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    I am a divorced mom of two - a boy that is 22 and going to college and a girl that is 20 who is the single mommy of two grand-babies. I am originally from MN, but now live in CO and may some day live in Alaska. I have been crocheting since I was young and just re-learned how to knit. I make baby/preemie items for the local Children's Hospital.
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    Crochet, Knit, Cats, Computers, Reading
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    Medical Biller
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    Anything baby
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  1. I haven't done this in a long time, but my list is basically the same Baby yarn (previously used are fine) all colors, but my favorite is varigated Sock yarn Easy recipes (but I am diabetic) Dump Dinners (book) http://www.asseenontvwebstore.com/Dump-Dinners-p/dump-dinners.htm?gclid=Cj0KEQiA0sq2BRDRt6Scrqj71vQBEiQAg5bj068axe0w5V4bo6UYNmMXfJBfocEJtvTjxWX8-VCJctwaAsGG8P8HAQ My Ravelry wish list: http://www.ravelry.com/people/Honex/queue I collect Angels and Snowmen 6" crocheted squares any color/style Gift Card (Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann's, Starbucks, etc) Surprise me My Ravelry ID: Honex
  2. Those were quite some stories!! My little hat doesn't compare to the afghan being used to sop up oil or the recent one just posted about the quilt and the scriptures. It comforts me to know that I am not the only one who has experienced this. Also, I am glad to know that others know what I am talking about when I say "The Look" Thanks Squares for sharing your experiences and support! I love you guys!!
  3. Was the thread here on Crochetville? If there is a funny side to this, I'd like to read them. It's good to know I am not alone in my rant. I will move on and concentrate my efforts on donating to the hospitals and charity groups
  4. Thanks Sopo. I understand your frustration with the non-crochet world as you put it. I no longer make things for my family because I've seen "the look" when they have received hand made items from others. I cannot describe "the look" but you know it when you see it. No words are said. I know if I made things and sent them to my parents, even though I they are in a different state, I can certainly imagine "the look". People can be so rude. I don't think they understand what goes into a project. It's almost like the time and energy that we put forth into a project is a "given" to those that don't knit or crochet. They don't know what we go through and how long it takes to make an afghan or work through a complicated pattern. They think these things just magically appear.
  5. Exactly Kuddles!! I don't care for it one bit and I am 98% sure I won't make anything more for these neighbor kids.
  6. Hello All!! The following is me ranting. Go ahead and skip this post if you rather not hear me rant. WARNING - RANT BEGINNING I am angry, frustrated, hurt, Let me start at the beginning. While I was making the blanket for my new grand-daughter, sometimes I would sit outside if the day was nice. The neighbor kids (boy - 9, girl -5) would come watch me and then starting asking me to make something for them. I decided to make a beanie hat for the boy because he likes the Denver Broncos. I made it in orange and blue. Daily, or at least every other day, he would ask if his hat was done yet. Finally, the day came that it was finished. I presented the hat to him and he wore it around the neighborhood while riding his bike. Just the other day, I noticed he wasn't wearing it anymore and I asked him about it. I received a total of three mumbled excuses....he left it on top of somebody's car and it drove off, he left it in somebody's car and it drove away and something about going to a meeting and someone stole it. Granted it was just a hat and it was made from scraps, but aren't kids taught to take care of their things anymore? I spent my time and talents and materials to have it basically thrown away. I have noticed this kid and his friends have about the same respect for their toys. They get a new one and within a day or so, it's gone or broken. I remember when I was a kid, I took care of my things, especially hand made things from others. Now I making a Hello Kitty hat for his sister and worried the same thing will happen to this hat. She even knocks on my door and asks if it's done yet. They seem so excited while that hat is being made and then once they get it, it is cast off like some rag. You can be sure I won't be making anything more for them. Am I wrong to feel so upset? When did kids' attitudes change? When did they stop being responsible for their actions? OK RANT OVER Continue on.as usual.....
  7. Crochetwise, been doing a lot of granny work. I had asked Katy but will post here too.... does anyone still like plain ole granny squares or are you guys wanting fancy? If so, I'll find some patterns. Also, any advice on joining squares with different amounts of stitches? I dug my squares out from before.. I had asked for 6" and they all have different numbers of edge stitches so what's the best way to join? I like plain ones too
  8. I will look for the official pattern, but the body was chain 91, sk 1 ch, 2sc in next chain across - 90 st. Keep doing that pattern until it's big enough. The border was sc around, 3 in the corner, next row was dc,ch 1 in every other stitch 3 in the corner, and the last row was 5 dc in the previous dc. The ribbon gets woven in the dc row of the border in the ch 1 spaces
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