of yarn. She says they roll the balls of yarn and she unrolls them and they roll them again and talk just to keep busy. She loves those old people.
  3. Hi Everybody, I live in Jefferson Ohio near Ashtabula, which is northeast Ohio. I'm into making purses and dishcloths at the moment.
  4. I like that purse too! Great look. Did the button cost a lot? The button I picked out for my purse was $4.50 and I didn't realize it until I looked at my receipt. LOL.
  5. My picture is terrible - doesn't do it justice. There are two crocheted flowers with red beads in the centers you can't really see. I'll have to try to get another picture. Thanks.
  6. Hope you like this purse I crocheted from the pattern in the February 2007 Crochet World magazine. I added a few more rows to make it taller and added the flap on the top. As soon as I saw it in the magazine I knew I had to make it! I'm planning to make another one for my son's girlfriend as she seemed to really like it. I covered a piece of cardboard for the bottom and I use the Purse Brite organizer inside for all of my "stuff". The stitches are so dense I don't think it needs to be lined.
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